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Hertz Helmet
Class: Engineer
Item Slot: Headgear
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Jul 8, 2013 @ 6:52pm
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Just another test of the importer tool~
Redoing/Finishing 2 old item sets before moving on to bigger and better ideas! This being a hat for Analytic Attack 2.0

Any feedback would be appreciated~
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ScrubSlayer Ornstein Jul 11 @ 9:44pm 
can this be used in tf2?
Acid Bunny Dec 31, 2013 @ 11:15pm 
Like the Hardium Helm but for the Engi, I like it.
Uber D Dec 17, 2013 @ 4:11pm 
i really like this item, i would use it with my pip boy and viking braider
Soldado-Br Sep 6, 2013 @ 11:01am 
CursedSoul Jul 20, 2013 @ 3:03pm 
ncie job man the finished product looks nicer than the rough draft :D
☾Moonbeam☽ Jul 10, 2013 @ 5:09pm 
Make a mod version? Could be fun :P
M-NINJA  [author] Jul 9, 2013 @ 8:35am 
Yeah I'll definitely take your suggestion into consideration. Looking at the building's textures there is a lot more wear. Also, looking at it now I think I may have gone a tad over board with the cubemap reflection on the visor. Not sure what I was thinking before.
Time to get cracking on V2~
Lagg Jul 9, 2013 @ 5:50am 
I'd suggest making the texture, particularly on the yellow part a bit more used looking. As is common when doing high intensity colors like this so that it blends well and doesn't make your eye want to keep moving over to it.