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s7o's Cache Sacks II
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Jun 29, 2013 @ 12:05am
Apr 23, 2016 @ 5:46pm
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s7o's Cache Sacks II

s7o's Cache Sacks II 2.16

Player-owned Cache Sacks that can be placed
whereever they're needed, and taken with you
when they're empty -
The non-cheating way to handle overweight loot.

Any 3 other of my mods installed unlock
Cache Sack Crafting to let you create your
own Cache Sacks at tanning racks.


To place a Cache Sack, simply drop an empty sack to make it 'unfold' at your feet.
It's inventory will automatically open.

To pick up a placed sack, remove all items from it and close it. The empty sack will
be returned to your inventory's misc-section for reuse.

Cache Sacks must be used one at a time: Whenever you have two or more empty
ones with you, your inventory will always show one single sack and the rest in a
stack for your dropping convenience.

If you drop more than one sacks at a time, only one will be placed, the rest will be
returned to your inventory. Should you want to get rid of your sacks, put them into
any container (including other Cache Sacks of course).

With at least one Cacke Sack placed, map markers for your most recent up to 30
sacks will be available: To toggle them on and off, set the "Cache Sack" entry in
your quet log's misc-section active or inactive as needed,

CACHE SACK CRAFTING will be unlocked with any 3 other of my mods loaded
(with less than 3, they unlock additional sacks). After this, any desired amount of
sacks can be crafted at any tanning rack (2 linen wraps + 1 leather strips).

If any items from your sacks' inventories should ever get lost - which has never
occured, nor would i see why it should, but you never know :-) -
Talk to Mai'iq the Liar.


You'll find your first free Cache Sack on a barrel right outside the cave where
you exited Helgen's keep on gamestart (also see images).

14 more are distributed to the three Kahjit caravans at random the first time the
mod loads and can be bought from their vendors.

Sacks unlocked by my other mods (any 3 unlock Cache Sack Crafting)
.) A's For Arrow (1 - on a barrel in Solitude)
.) Chicken Fix deluxe (1 - at a random chicken shack)
.) Donkey King (3)
.) Forgotten Places ~ Barleydark Farm (2 - windmill)
.) Forgotten Places ~ Irontree Mill (2 - stables)
.) Lund + Lambda (5 - chest in den's work area)
.) Meanie In A Bottle (2 - player bed)
.) Park Your Ride (3 - random Guest Chests)
.) Sit (1 - for sale from a random Kharit caravaneer)
.) Suites Of Skyrim II (3 - in random suites)
.) The Humblest Hut (3 - on chest inside hut)
.) 'Van Watch (1)
.) Yzmir's Beard (1)


An issue has been reported where Cache Sack map markers would dis- and
reappear with every second sack placed - cause currently being researched


--- 2.10 --- Forgotten Places ~ Barleydark Farm support added
. . . . . . --- Donkey King support added
. . . . . . --- Forgotten Places ~ Irontree Mill support added
. . . . . . --- Suites Of Skyrim II support added
. . . . . . --- 'Van Watch support added
. . . . . . --- script updates
--- 2.15 --- fixes an issue where dropped sacks would do nothing on new games
--- 2.16 --- Meanie In A Bottle support added
. . . . . . --- script tweaks


Big thanks to:
Verteiron (Bethesda forums) for exterminating the obnoxious invisibility
bug the Cache Sacks' first model had - and
Mindboggles and Tamira (both Bethesda forums) for trying :-)
the first Cache Sack mode
version's ob


...) A's For Arrow
...) Chicken Fix deluxe
...) Donkey King
...) Forgotten Places ~ Barleydark Farm
...) Forgotten Places ~ Irontree Mill
...) Lund + Lambda
...) Meanie In A Bottle
...) Park Your Ride
...) Smack The Smith
...) Sit
...) Suites Of Skyrim II
...) The Humblest Hut
...) The Shady Nag
...) 'Van Watch
...) Yzmir's Beard

FALLOUT NV (most available on
...) Cheng's Eastside Laundry
...) I Find Places
...) Mojave Express Courier Cap
...) Mole's Well
...) Vegas, Baby...


...and BIG THANKS to all who already did :-)
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Willy A. Jeep 18 hours ago 
Hey, s7o (and anybody else who might read this), I had a problem with this mod, specifically when having one of the cache sacks in my inventory and using a crafting menu (cooking, smithing, et cetera) would cause huge FPS drops.

It seems like, for some reason, the game is trying to calculate weight values for the items in the crafting menus, but is only doing this when I have a sack in my inventory. Could just be some bizarre conflict on my end, but I wanted to mention it here incase it comes up again and people are confused.
s7o  [author] May 25, 2016 @ 6:19pm 
Suites Of Skyrim II :
s7o  [author] Apr 23, 2016 @ 5:38am 
s7o  [author] Feb 19, 2016 @ 3:32pm 
@ fizban: damn. no, the thing is, in one version (2.10), there was one line of script simply missing (stoooopid mistake of mine) that should start parts of the mod's (run-once-)initialisation,
so if you happened to start a new game with that particular version, half of it ran while the other half didn't, that's what the recent follow-up updates tried to fix, shouldn't have anything to do with the sack in your inv.
could you send me that log? (pm or mail, don't mind) should make fixing this a piece of cake (in my affected test game, each of the 2 recent updates alone fixed the issue, so i'm pretty much down to trial and error about why it didn't catch in yours right now)
Fizban Feb 18, 2016 @ 3:03am 
Sorry, forgot to check back. Still nothing. When I run the sqv check it comes up with a list of "ref123, ref 124" kind of stuff, all saying "none". Could it be that somehow the sack in my inventory got disconnected from the script? I was assuming that I'm somehow skipping a background script, but if it doesn't trigger until you pick up a sack for the first time then the only way to check would be picking up a new one by consoling it in or installing one of your other mods to pick up a new sack.
s7o  [author] Feb 17, 2016 @ 12:23pm 
...working now? :-)
s7o  [author] Feb 14, 2016 @ 3:50pm 
@ fizban: definitely gonna keep checking, no clue yet why the issue persists, update fixed it in my affected test game, but at least i can always re-evoke it for testing (and thx for the hint about no errors in your script log, there's far more information in this fact than one might think)

sorry for inconvenience, pls hang on and leave the mod installed for now, i'll be trying to get it running :-)
(or if you wish to remove it, do so for good on that save game, just don't try to "un- and reinstall" on the same save, this never improves matters, but always makes them worse for any scripted mod)
Fizban Feb 14, 2016 @ 2:43am 
I feel like some sorta troll, but nope. Sack drops, no deploy, sqv reports quest is off (pretty sure I'd left it on though), reactivate quest, still no deploy, check logs, still nothing pertinant in the log (timestamp from 5 minutes ago, still just a pile of dlc nonsense, search finds nothing). Saw the update notification in the launcher, but if you put it in the mod to display in game then it must be getting lost with all the rest.

I'm fine continuing on without-mod was working on new games and it's probably just me with the one bugged character, which isn't much of a problem since I've finished full time wandering and grabbed a house to start grinding craft skills. If you want to keep trying to figure it out anyway then I'll be happy to keep checking (I'm quite mysfified myself).
s7o  [author] Feb 13, 2016 @ 12:32pm 
...working now?
(in your affected saves, you should get an "updated to 2.12"-notification, and after that, it should)
s7o  [author] Feb 13, 2016 @ 12:15pm 
@ nancaia & fizban: ...ok thx sry, gonna look into this right away (guess fizban pointed me towards what's wrong already)