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HL2RP Guide
By Zerard and 1 collaborators
This is for players new to HL2RP and don't know how to play, or for players who want to RP better. This guide will go through the origins of and Lore of Half Life, and go through how to roleplay and just play HL2RP. Please refer this guide to others. :)

cred to GreenPepper for some of the contents from his website at

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Welcome to Clockwork: HL2RP. This is a guide that will walk you through how to play this gamemode, and teach you all about Half Life, including lore and story. This guide is designed for new players, but it could also be used for other players to learn how to RP better, or learn more about the Half Life universe.

This guide is written by a Roleplaying expert, who made his way from a normal player, to the co-owner, owner, and administrater of many different clockwork, and hl2rp servers. Please feel free to contact me personally via steam if you need more personal help.

Credit to GreenPepper for some of the cntent at

Well, it's your first time playing Half Life 2 RP. Your first question, what is the story? The story dates back to 1998 when the Black mesa Incident occurred in Half Life 1. This happened, when Gman visits the Black Mesa Research Facility, and gives Black Mesa a special crystal from the planet Xen. When Black Mesa tests this unstable and powerful crystal, the Resonance Cascade occurs. This creates portal storms around the world, which open portals everywhere from Xen to Earth. Many aliens from Xen enter these portals, and attack Earth and Black Mesa. 20 years later, an alien species called the Combine enter these portals and send armies into Earth, and overwhelm earth's forces, defeating it in 7 Hours.

Great so where are we now? When you first join a server, you can only create one kind of character. A citizen. A citizen is the basic form of life. A simple human enslaved by the combine, being force to act civil. So, what do you do as a citizen? The best thing to do as a citizen is called "Passive Role-play" which we will go over later in the role-playing styles section. There are many different things that happen to you as a citizen as well. Here we will go over some basic and common scenarios.

1. Applying.

At certain points in the game, a Civil Protection officer will come up to you and say: "Citizen" "Apply". When this happens, you must tell them your name and Citizens identification (CID). To find your CID, you must hold F1, and it will be displayed. Most servers also have the option to use the /apply command and it will do it for you. Failure to apply will result in detainment (Jail). A Civil protection officer will ask you to apply when: A) You approach a combine checkpoint. B) Rations are being handed out. C) Inspection in in progress.

2. Rations.

At random points in your role-playing experience, the combine will hand out rations to citizens. When rations are announced, you must go to your cities ration distribution terminal. This varies depending on the map and server. When you get to the terminal, you will be in line with many other citizens. You must patiently wait until it is your turn. When your next in line, an officer will ask you to apply. he will then check your data. Depending on your points (We will go over points later) you will get more or less rations. What is a ration? A ration is a little bag that includes: 60 tokens, Supplements (Food), and sometimes Breen's water(Drink).

3. Inspection.

At times, the combine will start inspections. As a citizen, you must go to your inspection location (Varies) and face the wall. Officers will then tie up each citizen, and check their inventory for contraband, and the same for each apartment room. DO NOT turn around during inspection. You'll probably get shot. Do not move until an officer says you can go.

4. Judgement Waiver(JW).

A judgement waiver is basically a lock-down for the city. Most servers would enforce an inspection during a JW, but not always. During a JW, you will be forced to stay inside, and Overwatch units will ussualy be dispatched. A JW is basically one level higher than a lockdown.

Who is the Combine?

Alright, so just out of curiosity...Who is the combine? Well, if you didn't know..

The combine is the alien force that took over Earth. They are actually named the Universal union, but humans call them the Combine as slang. After they took over earth, they began recruiting humans to work for them as Civil Protection Officers. these are the "Police" of the combine. They make sure citizens follow the rules, and force them to act civil. They are loyal to the Union, and going against them will result in their immediate death. But earth was not the first place they conquered. They came from their own world, known as the Combine Overworld. From there we only know that they took over Xen, and Earth. There may have been many other planets they captured as well. The biggest point here is that the combine is powerful and has a huge army. If they could split their forces over various planets, and still take over earth in 7 hours, you know they have billions of soldiers.

Life and Death
Life and Death is a big thing in Half Life 2 RP. And knowing how it works will make you a great RP-er. This biggest thing in role-playing is Starting A New Life, after your character died and respawned. When this happens, you forget everything in your previous life. The people you knew, the places you've been, and even where you lived. You are a completely new character, except you've been given the privilege of keeping your name, stats, description and personality.

Most items that you have you will keep on death, except for weapons. You can keep these, but don't use them quiet yet. You have to RP getting these items again. For example, you died but you kept your food. You have to RP going to the store and buying it again, except you won't actually have to get the food from the store clerk this time.

Since death is nearly everywhere in the universe of Half-Life 2, many if not all characters will end up facing it eventually. Be prepared to lose your character in the end and accept the loss, especially if it makes sense to the story. If you're character is executed, shot down or whatever other form of obvious death, your character is now no longer existent in the story, accept your mistakes and move on.

Many players find it very hard to let go of players, especially the ones in which they have spent weeks, months, possibly even a year on, but just remember, having your character be invincible will destroy the realism of the world and furthermore destroy the role-play.

Upon creating a new character after your most recent one has been deceased, think about what made your character die, if it was a simple coincidence that could not have been avoided, that is different, but if it was a mistake you made (such as leaving an area during an inspection), try not to make the same mistake again, unless you desire your character's death. Which is another thing, if you are getting tired of a character, either create an additional one and take a break or just kill off your character, you should be able to at least commit suicide from a heightened level, if not just find your "friendly neighborhood" heavily armed officer and give him a nice direct punch to the face, or at least try to.
Slang and Roleplaying Styles
So. Now you know how to deal with these situations as a citizen. Now let's talk about some "slang" for the gamemode, and also different roleplaying styles.


OOC: OOC stands for Out of Character. You talk with OOC by typing // before you talk. You must use this when talking to someone when not roleplaying. For example talking about rules or saying somebody is cheating or something.

LOOC: LOOC stands for Localy Out of Character. It is the same as OOC but only people within talking distance can hear. You use it by typing .// before you talk.

IC: This stands for In Character.

Metagame: Short for this is "meta". Metagaming is when you use OOC information IC. For example, somebody tells you their location in OOC chat, and you go find them using that info.

Powergame: This is when you force your actions on others. For example, you force someone to roll to survive. (Rolling is when you type /roll to generate a random number to see who wins something like a battle)

Permanently Killed: This is also known as perma-killed or PK. This means your character is killed, but cannot ever be used again. The character is deleted, as if it were actually killed. This will only happen if you die for a proper IC reason. For example, your are amputated by a Civil protection officer for being a member of the resistance.

Void: This means ignore what was just said or what just happened. For example, if I said /me coughs, but didn't want to actually say that or didn't mean to say that, I would say "void" ooc.

Role-playing Styles:
There are various different types of role-playing styles that will be used throughout your role-playing experience. Here are some of them.

Fear Roleplay:
Probably one of the most important style in roleplay as FearRP will be a commonly expected skill for almost all characters. FearRP is simply defined as it's called, it's roleplaying the emotional impact of fear. How to go about roleplaying fear can be difficult, but it ultimately depends on the below listed factors:

Character's faction

Character's anxiety level

Any mental conditions your character may have (social, performance anxiety etc.)

The environment and location

The overall health of your character

Biological traits of your character

Any relationships your character may have with another

If you figure out most of the above about your character, you should have a good idea what type of character you have. If he or she is a citizen in an Combine occupied city, then your character should have a strong fear towards the Combine or to be more exact, the Civil Protection. Your citizen character should fear the daily raids, the pain of being beaten by an officer and the threat of being prosecuted and then later detained or executed. It's pretty simple to roleplay this out decently, just try to picture yourself in your character's shoes, try to feel what your character feels and think how your character thinks. In other words, try to temporarily be your character, to become your character's sub-conscious. We all should know what fear feels like, the tricky part is acting it out.

Some characters may feel more fear than others, this depends on many different factors (some stated above). Some factors include your character's level of depression. If your character feels highly suicidal, it would be logical for that character to have a decrease in anxiety for their own safety, but still may feel fear for the safety of others, like a loved one for example. To be good at fear roleplaying, you must also be able to express fear well through your character. Numerous examples of how physically express fear can be the act of shaking, increase heart rate or blood pressure, increased body temperature, loss of colour in the skin, sweating or quick movements.

Passive Roleplay:
Passive roleplay is a general term for roleplaying without physical conflict or resistance. Despite popular belief, you will not be passive roleplaying "90% of the time", actually it will be as common as a situation in which your life is in danger. The Half-Life 2 universe is an extremely dangerous and scary place, even living behind the safe Combine walls of an occupied city. Your character (if a citizen) will be faced with common daily threats, like raids, surveillance, interrogation and sometimes even beatings. Though it may feel like you aren't actually fighting, but in all reality if you're still a citizen, you have not converted to the Combine yet, therefor are technically resisting.

It is true though, passive roleplay will be a very common style of roleplay throughout the majority of your experience, but it ultimately depends on the chain of events your character goes through.

Notorious examples of passive roleplaying are:

Idly standing or sitting around

Talking quietly to other citizens

Awaiting your next ration

Day-dreaming or "staring off into space"

Getting your mail.

It may take a while to get used to having the feeling of being bored all the time while under passive roleplay, but how more experienced roleplayers pass the time is by doing simple every day things like taking a bath or shower, exercising or socializing with other citizens.

Fight Role-play:
FightRP is the act of using physical conflict to role-play. Examples of fight role-play can be fire-fights, fist fights, insurgencies, bombing and or other rebellious acts. FightRP is one of the most sensitive regions of Half-Life 2 role-play as it can injure, permanently harm or even in some cases kill other characters. To properly conduct fight role-play you first must need a good, logical reason that makes sense to all parties of the conflict. Like for example, in order to protect yourself from the oppression of the Civil Protection, you decided to shoot an officer dead in order to escape maybe a prosecution or execution. Sometimes fight role-play can happen between two or more citizens, like if a citizen has stolen one of your belongings and you forcefully take the item back.

This style of role-play requires a lot of performing and reasoning with certain mental and physical traits of all involved parties in a conflict. Examples of how to properly conduct yourself in various situations are shown below:

A fist fight with another citizen (factors to take into consideration when doing actions):

Your character's and your enemy's physical condition

Your character's and your enemy's skills and abilities

What items your character and your enemy currently has in possession

Example scenarios:

A muscular, strongly built man has stolen your ration and refuses to give it back to you.

You: /me attempts to grab the man's arm with full force and pull it towards me.

Him: /me pulls back his arm and pushes you back with moderate force.

You: /me stumbles backwards and quickly regains balance, then lunges a punch at the man's face.

Him: /me is caught off-guard and punched hard in the cheek, spitting blood of out my mouth.

You: /me while the man is stunned, I attempt to grab the ration forcefully from his hands.

Him: /me is too busy clutching onto his cheek and is stunned by the pain.

You: /me successfully takes the ration forcefully from his hands and runs off.

Him: says "I'll get you for this you little scumbag!"

A slim, small and athletic built female has a crazed look on her face and attempts to kill you with a broken bottle.

Her: /me attempts to stab you in the stomach with a broken beer bottle.

You: /me is caught slightly by surprise, but manages to quickly grab onto her hand and tries to keep it back from him.

Her: /me steps forward and attempts to punch the man in the jaw.

You: /me is putting all of his energy into keeping her hand away and gets punched in the jaw, loosening his grip.

Her: /me violently attempts to stab the man hard in the stomach with the bottle.

Alright. Now you know how to role-play, and you're starting to get bored. There are many other factions you can become by either applying IC or on the server forums. The easiest thing for citizens to become is either a rebel or a loyalist.


Most people think being resistance means having lots of guns and living out in the slums, but by doing that you are a rebel, and not exactly a member of the resistance. The resistance is an actual faction, an army that fights back against the combine. You can still be a member of the resistance without even having weapons, or a uniform, or even entering the slums. You can simply work in the city. but the resistance ussually stay out of sight and work outside the city. Theyir lives are hard, as they have to scavenge for food ussually and♥♥♥♥♥♥in buckets.


A loyalist is simply a citizen that is loyal to the combine. A loyalist helps the combine anytime they can, and will help their fair city. You can get loyalist points by aiding the combine in ways such as: A) Cleaning up something. B) Reporting a resistance member or contraband. Or basically anything to help out. The more loyalist points you have, the better you are treated by the combine, and the more rations you get. But be careful. These points can be easily removed.

Civil Workers Union (CWU):

So bored of being a rebel or loyalist? How about you sell some goods to the local citizens. You work at the union designated shop, and simply sell certain items to citizens. CWU workers are treated much better by the combine than a regular citizen, which is a huge advantage. To become a CWU worker, you can either apply IC, or on the servers forums.

Civil Protection (CP):

So now you want to play with the big boys. Civil protection is basically the police of the city. They patrol the streets or guard checkpoints dealing with anti-citizens and citizens alike. But, it isn't all fun in games. The majority of your time as a CP is spent walking around in circles patrolling, or standing at a checkpoint making sure nobody passes, which can be very boring, but rewarding in the end. When you first start, you will be a recruit. Recruits can not leave the nexus, and must wait until they are promoted, which usually occurs after basic training. The next rank is 05, where you are given a pistol, and the job of patrolling the streets or watching checkpoints. You will do this until you reach the rank of OfC, which is a combine officer. You still patrol and watch checkpoints, but also can boss around lower units a little, and have a little more work involved. The next promotion, you become EpU, which is a combine elite unit. They still patrol and watch checkpoints as well, but again have more power. They are also sometimes called for sweeping the slums, or other special tasks. Next, we have DvL, which is divisional leader. You are the leader of your division, and can boss around all lower units. You have access to any weapon you want, but your still not on top. After DvL, there is SeC. The SeC or sectorial command is the commander of a sector (City). There can only be one SeC, and they pretty much run the city and units. But still, not on top.

Overwatch Transhuman Arm (OTA):

Civil Protection still not good enough for you? Alright, let's move up to the military units of the combine. OTA is basically combine soldiers. They remain in stasis until they are called for military operations. So most of the time you wont use your OTA character, unless there's a rebel attack or something similar. but, since you're only out during attacks most of the time, you will ussually be out to kill, not to detain. most OTA are Civil Protection units who have shown great skill, and have been accepted to become what's basically a super soldier. OTA are brainwashed, and are unable to go rogue, and have heavy augmentations, so are stronger, quicker, and smarter then most other CP's or citizens.

City Administrator:

Now you're pretty high up there. The title explains itself. Your basically the "Mayor" of the city. You control what happens and make a lot of announcements to the city. but most of all, you're the voice of the humans in the city. You speak for the citizens. Though most of the time, CA's are corrupted by the Combine's ideas, and don't help out the citizens much at all.


So incase you dont know what a vortigaunt is, they are a alien species who come from the planet, Xen. These are a very hard faction to play since you have to immitate they're accent and they're actions. First thing to know about being a vort is that there are (usually) four kinds of vortigaunts, Younglings, Adults, Elders, and the Enslaved Vortigaunts. Now the major thing to know about Vortigaunts is that they have learned to harness a special energy within all creatures.
Due to this, if an .05 runs into a Elder Vortigaunt (The ones who can actually harness these powers for combat) the .05 will most likely be under fear rp in most scenarios. We'll go over what stages of vortigaunts have powers. Younglings usually have none but they still have claws, good for escaping a cp's grip. Adult vortigaunts only have two minor powers, telepathy and telekensis (At adult you cannot use Telekensis for direct combat due to it's an early skill you usually have earned.). Next is the Elder Vortigaunts, these vortigaunts have the power to harness they're powers into direct combat such as a power called Nova Flare. This power will deplete all of your energy if you use it but it knocks out all people in a certain AoE and any who's insight of it will be blinded. The Next power they have is to harness they're powers to directly conduct it into an enemy(Think as if you where just hit by a very minor tesla coil, it will most likely knock you out).
Plus they have the power to teleport, although it has a bit of charge time ( Same goes for all direct attacks). Now I know what you're saying, you left out the enslaved vortigaunts. They have none and only have claws like the youngling.Enslaved vortigaunts are ,as you guessed, enslaved by the combine for simple work. The last thing we will go over is they're grammar (Snore na dont worry it's fun to speech vort). Listen Vortigaunts speak english but more or less in shakesperian, which is in first and third person. To talk about yourself in Vortigaunt, you would say this one for I.
Next to talk about someone you would call them by they're last name (ex:the Freeman.). Just remember to try to speak in shakesperian as much as possible and you'll be set.
Basic Commands and Status Bars
Alright, you want to know what commands you can use, now? Well okay then. There are many different commands that you will need to know when role-playing. here are the most basic commands for a simple citizen.

/y Yell something

/w Whisper something

/PM Private message somebody

/me Say something you do. (eg. /me coughs)

/it Say something that happens. (eg. /it The door opens.) (It is displayed as **The door opens)

Status Bars

So. What are those bars you see when you hold F1? Well, those are your status bars. The red bar is your health. Pretty self explanatory. The green bar, is your stamina. When running, it will decrease. The better your stamina is, the slower it decreases. And sometimes you will have a blue-ish grey bar. This is you armor. You can also make those bars go to the top left of your screen for easy seeing. You go to your tab menu, click settings, and there should be a setting to put bars on the top of your screen. Check that, and you can now easily see your health, stamina and armor.
Major Events in HL2
So here is some major events in Half Life 2, and Half Life, with a timeline.

The Resonance Cascade - Half-Life
An experiment held in the Black Mesa Research Facility goes terribly wrong resulting in the company opening up a portal between two planets. Xen and Earth are now connected by a massive portal that allows Xen life to escape and cause havoc in the facility. HECU (Hazardous Environment Combat Unit) forces are deployed into the facility in attempt to eliminate the Xen threat, but subsequently most get slaughtered and the operation fails. Black Operations units are sent to destroy the facility, which eventually the facility is destroyed by the inside by a nuclear weapon. This event is also called the "Black Mesa Incident" and also provides the Combine the discovery of Earth in which they seem highly interested in.

The Seven Hour War - Between Half-Life & Half-Life 2
The Combine Empire invade Earth by using the portal storms, the battle only lasted seven hours, all world powers crushed. Subsequently to this event, Dr. Wallace Breen was appointed Interim Administrator after he surrendered humankind to the Combine Empire while representing the United Nations. After the surrender, the Combine deployed citadels and established cities identified by a unique number (ex. City 17). They also began recruiting humans into the Combine Overwatch which consists of synths, humans and machines. The Earth's resources were also beginning to be consumed by the Combine, especially the Earth's seas. According to Half-Life 2, the majority of the human race is killed in the war by the massive

The Rise of the Combine - Shortly Before Half-Life 2
Europe is turned into an authoritarian police state which consists of many different cities. Citizens are relocated into different cities and issued a blue uniform, rations are also distributed daily to the downtrodden populace. A massive prison complex designed for converting humans into Overwatch soldiers called Nova Prospekt is built and primary holds political prisoners. The suppression field is built to immediately cease all forms of reproduction in humans, though many animal species have gone instinct due to the Earth's resources being depleted. Breen broadcasts begin and water is distributed as the brand "Dr. Breen's Private Reserve", implying that the Combine have reserved some clean water for humanity, but injects a memory erasing drug into the supply. Transhumanism becomes popular among humans and various people volunteer to join the Overwatch.

The Rise of the Resistance - Half-Life 2
Roughly two decades after the events of Half-Life, an anti-Combine resistance group has expanded into a vast underground group of insurgents ran by remnants of Black Mesa. The resistance movement helps many citizens navigate through the canals to reach safe checkpoints and hideouts. A team of scientists like Dr. Kleiner and Dr. Magnusson collaborate together to help invent and design advanced technologies like a terrestrial teleporter and the gravity gun. The endangered race of Vortigaunts who managed to either evade or escape Combine slavery join the resistance to help bring down the Combine occupation of Earth.

Weapons and Flags
Weapons. Everybody wants a gun. Keep in mind while reading this is that you don't need weapons for roleplaying. And if you really want a weapon but can't get your hands on one, roleplay getting a weapon that isn't actually a Clockwork item. For instance, roleplay making a knife that you carry around in your pocket. You can RP stabbing someone with it, and they should RP acting like they were stabbed. But if that isn't enough, there are many ways to get other weapons.

The first way isn't the easiest way, but it's there. Some players are rebel dealers/black market dealers, whatever you want to call them. But they aren't easy to find, as you can't go asking around for a dealer, and they can't really advertise themselves. So just be careful when searching. To be considered a dealer, you must be able to sell items and weapons. To be able to sell these weapons, you must have "resistance dealer flags". We'll go over flags later.

Another way, is simply finding the weapons in areas rebels might be. If you can hear gunshots or a big firefight, wait for the firing to stop, then slowly and carefully scout the area fir anyone that might be hostile. If the coast is clear, search the area for dropped weapons. When someone dies, they drop there weapons. So if the weapons are gone, someone got to the guns first.

The last and probably most difficult way is to literally join a resistance group. If you get in, chances are the have a dealer or already have weapons. And if your going to join them, they'll need to arm you. Hopefully you won't have to pay. And lots of times as resistance members you attack the city and it's civil protection units, which means dropped weapons. And of course you don't need to be a member of a rebel group to do this, but it's less impossible to do with an armed group.

Flags. Flags are certain letters that represent access to certain things. For example, access to sell certain items, or access to spawn ragdolls. Here is a list of each flag on default clockwork.

To be continued...
Character Templates
In this section, I will just add some basic characters that you can use, if you have trouble making your own character. The key to good RP is having a good story for your character, and being able to know about your character.

Here's the basic template you should use when creating a character.


Here's some basic characters i whipped up real quick.

Name: Ben Michael
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Profession: Mechanical Engineer
Attitude: Friendly, Intelligent, Superstitious
Relationships: Wife, Daughter
Back-story: Back before the 7 hour war, Ben owned his own shop where he fixed up peoples vehicles. He had a few employes, and a wife and daughter who visited him at work often. During the 7 hour war, his wife and daughter ran, never knowing if they made it alive or not. Ben stayed in the city, and was captured. he became a simple citizen, but became a rebel, hoping to hear or find his wife and daughter.

Name: Jessica Falls
Gender: Female
Race: Caucasian
Profession: Nurse
Attitude: Friendly, Shy, Fairly Happy
Relationships: Boyfriend, Dog
Back-story: Jessica worked at a local clinic as a nurse. She had a simple life, with a boyfriend and Black Lab dog. during the 7 hour war, she hid with various others, helping the injured. When the combine took over, she tried to help whoever she could with medical help.

Name: Charlie Wong
Gender: Male
Race: Asian
Profession: DEA
Attitude: Arrogant, Proud, Brave
Relationships: None
Back-story: Charlie was a DEA agent. he did many drug raids, and had experience with guns and fighting skills. He did not fight in the seven hour war, but when it was over. He decided that the combine were the Good Guys. So, he became loyal to them, and respects them.

Name: Darius Green
Gender: Male
Race: African-American
Profession: Salesman
Attitude: Depressed, Shows a Happy Attitude, Very nice, Intelligent
Relationships: Ex-Wife, Son
Back-story: Darius had a hard enough life before the war. He was a door to door salesman selling expensive medical equipment. After some time nobody bought anything, and he became broke. His wife left him, but got to keep his son. They took off the world together, homeless in search of a happy ending. Then, the 7 hour war. After that, Darius lost his son to the combine, he became more depressed than ever, and struggles to survive in the combine infested world.

Name: Mark Peretta
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Profession: Hitman
Attitude: Serious, Professional, Proper
Relationships: None
Back-story: Mark was a hitman before the war. A very professional one. He worked in a big business making lots of money. After the 7 hour war, he tried to keep his job as a hitman, as it is all he knows. he is very professional, and is very good at his job. he shows how proud he is by the way he walks, talks and acts.
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