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Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jul 7, 2013 @ 4:06pm
Nov 25, 2013 @ 10:15am

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Cubicity is now out on the XBOX!
Cubicity game is out on PC.
Release date: 12 November 2013
To get the demo :
To get Cubicity for PC :

Cubicity Game

Cubicity is a 2D physics-based puzzle game. You play the role of Seamus, a curious guy who can't seem to keep himself out of trouble. Help him figure out how to make it home in one piece!

Cubicity offers unique gameplay: Seamus can't fly, but he never touches the ground. Instead, he hangs by a rope and harness as he maneuvers his way through 60 challenging levels across 5 worlds. He'll need to acquire new weapons and learn new strategies in order to solve the increasingly difficult puzzles that block his path.

Part action/adventure, part puzzle/strategy, you'll need to be both smart and quick-fingered to reach the end. Are you up for the challenge?

Other Features :
  • The game is campatable with xbox controller

  • We will add steamworks, Achievements etc!

  • The game supports HD graphics , 1080p+

  • It will ported maybe to other OS like MAC and Linux if we found some people that are interested in that.

We hope you enjoy the game :) .
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Jun 30 @ 9:18pm
< >
iOxi Jul 22 @ 11:07pm 
Nice !
cammaker Jul 22 @ 9:56pm 
Nice game
SFX Acidic  [author] Jun 30 @ 9:17pm 
Thanks @Empty, we're hoping one day to be on Steam. We just need more yes votes to make that happen.
Empty [Arg] Jun 30 @ 8:28pm 
good game
momenh Jun 24 @ 12:49pm 
good game
i really like it
weaarb Jun 16 @ 12:55pm 
this game is not bad xd
ian_william_craig Jun 13 @ 8:08pm 
Can't wait for this to be on Steam! I'm not smart or quick fingered, but by crikey I'll give this a shot!
aly  [author] Jun 12 @ 1:57am 
@bmendonc Valve looks at people comments to decide whether they will greenlight the game or not, they check how much the people want the game, so this comments help us :)
bmendonc Jun 3 @ 8:17pm 
what, stop just saying voted people...
TheQuirox Jun 3 @ 6:30pm