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The Void Walker
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Jul 5, 2013 @ 8:23am
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The Void Walker

The void is the space that lies between the universes. Although it remains unknown to most there are some who are chosen and drawn within. These few are known as the Void Walkers. These rare souls are gifted with immense power, beyond that of the mages of Tamriel. You have been chosen, you will become a Void Walker.


This mod adds the six new abilities to Skyrim through a fully voice acted quest.

The spells are as follows:
Void Leap: Blink across distances instantaneously.
Void Sight: See in darkness and detect beings through walls
Infestation: Summon a horde of rats to distract or kill your opponents
Possess: Take control of a being, using them to attack others before appearing directly behind them.
Tempest: Blast away your opponents with a powerful gust of wind.
Time Shift: Slow time to a crawl for everyone but yourself. Great for escaping a difficult situation.


You can begin the quest by heading to abandoned houses on the shores of Lake Honrich, west of Riften. Inside you will find a book, 'The Void Walkers', pick it up and you will begin your journey.

Once you have left The Void you will be tasked with finding the runes of power. Here are their rough locations:
Void Sight - This can be found beneath the walkway to the college of Winterhold
Infestation - This can be found beneath Riften, in the Ratway tunnels, after the Ragged Flagon.
Possess - Is located on a hill above Falkreath cemetery.
Tempest - In the mountains north of Markarth
Time Shift - In the hills north east of Solitude.


Problem: When I get to the void the Outsider just stands there and doesn't talk to me.
Solution: I'm not sure what causes this but if you reload the last Autosave (usually the one right before you fast travel to the abandoned house) and then re-enter the void he should begin a conversation with you. Its a strange fault that I am trying my best to fix.


Thanks goes to the talented Matthew Wade for voicing the outsider. Check out his website[] if you are looking for an excellent voice actor.

Thanks also goes to Bethesda and Arkane Studios for making Dishonored. The inspiration behind the mod.


If you have any suggestions or problems please let me know in the comments.


Dishonored is property of Bethesda and Arkane Studios. This mod has only been inspired by Dishonored and I do not claim ownership of it or any ideas featured in it.
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Found a major glitch. Deletes 95% of the Abandoned Prison interior. Not likely that it's a conflict with another mod since I actually wiped everything except for Workshop mods from my game trying to find the offending mod. Interior came back the moment I unchecked this mod in the load order.
Matthew Dec 9, 2016 @ 1:38pm 
Man I wish this worked in SSE!! I've been playing SSE a lot more lately, and this is really the only mod I miss!!
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These new abilities are all from Dishnoured. Best thing about that game is blink and after running it a couple of times and then getting back to Skyrim I sorely wished I had blink as Dragonborn.

I look forward to trying out this mod.
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This mod is great
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Or is it a Creation kit problem
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