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Lakeview Manor Town And Fort Felglade
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Jul 1, 2013 @ 8:19pm
Jul 15, 2013 @ 2:33pm
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Lakeview Manor Town And Fort Felglade

This mod adds a 3 part town to Lakeview Manor. The first part is the home district where your home is location. Leading down the mountains through tower access will bring you into the main town where most of the villagers will live and the market district resides. The third part is the docks district which includes a scripted lumbermill, various ships, a lighthouse, and a scripted drawbridge.

You must download the facegendata for the NPCs of Felglade. This file is located here. You may have to sign up.

The mod page is here.

To install this copy the Meshes and Textures folders into your skyrim data folder.

*UPDATE* Version 1.03 is finally released. This release includes merchants, guards, and all miscellaneous NPCs. This release also includes some minor/major bug fixes that were found by people testing the mod or simply playing it. Thank you everyone for your feedback!

NPC Routines: The merchants sell items 8am to 8pm, eat/go home 9pm to 12am, sleep 12am to 8 am. The guards have rotating schedules involved around 16 hours of work, 8 hours of eat/sleep. During the day expect there to be a lot of npc's outside from 8am to 8pm, and likewise throughout the night expect the tavern to get crowded as people eat and drink. Have fun and enjoy!

To Do: 1.03.5 will contain a bit of an overhaul on the appearance of the docks. The walls appear way too jagged for my taste.

This first version includes all exterior work, and 100% exterior hand navmeshing. The navmeshing is 100% working and tested.

I went for a Riften architecture approach as it seemed fitting for a nature spot such as lakeview manor, coated in green and lush with flora.

I won't say too much about what is included in the mod because I think it's important to give the player something to look foward to exploring. That being said there are no interiors or NPC's done just yet. The mod is released in three installments to make it easier and less time consuming. The first installment here is the exteriors and exterior navmeshing. The second installment includes all interiors and all interior navmeshing. The third installment will include 30-40 NPC's all uniquely scripted (sorry no voice acting for now). The fourth installment depends on how popular the mod gets and will more than likely include some voice acting, a large quest chain, and a very large dungeon with various floors of difficulty.

Everything that is in the mod currently is 100% scripted and working as intended. The only exception to this is the mannequins in one of the towers. I may have to eventually write up a new npc template and new scripting to make them work properly, if they are in akward areas and not on their pedistals, fast travel somewhere then come back and they should be in the correct location. Currently there are too many too close together and it causes their poses to mix up. Although you can certainly still use the mannequins, they may look a bit odd. The drawbridge in the docks district will go up and down when you activate the levers to the left of them on the fort walkway. The lumbermill works just like any other lumbermill and is scripted. The new farm for your house has 21 planter soils which are also scripted and working. There are also approximately 25-30 planter soils through town incase you wanted a certain kind of flora look and didn't like mine, these are also scripted. The farm animals are all scripted to stay within their locations.

Lastly I want to thank and give credit to whpsh for his work on Lakeview Flats, it gave me a flat terrain to work with and gave me some inspiration (link is below).
NOTE: I also have aquired permission to modify his mod. The credit for the town castle walls and the flat terrain alteration is completely whpsh.

Q and A:

Q1: Will I need to build my house before I install?
A1: No, when I mod I test vigorously to make sure these kinds of things do not happen. Everything is scripted properly to work with everything in the BYOH setup. For example, if you built your apiary prior to installing the mod, you would still end up with three apiaries, a fish hatchery, and a grain mill on your saved game. The same is true for uninstalling (it just reverts to what it was no problems). Just check or uncheck the mod.

Q2: Can I use other lakeview terrain altering mods with this one?
A2: No, this is a bad idea. I tried this once and I ended up with 2 levels of terrain, it was frightening.

Q3: Lanterns of Skyrim?
A3: I use this mod aswell, and from what I can tell it is definately alright to use LoS with this mod. The only off thing is two random lanterns in town which are not really in bad spots but their lighting looks odd compared to the other lanterns, not to mention they are completely different lamp posts.

Q4: Why am I lagging?
A4: Chances are if you just installed the mod you might experience a small amount of lag as it updates your cache. This shouldn't last longer than 10 seconds. I personally have a only decent computer and I can run it flawlessly with CK opened, ultra graphics, 8xAA, and 8xAF.

Q5: How long until the people and interiors are done?
A5: The exteriors and hand navmeshing took me about 1 week and 2 days to do. Interiors is just a lot of duplicating interiors except for special interiors. So the next version likely no more than a week. The final version with scripted npcs, maybe 2 weeks but don't hold me to it.

Q6: How do I report bugs?
A6: Leave them in the comments below.

A7: Yep, it's supposed to. Chances are if you see navmesh deletion there's a good reason for it. If you'd rather I could leave it as is and have your followers trying to run through buildings/walls/mountains. Trust me, I spent about 3 days just doing all the navmeshing by hand and you don't even want to see how awful it was before that. TES5EDIT is a fantastic tool, but you have to understand why modders do what they do.

Q8: Is this crashing me?
A8: I run exactly 153 mods including this one. I have yet to experience a crash to desktop. Chances are if you're crashing to desktop it's likely not this mod doing it, it's probably a load order issue and if that is the case I recommend nexus mod manager and BOSS.
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xXjcivilsXx Jul 3 @ 7:38pm 
If I don't download the defendants files will it mess up the game? Please tell me it Doesn't
That Guy Louis May 8 @ 1:05pm 
swapped the preppers paradise mod for this one recently - really like it, good job chap
jewfro7277 May 2 @ 1:34pm 
Excellent mod. just wish there was more life in the people living there.
Needs a little mor emersion
Maddog -HH- Apr 16 @ 10:03am 
I need that large garden in front GONE, very displeasing sir, thank you
cbhicks1 Mar 3 @ 4:11pm 
very good mod i have used it for long time now when i got mod noone had scripts and have since seen my kingdom comming to life but have question now that that has happened i use another mod that made the people without a script fallow me as there king will that affect my game such as quests you might put in in town or updates you might have made in game
Manu Feb 22 @ 9:52am 
very good mod good job ! and now more people ,merchant ,dogs etc.... in this town plsssss
[GMTT] clueless91996 Feb 10 @ 5:03pm 
Is anyone else having the issue where the guards follow you around and won"t stop?
Llathrum Dec 4, 2014 @ 7:37am 
I would remove any MOD that has a direct ineraction with another MOD This MOD sounds like fun :)
xTcR | Devilboy101 [IN-R] Dec 3, 2014 @ 4:11pm 
ok.. question.. i have a current mod to the manor that allows the building of walls around your estate and hire falkreath guards.. will this mod effect this one or do i have to start a new?
jaderive Nov 26, 2014 @ 12:20am 
Hi, to anyone reading this, something I noticed last couple of days as I had made lydia steward, the optioon to get rid of the alter down below was there, which struck me as strange, thinking ok the town shouldve tanken over that spot, since you cant see it from the back of your finished built home, I ran down thru the town and out thru furthest gate, and lo an behold there was the alter poking out from the mountainside half in n half out ish, lolol and the mage waS there n all balancing on a rock telling Me to back off lols ....