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[Tool] TFMV 1.6 - Easily preview TF2 loadouts, take screenshots, test paints, create backpack icons, item clipping..
By neodos
This tutorial shows you how to use TFMV (for Windows), a tool created to make it easier to load items and attach them to a TF2 character in HLMV (model viewer), test workshop items, paints and combinations etc for workshop artists or TF2 players who want to preview loadouts.

TFMV will manage Valve's model viewer "HLMV", easily load models/materials, workshop items, vpk, qc, mdl, test paints, clipping, take screenshots, generate a chart of all the paints for items etc
Download & Installation

Download and install TFMV, you should find a shortcut to start TFMV in your desktop and start menu.

Using TFMV
Select a class and an item slot in the ITEMS section to load the list of items for that category, then select items from the list to be added into the Loadout section, once you have selected the items click "Loadout to HLMV" to load into the model viewer.

HLMV should open with your loadout and TFMV will switch to the Skins section where you can switch the team color and change the paints for each item.

Here's an example of using TFMV, first we pick some items then click "Loadout to HLMV" to preview it.

You can find advanced settings on a hidden tab, click the button [>>] to show the adv settings, when in the Skins section, the advanced settings will switch to the advanced tools.

Paints Chart Tool
This tool lets you generate a chart of all the paints, you'll find it in the advanced settings tab once you have a loadout in TFMV, click the button >> to open the advanced settings tab.

Set the character pose and framing in HLMV then click "start" in TFMV, do not touch the mouse or keyboard while TFMV is taking the screenshots, as it needs to focus on the HLMV window to refresh the paints, you can cancel at any time if needed.

Untick the box "merge screenshots into a mosaic" if you prefer to have separate images for each paint.

The image(s) will be saved in the screenshots folder, click the folder icon button to open the folder:
Using HLMV
This part of the guide only covers some basics of what you need to move a bit around HLMV.
For information on how to use HLMV see the SDK wiki article:

Camera controls:

LMB drag in the center of the viewport will orbit the camera.
LMB drag on the edge of the viewport will roll the camera.
Ctrl+LMB drag will orbit the light source.
RMB drag will dolly the camera back/forward.
Shift+LMB drag with pan the camera left/right up/down.

Changing the character animation:

1- Go to the Sequence tab.
2- Select the animation.
3- Set the animation play speed.
4- Scroll through the animation frames and stop at a frame.
Troubleshooting / FAQ
  • TFMV crashes when I start it!
    Make sure you have NetFramework 4[] installed.

  • Can't download the schema
    If you have an antivirus or firewall make sure its not blocking TFMV to download the schema.

  • How can you load Unusual effects?
    Unfortunately its not possible, Valve's HLMV model viewer doesn't support particle effects aka unusual effects.

  • Problem/Solution is not listed here?
    Check the comments to see if your question has been answered if not asked there.

    If you found a bug and you see that it hasn't been already pointed out in the comments, post about it too! :)
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The Witch-King of Angmar Jun 26 @ 6:48am 
neodos  [author] Jun 26 @ 6:43am 
Yup its not in the list, because of the way Valve made the gunslinger, its not an item model, its actually integrated withint he engineer character model.

So you have to toggle it on manually in HLMV.

In HLM go to the "Model" tab .

Then instead of "engineer" (here:
Select "rightarm"

Then select "Submodel 1"

Hopefully that helps ;)
The Witch-King of Angmar Jun 26 @ 6:39am 
I was looking for the gunslinger in the loadout section but can't seem to find it.
YourLocalCthulhu Jun 22 @ 2:54pm 
neodos  [author] Jun 22 @ 2:19pm 
Means the item sever is down/offline, it should be back up soon, Valve said it'd be down for 15 minutes.
YourLocalCthulhu Jun 22 @ 2:18pm 
Failed to get item_games URL The remote server returned an error (500)
This come up every time i try to download the schema, any ideas?
neodos  [author] Jun 19 @ 12:04am 
Download link is not working for you?
Or are you not getting the latest update when launching TFMV? in that case make sure TFMV has access to the internet so it can check for updates and prompt you with the updates when it launches.
Dummykopfs Jun 18 @ 7:15pm 
please , update the download link dude =3
neodos  [author] Jun 9 @ 9:54pm 
@ The Witch-King of Angmar
Nope, but you can load workshop compiled items into it though.

@ wintermute
Not yet but I will add a feature to choose the paints and order in a future update.
The Witch-King of Angmar Jun 9 @ 6:56pm 
This doesn't allow you to import items on the steam workshop right?