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s7o's Cache Sacks II
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Jun 29, 2013 @ 12:05am
Apr 23, 2016 @ 5:46pm
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s7o's Cache Sacks II

s7o's Cache Sacks II 2.16

Player-owned Cache Sacks that can be placed
whereever they're needed, and taken with you
when they're empty -
The non-cheating way to handle overweight loot.

Any 3 other of my mods installed unlock
Cache Sack Crafting to let you create your
own Cache Sacks at tanning racks.


To place a Cache Sack, simply drop an empty sack to make it 'unfold' at your feet.
It's inventory will automatically open.

To pick up a placed sack, remove all items from it and close it. The empty sack will
be returned to your inventory's misc-section for reuse.

Cache Sacks must be used one at a time: Whenever you have two or more empty
ones with you, your inventory will always show one single sack and the rest in a
stack for your dropping convenience.

If you drop more than one sacks at a time, only one will be placed, the rest will be
returned to your inventory. Should you want to get rid of your sacks, put them into
any container (including other Cache Sacks of course).

With at least one Cacke Sack placed, map markers for your most recent up to 30
sacks will be available: To toggle them on and off, set the "Cache Sack" entry in
your quet log's misc-section active or inactive as needed,

CACHE SACK CRAFTING will be unlocked with any 3 other of my mods loaded
(with less than 3, they unlock additional sacks). After this, any desired amount of
sacks can be crafted at any tanning rack (2 linen wraps + 1 leather strips).

If any items from your sacks' inventories should ever get lost - which has never
occured, nor would i see why it should, but you never know :-) -
Talk to Mai'iq the Liar.


You'll find your first free Cache Sack on a barrel right outside the cave where
you exited Helgen's keep on gamestart (also see images).

14 more are distributed to the three Kahjit caravans at random the first time the
mod loads and can be bought from their vendors.

Sacks unlocked by my other mods (any 3 unlock Cache Sack Crafting)
.) A's For Arrow (1 - on a barrel in Solitude)
.) Chicken Fix deluxe (1 - at a random chicken shack)
.) Donkey King (3)
.) Forgotten Places ~ Barleydark Farm (2 - windmill)
.) Forgotten Places ~ Irontree Mill (2 - stables)
.) Lund + Lambda (5 - chest in den's work area)
.) Meanie In A Bottle (2 - player bed)
.) Park Your Ride (3 - random Guest Chests)
.) Sit (1 - for sale from a random Kharit caravaneer)
.) Suites Of Skyrim II (3 - in random suites)
.) The Humblest Hut (3 - on chest inside hut)
.) 'Van Watch (1)
.) Yzmir's Beard (1)


An issue has been reported where Cache Sack map markers would dis- and
reappear with every second sack placed - cause currently being researched


--- 2.10 --- Forgotten Places ~ Barleydark Farm support added
. . . . . . --- Donkey King support added
. . . . . . --- Forgotten Places ~ Irontree Mill support added
. . . . . . --- Suites Of Skyrim II support added
. . . . . . --- 'Van Watch support added
. . . . . . --- script updates
--- 2.15 --- fixes an issue where dropped sacks would do nothing on new games
--- 2.16 --- Meanie In A Bottle support added
. . . . . . --- script tweaks


Big thanks to:
Verteiron (Bethesda forums) for exterminating the obnoxious invisibility
bug the Cache Sacks' first model had - and
Mindboggles and Tamira (both Bethesda forums) for trying :-)
the first Cache Sack mode
version's ob


...) A's For Arrow
...) Chicken Fix deluxe
...) Donkey King
...) Forgotten Places ~ Barleydark Farm
...) Forgotten Places ~ Irontree Mill
...) Lund + Lambda
...) Meanie In A Bottle
...) Park Your Ride
...) Smack The Smith
...) Sit
...) Suites Of Skyrim II
...) The Humblest Hut
...) The Shady Nag
...) 'Van Watch
...) Yzmir's Beard

FALLOUT NV (most available on
...) Cheng's Eastside Laundry
...) I Find Places
...) Mojave Express Courier Cap
...) Mole's Well
...) Vegas, Baby...


...and BIG THANKS to all who already did :-)
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droagan1 Sep 21 @ 11:53pm 
your asking for donation go out on the street and ask people for a conation and they will tell you to get or get a life you bum
droagan1 Sep 21 @ 11:53pm 
cache sacks lolz
droagan1 Sep 21 @ 11:51pm 
did it rain them cash sacks lmao
s7o  [author] May 24 @ 12:34pm 
@ yeazzal: you shall no more :-)
Yeazzal May 18 @ 3:07pm 
This will help me immensly- I have carry weight problems alot.
s7o  [author] Feb 9 @ 4:57pm 
@ willy a jeep 3: %... so, the only way to interfere _at_all_ would be another mod that removes and re-adds the empty sacks themselves to your inv (thereby triggering their scripts), but _even_then_, all they'd do is track empty sack count and make sure you'll always have one single "drop" sack, which is not that heavy a script, your machine would need to be pretty much at its limits _already_ at that point for that to even be noticeable (and to that, even in this case, this would likely occur then for _any_ player inv transaction)

so, honestly not trying to just shake that off or something, but i can't see even in theory how CS could cause this. ---if you're very bored :-), did you try with the same mod list on an unmodded game (meaning _never_ been saved with any mod in it), if the issue still occurs?

(on a side note, i also don't really think it's an interference with skyUI, there's so many people using that i'm pretty sure i'd have heard about that before)
s7o  [author] Feb 9 @ 4:52pm 
@ willy a jeep 2: %...the rolled up sacks in your inv now, they totally don't care for crafting.
so, if they'd interfere with, like, an inventory sorter, they'd do so (= you'd get that lag) _whenever_ you add or remove _anything_ from your inv, not just when a crafted item is added (an issue i know rather well, as my "Smack The Smith" mod had one like that in earlier versions)

(to that, to cause this, you'd either need to manually (console) stop and restart the carrier quest, or, on the same save game, remove CS, start without it and save, and then "reinstall" CS (and even for these cases, the mod will try to fix itself), so that's not too likely. ...%
s7o  [author] Feb 9 @ 4:37pm 
@ willy a jeep 1: well, would sound like, if not :-)

it's like this: for empty sacks, there's exactly two occasions when they do _anything_, that's when one is added or removed from player's inventory. at any other point (like crafting), they don't run any functions, don't track your inventory or anything, they just do plain nothing (and even then, the only thing they do to pc's inv is count n# of sacks dropped at a time and return surplus sacks to inventory (so only 1 box at a time will be placed)

(and the actual (placed) sacks also run a script when items are added/removed to them, but they never touch player or inv, and they're entirely separate objects from the rolled up sacks, so no way for them to cause your issue) ...%
Willy A. Jeep Jan 30 @ 7:03am 
Can't seem to find anything in my logs, though I'm no expert on browsing debug output. Everything I'm seeing is the regular file load, the associated output of other mods looking for potentially associated files, then only an error I'm expecting to appear from a separate mod for the remainder of gametime until exiting. Nothing from your mods (other than them looking for your other mods I don't have), nothing from any inventory-editing mods.

The problem only occurs after I've used one of the cache sacks. Beforehand, when they're just an item in the inventory, no problems. But placing one down, the crafting menus drop FPS, and after picking it back up, continued FPS drop in crafting menus.

If there's anything more specific I should be looking for in the logs, I'd be happy to know. But it all seems rather innocuous. Meanwhile, I'll go about pulling each mod one-by-one until I stop getting the problem.
Willy A. Jeep Jan 30 @ 6:02am 
Oh, don't misunderstand, I don't think it's this mod. I've run it smoothly in the past, no problems like the one I'm encountering now. I get it has to be something on my end - something in my load order being rearranged or an update to some other mod I've had - and now they've had a conflict.

I only wanted to post a message here about it for other people to see, and in the off chance it could be replicated, bring it to light. I always find it tedious to look through modpage after modpage when encountering a problem like this, but I discovered an in-game fix myself, and didn't want other people to have a long search for help or atleast an answer for what *might* work.

On topic about my load order, I only have an old version of SkyUI for inventory sorting. I already removed your mod, but I can go ahead and reinstall and see what I get in the log. Will report back with what I see!