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Out of Bounds Glitch Demonstration
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Jun 30, 2013 @ 5:37pm
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Joe Danger 2: The Movie - User Level
Vehicle: Quadbike
Environment: Jungle
This level was made to show off a glitch that I discovered. It allows you to place objects in the out-of-bounds areas, allow Joe to be placed outside the level boundary causing the glitched movement, and make immovable objects (like wood blocks) able to intersect other objects. Here is how to do it. Place pretty much anything anywhere. Then, select it again, and use soft move (push down on the left control stick and move the right stick if you're using a controller) to move the object outside the level boundary. The game doesn't normally let you actually place anything out there, but you can force the game to place the object there by pressing the X button to open the Toy Box, then pressing B to exit the Toy Box. To make Joe glitch, simply do this trick on the start line or place a lane switcher on the edge so that it moves Joe out of the boundary, as is seen in the level. Interestingly, an enemy monkey placed in the out of bounds area does not glitch and drives normally. Have fun with this glitch!