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A reversible funnel, a laser, and a light bridge make up this intermediate puzzle. Watch your every move.

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dire.fcs Nov 18 @ 2:53pm 
Nice work!
jam.lab1 Aug 29 @ 3:18pm 
Very cool. Nice job.
metadavid Jul 15 @ 8:48pm 
After much knitted brow frustrated concentration the solution suddenly appeared as simple. I have to do the chamber again now to see if I can do it straight with one attempt. Amazing design
gamecreator Jul 6 @ 11:50pm 
Very nice. It was simpler in the end than I thought. For some reason I didn't consider one of the laser possibilities.
GBMusicMaster Jun 30 @ 10:16am 
I tried this map on several different occasions, always feeling like the solution was obvious but just out of reach for me. Today, I solved it. Excellent chamber!
Ale May 12 @ 5:43am 
An excellent chamber, as always. Good design and puzzle shape. Thank you!
ghostyman719 Apr 13 @ 5:39pm 
Simple and elegent, with just enough puzzle. Well done!
herbusmc Apr 6 @ 10:15pm 
To all who find maps like this one difficult, hang in there. The more you play, the easier they get. Thanks for being such a quality map maker, Azorae!
幸運な Mar 20 @ 10:20am 
Oh nice profile picture btw ^^
幸運な Mar 20 @ 10:20am 
Nice1 i like it! but yes it had unintender solutions :D