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Ever get into a situation using SFM where all that is visible is the Engine Window?
By Pte Jack
This is a quick and easy tutorial on how to get your Editting window back!!!
And This is How to Fix It!!!
This is the fix if your SFM session opens in the engine window and the main Editting (QT Port) window is not visible:

1. SFM is made up of 3 main windows
a) the Engine Window

b) the QT Port(the editting screen we associate with being the main screen for SFM) and

c) the Particle editor

In most cases we tell SFM to automatically hide the engine window, but for some of us we don't get the chance. The Engine window takes priority and blocks off everything else. (You can tell your in the engine window by the menu text, it's orangish yellow. If you click Lyra's picture link above you'll see what I mean). Most ppl think that SFM is broken as in this case when this happens and it's been quite the struggle to find out how to fix it, but here it is....

In the engine window, select Windows, then click QT Port

This will cause the QT Port (the editting window we all know and have learned to love) to open.

Now it may open with all or some of its tabs displayed or none of the familiar tabs at all. The way we know it is the QT Port is that the menu text is Greyish-White.

Like this:

or Like this:

If the QT Port opens in a format that you weren't expecting, just click Window > Then Layouts and select Return to Default Layout.

Once that is done, Click Windows, select Engine Window and ensure that Auto Hide Engine Window is checked on

Like this:

Now that that is done, Close SFM and Restart. SFM should start normally by displaying the QT Port (or the Editting window we all Love!!!)

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[YT] SaltAndDraco Nov 20 @ 3:39pm 
thanks :D
Pte Jack  [author] Oct 25 @ 10:05am 
Dead eye Joe Oct 23 @ 3:16pm 
Mine opened a different window pls help!
norwigen spy Aug 1 @ 5:47am 
thx for the help
Whispering Wind Jun 12 @ 8:40pm 
Thanks! The Source Engine guide helped with that pesky window!
SayWhat? Jun 7 @ 11:21am 
What ever ill just try to fix it
becouse i dont under stand where to search it
Pte Jack  [author] Jun 7 @ 11:00am 
Uhmmm, Hex, you wrote, and I quote "How do i get to That folder cuz when i search it it wont come up"

What folder are you looking for that won't come up? If you mean this one, SourceFilmmaker\game\platform\config It is found in the path that you installed Source Film Maker in, (like C:\program files (x86)\Steam\Steamapps\Common\ and then SourceFilmmaker\game\platform\config )
SayWhat? Jun 7 @ 10:37am 
I dont really know (PS Im new to SFM)
Pte Jack  [author] Jun 7 @ 10:29am 
What Folder and where are you searching for it?
SayWhat? Jun 7 @ 6:50am 
i gotta ask somthin How do i get to That folder cuz when i search it it wont come up