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CS:GO Console Command List
By MDK22
This is simply a list of all the console commands and a description of what they do for 80% of them. This is as of 7/2/2013.
How to read the list
Version 1.0
Here's a complete CS:S CVAR list.
It's alphabitized, so it's easier to search for the command you need.
Client commands' type is cl_ and servers' type is sv_. If you don't
understand the command types, here's help:
a - Archive - saved out to the user's config.cfg file
cheat - Cheat - sv_cheats must be set to 1
cl - Clientdll - Client .dll created variable (so it can be unlinked
when the client .dll is unloaded)
demo - Demo - Used for creating/playing demo files -- all convars
with this value are recording into the start of a demo so that
when the .dem is played, the values of those vars are restored to
what they were set to during recording
sv - Gamedll - Server controlled variable (defined in the server .dll
similar issue as the client ones)
matsys - Material System - created by the rendering system
numeric - Never As String - these convars are never used as strings
so we can write faster code to just look at the numeric
rep - representation - this is for performance
nf - Notify - notify's all players connected to server any time the
convar changes
print - Printable Only - the convar string value can only contain
characters which are printable (i.e, no control characters, etc),
used for usernames
prot - Protected - It's a server Convar, but we don't notify clients
of the new value, etc. (things like rcon_password)
rep - Replicated - the convar value is replicated to all connected
clients (things like sv_gravity), can only be changed by the
server operator
studio - Studio Render - convar was created by the studio model
rendering module (studiorender.dll)
user - User Info - the convar value is replicated from clients to the
server (e.g., username in multiplayer, rate setting, etc.)
Credits: DarkSeed - RA (the idea of this list goes to him)
VALVe (for making the best game ever)
smash (for posting this on inet)
BakeSnake (because he wanted to be here lol)
xA|.d3v!L (For making the above explanantion)
Thanks guys!
By: TE| MDK22
The List
I was originally planning on posting the list in here. The problem I ran into is it is just so vast and long. The formatting also was horrible and hard to discern. So what I am going to do like with my other guides is simply offer a link.

The text file command variable list aka cvar list can be found here.
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