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Scythe Compilation Mod
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Mar 12, 2012 @ 4:32am
Jul 30, 2013 @ 5:21am
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Scythe Compilation Mod

Scythe Weapon Compilation Pack

Please read description before commenting.

## Includes:
Iron Scythe
Steel Scythe
Orcish Scythe
Dwarven Scythe
Elven Scythe (NEW)
Glass Scythe {NEW}
Hidan's Scythe (Ebony)
Ebony Scythe
Daedric Scythe
Dragonbone Scythe

-Blood Effects
-Craftable and temperable from the forge and grindstone.
-Perks in the two-handed weapon tree, have a look to see what they do.
-Weapons spawn on NPCs and in shops inventories
-The dragon skull is added from this mod, and drops off dragons

If they are any issues with it please let me know.
Ideas and constructive critism welcome

I have uploaded a few Grim Reaper Hoods so take a look!

Each Weapon is also able to be downloaded seperately:

Mod Available to Download from my Dropbox:

#Future Work
Quest Chain and Dungeon for all Scythes
Place in more locations and on more NPC's
Improve the textures of some of the models
1H Versions
Enchanted Versions for shops and mods
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Dente-Lupus-9653 Aug 11 @ 7:08am 
is there a way were you could make a new typ of weapon? like instead of the scyth being called a battle axe its called a scyth?
Zizlialk Aug 5 @ 9:38am 
found a bug that you may already know, you cant put a scythe in a weapon rack, it goes in but dosent render right, it appers far from the rack.
NekoVrse Jul 18 @ 10:26am 
can you make scythes for the dlc's as well (stahlrim,Nordic,ens.)
Lucky Bone Head Jul 17 @ 5:50pm 
So, for some reason all of my scythes are weird looking. Like they have these discolored squares on them.

I'm installing all of the scythes individually to see if the problem still remains.
Dente-Lupus-9653 Jun 12 @ 2:37pm 
hay man i like this a lot although at the moment i posted this im using the steel scythe and its really pixelated
kayo Jun 2 @ 2:30pm 
How do you spawn them in?
hotashi Mar 21 @ 5:03pm 
you should add kusarigama (i think thats how its spelt) those are one-handed japanese scyths
Omnom Gaming Mar 12 @ 10:34pm 
You should upload this to the Nexus
Spoopy Soup Mar 1 @ 3:20pm 
Darn I was really hoping for a nice and big cresent scythe, not some dagger on a stick
T.C.C.D.Dofthenext Feb 20 @ 2:53pm 
glass scythe?