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Crazy World of Action Cat
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player, Co-op
Jul 3, 2013 @ 9:17am
Jul 17, 2013 @ 12:08pm
2D/3D Side-Scroller Action Adventure game inspired by Metal Slug with a Paper Mario look. You play as Action cat; the Ultimate military fighting force. Destroy your enemies and rescue your comrades.


A.C, served in the Vet War, and was considered a war hero for the lives he saved. However, his time in action has left him emotionally scarred. Back at home, he is contacted by an old war buddy who was M.I.A, Major Ulysses Thomas Tanner, or Mutt as his friends called him. Mutt is being held captive by the enemy and was only barely able to get this letter out. If he and the other POW’s aren’t rescued soon, they will never make it home.
A.C. sets out on a mission to rescue his friend and fellow soldiers, once again fighting for their freedom and taking on the grim mantle of… ACTION CAT!

Game Play: (Sidescroller)

Action Cat is a shoot’em up Sidescroller with unlimited action that will keep the player on their toes and their trigger fingers busy the entire time. You play as A.C, set out on rescuing his friends and blowing away the enemy. The player will utilize basic movement and shooting abilities but will also have an arsenal of weaponry and vehicles at his disposal throughout the game. The further along in the game the player gets, the more advanced his arsenal becomes. The player must choose their weapon wisely at the beginning of each level, as each enemy is effected differently by different weapons and some are more effective than others.


A.C (Action Cat) – An emotionally scarred war hero of the Vet-wars, A.C will never stop and will let nothing stand in his way until his mission is complete.

Rats - These are your basic grunt-type enemies. They always seem to be around and aren’t the brightest, but if you’re not careful they can certainly cause some pain.

Kamikaze Mice - These little guys come at you in swarms and if you don’t destroy them first, they will explode if they get close enough, causing serious damage. If you take too many hits from these guys, you’re mission is over. They sure do look delicious though.

Para-Fleas – The most hated enemy of Action cat, or any feline for that matter. These things seem to come out of nowhere, falling from the sky on their little parachutes and shooting their little guns. It is believed that the entire family, of 5 million, was once prominent circus folk that were employed by the enemy when the Vet Wars first started. Either way, they just keep on coming.

Mr. Cuddles – The enemy leader of the Vermin, it is believed he started the war due to improper Health Care coverage. Whatever his reasons, he must be destroyed at all costs. Mutt is being held at his compound, but the exact layout and defensive power of Mr. Cuddles is unknown.

Mutt – You’re old war buddy. The two of you fought through many campaigns together until he went MIA on a top secret mission to secure an enemy outpost known as the Litter Box. Many soldiers were lost on that mission.

Additional Characters TBA.

The Action Cat Arsenal:

Machine Guns – These are the most abundant weapons in the war zone and you should have no trouble finding ample ammo to refill your clips.

Shotguns – With a wide blast range, the shotgun is extremely useful against the Para-fleas that seem to come way too close, way too fast.

Grenade Launchers – They have the range and blast radius needed to take out the swarms of Kamikaze Mice that want nothing more than to see you in pieces.

The Hairball – This is what A.C was known for. When you find yourself in a tight spot and against overwhelming odds, use your hairball to clobber anyone nearby. It takes you a long time to make another one, but as a last resort, it can be extremely useful.

Tanks – These reused and recycled metal cans don’t last very long, but when you operate one, it feels like you are invincible!

The Scooper – It’s basically a Bulldozer, but for Vermin. Scoop them up in a big pile and then launch them into space, much like that ball of yarn you found the night before last.

Additional weapons TBA.


Level 1 – “War Zone Memories”: You just landed back in the War Zone and are ready for Action. Fight your way through the enemy encampment and rescue the POWs held there. You may get lucky and learn where the Cuddles Compound is.

Level 2 – “The Scratching Post”: You were told to head to this Outpost for more answers. Of course, all you find is more action.

Level 3 – “The Litter Box”: This desert-like compound seems to be full of sand. Part of the reason why so many soldiers went missing when they came here, the enemy seems to crawl right out of the ground. Be careful and watch your back!

Level 4 – “Well met…Mr. Cuddles”: It looks like your path of destruction has caught the attention of Mr. Cuddles himself. Wows...only 4 levels in, you’re good!

Level 5 – “Mouse Trap”: You were too easily fooled by the smell of cooked tuna. The trap has been set, but you will not be fooled again!

Level 6 – “Laser Light of Death”: You finally get more answers, only to come across Mr. Cuddle’s right hand man…or woman? Be careful…

Additional levels TBA.

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Age Jul 22, 2013 @ 2:54am 
Your thumbnail doesn't do your game justice. You might want to consider changing it.
Contagion Jul 7, 2013 @ 4:03pm 
Haha! A cat is the ultimate military fighting force, awesome!
Lord Abi Jul 6, 2013 @ 1:35pm 
Haha, cool. Kudos to that. ;D
Màiri Jul 3, 2013 @ 10:19am 
That's one fat actiony cat! This looks interesting, will be watching this one.