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Silmeri - The Froststorm Blade
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Jun 27, 2013 @ 8:30pm
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Silmeri - The Froststorm Blade

''There are a few sources that speak of Alduin's Tongue, or the Infinity Sword as it is more commonly known. But if these sources are rare, the sources for this sword are rarer still. I do not speak of the Infinity Sword, but its foil, the svelte icy blade known by only one name:''

-Unknown, ''Ancient Mysteries of Tamriel''

With much work, blood, sweat, tears, expletives and accidentally making 3dsMAX crash by hitting the Show Desktop button, I bring you the counterpart and foil of the Infinity Sword: Silmeri.

Silmeri is a frost AND shock weapon, dealing both kinds of damage with one hit, so whatever poor sop you decide to smack across the bonce will be slowed, injured and have their magicka kicked in the face. If they're REALLY unlucky, the sword will freeze them solid, at which point they'll fall over and have about 10 seconds (or less) to contemplate what they did with their life while you stomp them into ice shavings.

Freezing them PHYSICALLY isn't the only thing Silmeri can do, it can also ''freeze'' their magicka and stamina. As with the instant Banditsicle™, there's a chance Silmeri will completely evaporate your opponent's magicka or stamina (maybe even both! D:) and break the regen for both stats over her knee, preventing either from restoring for a certain amount of time. What good does that do, you may ask? Why it's elementary, Watson! Now shut up and get me my tea.

Wait, what? Oh, right, the stats. Well, it means that melee boobsticks can't do their oh-so-special power attacks, and all wizards can do is wave their hands ineffectually at you while shouting ''WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA!'' as you cut them into freeze-dried bacon bits. Because of the frost damage, melee and wizzies alike will be slowed so you can easily catch up to them and punt them across Whiterun.

Oh, but Watson, that's not all Silmeri can do! Got a problem with an archer who's hanging back and peppering you with arrows while shouting ''Pew pew!'' Well, shut him up by instant messaging an ice spear to his face! How do you do that? Just like with the Infinity Sword, Silmeri comes with some special power attack effects. However, because of Silmeri's dual element, each power attack does something different! Want an ice spear? Do a right-ways power attack! Feeling like zapping a twit? Dance your tookus to the left, and knock him in the face with a lightning bolt! Insurance salesmen getting in your personal space? Do a backwards power attack and knock him on his hinders with a blast of ice shards! Not good enough for you? Run at him screaming like a Viking with his balls caught in a blender and do a forward power attack, and zap him out of that suit with a radial blast of electricity (and maybe some frost storm too)! Don't feel like moving? Just stay put and power attack, and everyone around you will get bowled over by an instant blizzard, followed by a blast of electricity that would make Nikola Tesla shed a single tear.

Now, that's all well and good, but what if a bunch of Draugr come at you and start half-heartedly spewing Frostbite at you? Or some uppity necromancer is giving out ice bolts like they're sno-cones? Well, my friend, not to worry. Like the Infinity Sword, Silmeri offers protection from this guff. With the sword equipped you gain Silmeri's Blessing, which provides you with a high resistance to frost and shock damage, and a little bit to fire but not half as much as what the Infinity Sword offers. It'll also boost the damage of frost spells and shouts, and shock spells, as well as reducing the amount of magicka needed to cast them spells. The sword will also boost your magicka and stamina by 100 while its equipped.

Silmeri can be tempered, like the Infinity Sword. To do so you need frost and void salts, and a quicksilver ingot. (I would've liked to use the unmelting snow you get in the White Phial quest, but you can only get it during that quest, and only once.)


VANILLA: Silmeri is located on the very top peak of the Throat of the World, where the Notched Pickaxe rests. Reaching the peak is pretty daunting but manageable. I mean, how else would you get that Notched Pickaxe? Of course, to get there you have to go through the main quest far enough to the point where you can actually climb up to where Paarthurnax is. Silmeri itself is behind the little peak where the Notched Pickaxe is stuck, wedged into an outcropping of stone that's behind the Notched Pickaxe's location. NOTE: Silmeri doesn't respawn.

DAWNGUARD: To be released.

Future Plans!

•Like the Infinity Sword, I'd like to make a dedicated quest for Silmeri. I don't have anything yet in the way of story but, for now the sword'll chillax in the Forgotten Vale and on the Throat of the World (in the Vanilla version)

•Also like the Infinity Sword, Silmeri is a shapeshifting weapon and I plan to make weapon variants that'll be accessed by way of an ability or several. I'm thinking if I go with one ability, it'll bring up a menu that says ''Choose your weapon type'' and you can pick from the selection. When all is said and done, there'll be a war axe, battleaxe, greatsword, dagger, shortsword?, hammer, warhammer, mace, and bow versions of the weapon you can choose that'll probably use Silmeri's powers in different ways. For now it's only a 1-handed sword, but the greatsword version will come around in due time.

•Custom draw, sheath and swing sounds. What I have in mind is a sound like ringing glass, probably with the frost spell equip/sheath sound on top of it (at least for the draw and sheath sounds). Currently it has the frost spell equip/sheath sounds applied, and uses a frost spell loop, which I find pretty rad.

•An additional effect where blocking heals all your stats. The spell is in there but I haven't had much luck figuring out how to script it to realize you're blocking with the sword, and so cast the spell.

•Possibly a custom quest for the sword. Unlike the Infinity Sword, Silmeri likely will utilize vanilla locations in the quest rather than new ones.

•Like the Infinity Sword, there's plans for a summonable ally that's also the sword's soul. For the Infinity Sword, that's Ulf. For Silmeri, it's...well, Silmeri. The soul and sword share the same name.

•Maybe a scabbard?



Check the changes tab, all dem changes are gonna be there from here on out 'cause the description has a character limit.

Known Issues

•For some reason, your opponent will resist some aspect of the sword's enchantment. After testing a bit I'm 99% sure it's the ice form effect, but I'm not sure what exactly in it they're resisting.

•Your game might hang for a bit when the explosions go off. It may well be just a problem with my game due to the NPC Havok Hit mod, and between that and the stagger calculation the game gets all constipated.


The stance my character has is from the YY Mystic Knight animation replacer. It's only on the Nexus (Believe me I've checked the Workshop) so if you like it, go on ahead and snag it:

The sword's design was inspired by Kit Rae's sword Avoloch.
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DEvasto  [author] Jul 4 @ 7:35am 
Ah, yeah, I'm not sure why that happens. The "Frostorm Blade" is the name of one of the enchantment effects, specifically the one that freezes them solid if I remember correctly. For whatever reason though that message pops up and I wasn't able to figure out how to stop it. It's been a while though, so I might take a look at it and see if I can find a way.
Duntron_Awesome Jul 4 @ 2:04am 
everytime i hit an enemy it says in the righthand corner " (enemy name) has resisted Frostorm Blade" what is frostorm blade and why is it so easy to resist?

and this series absolutely deserves five stars :)
DEvasto  [author] Jun 27 @ 9:01am 
Yeah, it actually was the fairly common feeling of disappointment regarding the Daedric Artifacts that led me to making the Infinity Sword, and ultimately its other two siblings. A lot of the Daedric weapons are kind of blegh, using pretty standard enchantments in some cases (Like Volendrung and the Mace of Molag Bal). They get the job done, sure, but it doesn't make them feel *legendary*, hence why I made the Trio relatively powerful.

But, anyway, you're welcome and I hope you enjoy giving the sword a spin. :3
Black Angel Dan Jun 27 @ 8:14am 
That is true, it IS just weird when supposedly legendary artifacts are weaker than daedric, just look at Auriel's Bow whose strength is even below that and not really made up by the enchantment. Unique weapons should be more than just reskins.
Thing is: I read all the awesome effects, seen it pretty much obliberate the Falmer just like that with no effort and it sounded simply broken with its high number of effects and uses. Basically, I like a mix that is neither ridiculously overpowered nor lacking the power to justify its status as a special weapon. And I could only judge by that. There was nothing showing the actual stats of the weapon to let me estimate whether or not this weapon is broken.

I still have some mixed feelings about that, but I suppose I could give those a try. If I think they're too strong, I can just uninstall or not use them. Thanks for responding. :)
DEvasto  [author] Jun 27 @ 7:48am 
Well, the main reason here is the trio (Silmeri, the Infinity Sword and Tenebrae) are artifacts, considerably ancient ones at that. I made them powerful because I wanted them to FEEL powerful, instead of having it be that you hear about these ancient weapons that rival, maybe even *surpass* the Daedric Artifacts, and then you get one and it's a neutered disappointment.

Arguably, while the trio is quite powerful, they're not god weapons that can kill things with a touch. They can take down weaker foes pretty easily, but they can't instakill *everything*. Going against a Legendary Dragon with the Infinity Sword will kill it faster than if you were using Dragonbane, or a normal sword, but it'd still take several hits to take it down, and God help you if you use combat and difficulty enhancing mods. With my setup, using the Infinity Sword to get me out of seriously rough situations has not always been effective; I still died a few times before I worked out an effective strategy.
Black Angel Dan Jun 27 @ 6:33am 
Sigh, why must some of the coolest looking weapon designs be simply overpowered...
DEvasto  [author] May 17 @ 1:04pm 
Nope. There really isn't anything in Hearthfire that would conflict with the sword, and since the mod here doesn't rely on any DLC, it should get along just fine.
Ravenknight6666 May 17 @ 11:59am 
are there any known issues with hearthfire ?
jp911fire Mar 22 @ 5:11pm 

jp911fire Mar 22 @ 5:10pm 
hey can you make other sword like this one i already have the infinity