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The Walking Dead: 400 Days Achievements
By Grawl
A guide on how to get the (for most people) two missing achievements; Two out of Three + Reunited.
The Walking Dead: 400 Days Achievement Guide (PC) by Grawl (Arjen Voogt)
07/03/13 - Version 1.0


Version 1.0 (07/03/13) - Initial version.
Regular Achievements

All regular achievements can be achieved by just playing through the regular game. The game is not hard, and there are very few places where you can get yourself killed. It's mostly about making choices, which is up to you on how to deal with.

"Rare" Achievements

There are two achievements you might not get (but still possible) in your first playthrough. If you want to get this all in one playthrough, I suggest playing the chapter with Wyatt last, since that's the achievement that has a random element to it.

  • Reunited - An easy one. Start the Russell campaign and walk forward. As soon as the car gets close, you have the option to hide or stay put. Hide. That's it.
  • Two out of Three - Start the Wyatt campaign and play any way you like, until you have to decide who leaves the car to check out the body. Agree to play RPS and well... just win. It's all random, and it's a 1/3 chance each time. There is no strategy for this, other than you being lucky. If you win 2 out of 3 hands, you win.
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Lord Pennywise [GER] Aug 8 @ 5:58am 
thx for the help, had my problems with finding out what to do for "reunited"
{TFmod} Derp Jul 19 @ 3:51am 
I don't have 400 days...
Princemousey Mar 3 @ 8:47am 
Correct answer is scissors-paper-scissors.
JayTea Feb 17 @ 5:30pm 
Suck it
Lord Gaben Jan 24 @ 11:24am 
I just managed to do the RPS achievement after seven or eight tries.

I'm not sure if it's really random. At first I just tried to always do the same but it never worked. When I used rock, it seemed like it didn't matter what I would use afterwards; he'd just use paper to counter, thus by doing the same, I would always get 1 point max.

So I thought lets just use something, and then counter the counter to this in my next turn. So lets say I use rock and he whatever. The next turn he would use paper to counter the rock that I used before in case I just reuse, so I picked scissors. Long story short, it worked on the first try.

I can't say if this was just luck or not, but maybe someone else wants to try it that way and can post whether it worked or not. I don't want to do this passage another time :D

Also, here's a sheep
Floridian Ballsweat Jan 7 @ 7:06pm 
Wyatt's weakness is Rock, Eddie's is Scissors, if that helps.
ZeroWard Jan 2 @ 6:32am 
DaFunk86[BS] Jan 2 @ 12:58am 
I have yet to lose Rock Paper Siccors as wyatt, I'd like to so I can be the one to explore outside the car.
logotip Dec 29, 2013 @ 5:08am 
Grankhul Jul 21, 2013 @ 5:59am