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Island of dr Macquerau
Mission Type: Heist
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Jul 8, 2013 @ 2:57pm
Jul 13, 2013 @ 8:23am
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Island of dr Macquerau

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The Island of Dr Macqueraux

The gang lands on the island of Dr. Macqueraux. The Doctor, once a top scientist in missile technology, vanished from the face of earth several years ago. Rumor has it he acquired several SS12 SCUD-E missiles and turned his island into a fortress complete with a missile silo and a private army to protect it.


* Sexy inventive locations: A tropical island with a secret missile silo, a sparkling cavern, underground missile base, and the massive mainframe level.
* 3 floors of savage looting and safecracking
* Very high attention to detail, architecture and lighting.
* Very very high attention to lighting (the lighting deserves its own line in the feature list).
* Thick layers of security, making the map rush-proof and forcing creative thinking.
* Unreasonably difficult (designed for players who completed the game and are looking for a challenge). Planning and stealth are key, quick rushes result in a supreme butt-kicking.
* Responsible use of guard dogs.
* Irresponsible use of female secretaries stepping on your carefully prepared break in in the worst possible moment.
* Barbaric vault room security setups that require at least 2 players (or sheer dumb luck). Depend on your buddy to to lower you into dangerous rooms and pray he is still there to get you out once you crack the safes.
* All characters have been taken into account when designing the map.
* No safety net (safe places like bushes or stairs are very rare, forcing creative problem solving instead of repetitive bush camping).
* High replayability.


Once you complete this map you will feel like James Bond in every movie he appeared in.
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cat  [author] Jul 8, 2013 @ 5:28pm 
The first floor (beach) is indeed a bit linear, however that will gradually change when you reach the lower floors. There is a lot of open ground on the first area but there are still 3 approaches you can take. However since 1 is completely suicidal and another is class specific, only the easiest of the 3 is used which encourages linearity a bit.

There is always the danger of ruining difficulty if you allow too many approaches because then you have to make some areas more inviting (=easier).
Perfect Info Jul 8, 2013 @ 3:53pm 
Ah, so you were the map creator too! From what we played together (first two floors, ish...), I see what you are going for with the level (suspected it while playing, confirmed reading the description).

My main thought is that it has some vicious chokepoints. It makes it a bit like there's a strong linear progression between tasks. When we split up, it was mostly because some people we tackling something while others decided to explore ahead. Most official maps presented at least two path options in every situation, such that A-team and B-team could avoid each other right up until the stairs. It's very interesting seeing your map diverge (heh) somewhat from that.

I'm a speedrunner at heart, so your map sure forces a change of pace for me! Nice job finding a niche the official maps don't quite fill.