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Bosmer Armor Pack part 1 of 4
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Jun 27, 2013 @ 10:18pm
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Bosmer Armor Pack part 1 of 4

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Bosmer Armor Pack
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YOU CAN NOT USE ANY OF MY CONTENT IN ANY PAID MOD! Parts 2, 3 and 4 are now out!

If you have performance issues with the HD textures you may want to download the low res version from my Nexus page.[skyrim.nexusmods.com] There are also other versions of the mod there that include leveled loot list's and Bosmer npc support.
Firstly a HUGE THANKYOU to Arynn for letting me use one of his assets. Please take the time to look at the credits section for the full list and details. It would be greatly appreciated. Also thank you everyone for your support and constructive criticism. Your input has helped me strive to improve and reach closer to my potential. So thank you and enjoy this and the many other of my mods to come :)

Light Armor. All items Require the Elven Smithing perk. They can be created at any forge under the Elven category.
The armor stats are similar to to Elven armor stats

The first 2 digits will be unique for you depending on what load order this is.
1. Bosmer Armor id=5B000D62 2. Bosmer Helmet id=5B000D65 3. Bosmer Mask id=5B001833 4. Bosmer Gloves id=5B000D63 5. Bosmer Hood id=5B000D67 6. Bosmer Hooded Helm id=5B000D66 7. Bosmer Boots id=5B000D64 8. Bosmer Shoulder Cape id=5B001832 9. Bosmer Arrow id=5B009A0D 10. Bosmer Short Blade id=5b00845F 11. Bosmer Bow id=5B009488

Heavy Armor. All items Require the Advanced Armors perk. They can be created at any forge under the Elven category.
The armor stats are similar to Steel Plate armor stats

1. Bosmer Reinforced Armor id= 5B005E33 2. Bosmer Reinforced Gauntlets id= 5B005E36 3. Bosmer Reinforced Helmet id= 5B005E60 4. Bosmer Reinforced Hooded Helm id= 5B005E61 5. Bosmer Reinforced Boots id= 5B005E5F 6. Bosmer Full Cape id= 5B0048D0

Light Armor. All items Require the Glass Smithing perk. They can be created at any forge under the Elven category.
The armor stats are similar to to Glass armor stats

1. Bosmer Elder Armor id= 5B002DD9 2. Bosmer Helmet id= 5B005E5D 3. Bosmer Elder Gloves id= 5B002DDA 4. Bosmer Elder Hooded Helm id= 5B002DDB 5. Bosmer Elder Hood id= 5B002DDC 6. Bosmer Elder Boots id= 5B005E5E 7. Bosmer Elder Shoulder Cape id= 5B002DDD 8. Bosmer Elder Arrow id= 5B009A0D 9. Bosmer Elder Short Blade id= 5b0089C2 10. Bosmer Elder Bow id= 5B00948A

Heavy Armor. The Wild Hunt armors can only be acquired by defeating the Champion of the Hunt. The Champion of the Hunt can be found at Shadowgreen Cavern just north of the Thalmor Embesy (Top left of skyrim). It is highly recommended to be a high level character as you will be facing off against a level 80 character and other strong enemies. The armors have the same armor stats as Dragon bone and Dragon Scale armors
1. Wild Hunt Armor id= 5B0022FC 2. Wild Hunt Hooded Helm id= 5B0022FD 3. Wild Hunt Gauntlets id= 5B0022FE 4. Wild Hunt Boots id= 5B0063C4

Light Armor. The Wild Hunt armors can only be acquired by defeating the Champion of the Hunt. See Wild Hunt description above.
1. Wild Hunt Hood id= 5B002864 2. Wild Hunt Light Gauntlets id= 5B002DE4 3. Wild Hunt Light Boots id= 5B002DE1 4. Wild Hunt Light Armor id= 5B002DDE

Installation is very simple. Just hit subscribe and wait for it to download when you start skyrim launcher. May take a while due to size.

Please go give these contributors some Kudos and check out and endorse their amazing mods as without their help this mod might not have come to completion.
- Firstly a huge thank you to Arynn for allowing me to use his amazing chest/vest mesh as a base starting point for my armor. Without this asset it would have taken me a great amount of time to get the look I wanted and I may have even ditched the project all together. Check out his superb oblivion mods, especially the lotr ones. I just wish I had known about these when I was playing oblivion last.
Oblivion mod profile[oblivion.nexusmods.com]
Skyrim mod profile[skyrim.nexusmods.com]

- Secondly a big thank you to Isilmeriel for letting me use her Dagger meshes and some base textures. I absolutely love these Daggers and also the rest of her superb lotr weapon pack. I highly recommend getting this pack if you do not have it already as it blends perfectly into skyrim.
Skyrim mod profile[skyrim.nexusmods.com]

- I would also like to credit Bethesda for their great game and continuing to support the modding community. The developers of Blender and Nifscope.

Thank you to users that have decided to make a donation. It is really appreciated. Thanks! :D
- VxVanguard321 ... x2 donations... LEGEND!
- Tfig2110
Help a Modder out :)
Donations are warmly welcomed and very much appreciated http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/37289//? The donation button is located on my Skyrim Nexus page at this link. Trading cards and games are awesome too ;)

I now have a facebook page! So now you can easily get mod updates, chat to me, give me ideas, sketches, organize mod projects or anything really. You may even on occasion get access to betas so I can get feedback before releasing final mods. This is the best place to message me as Nexus and steam workshop have limited messaging capability so on here I will always have a record of conversations:)
Maty743 Modder Facebook Page
- For all cases in which permission is granted to use assets all credits must be clearly stated and have links. So you will need to credit and link to this file but also have the sub credits for this eg. Arynn and Isilmeriels need to be credited.
- Translations are fine as long as it is credited correctly including the links of the authors I have credited.
- If you want to use this in a quest it should be ok but you should message me first to confirm.
- [Edit June 21 2013: Permission will most likely be granted to manipulate this mod for your own armor mod so message me with your proposal. Only reason it would not be granted is if it was the same project I was working on.]
- You are allowed to do re-textures as long as the original file from here is required.
- [ EDIT 21 JUNE: You are allowed to use this in armor packs as long as it credited properly as stated in the first section of the permissions.]

No DLC needed
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