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Friendly Brynjolf
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Mar 9, 2012 @ 8:08pm
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Friendly Brynjolf

Brynjolf is marriable and can be a follower. Compatible with Hearthfire but doesn't require it.
Nightingales need to stick together. Brynjolf should not tell you about "important things". And he will not. Instead, he will marry you and kill your enemies. And look, his ugly hood - it's gone!

1. Finish the Skeleton Key storyline.
2.a To make Brynjolf show his nice face (and to get his Guild Master's Hood as a prize) punch him with your fist. He well deserved it.
2.b To make him follow you and do your bidding tell him that you need his help, as with regular followers.
2.c.1 Equip the Amulet of Mara. (To obtain it or to make marriage option available you should talk to Maramal.)
2.c.2 Talk to Brynjolf. Enjoy him.
If he has no "interested" and follower's options - change location and talk to him again.
Sometimes Brynjolf will say ridiculous things. But he will stay himself all the time. For me his words worked fine... when you love someone and have him nearby - it is not a big deal if he says gibberish.

. Brynjolf has follower's and marriage dialogues.
. You can divorce him and remarry.
How to divorce: throw The Bond of Matrimony out of your inventory (all of them), dismiss Brynjolf if he is your current follower, talk to him and say that you want a divorce. WARNING. This option works for vanilla marriage (resets marriage quests). If you are using other mods altering marriage system it might break them or your other marriages. So if you want to divorce - use the divorce option of the mod you got married with.
. Compatible with Hearthfire.
. Brynjolf sees when his Dragonborn spouse takes off the clothes, comes near and can be undressed too. (No new textures or animations added.) For him not to notice you naked ask him not to stalk you.

Unobvious features.
. After the wedding he begins to buy stolen items.
. Whenever Lover's Comfort is being added to you, it is being added to him as well. Thus he is the only not-Dovahkiin in Skyrim who is able to take advantages of the married life. You can check it only by typing in console
"00020545".HasMagicEffect 0010d96c
while having Lover's Comfort on you - the result must be
Has Magic Effect >> 1.00
I bothered doing this because it was kind of unfair in vanilla: you both just have done something to each other, you are feeling good and he is not.
. His morality is set to Violence Against Enemies, so he will steal things when you ask him. But he cannot steal and sneak at the same time, be careful.
. He sleeps in his bed while living at Cistern.
. He looks at you when names you Guild Master during the ceremony.
. Some fixes for Brynjolf's original dialogues. Unlocked his dialogue in Bronze Water Cave. Unlocked a line, other than "Sorry, lass", which he is supposed to say when should not speak with you. These lines were blocked by glitchy "Sorry, lass".
. Brynjolf and the guests don't leave the wedding ceremony until it's finished.

. He won't be saying exactly what is written in subtitles. He will say something suitable for the situation, but not exactly the same words.
. He won't call you "love", the most tender word you'll hear from him will be "lass" or "lad".

Divorce Brynjolf if he is your husband. Dismiss him if he is your current follower. Leave the location where he is. Save the game and disable this mod in Skyrim's launcher.

Details and cheating.
The main quest of this mod starts working when you enter a location with Brynjolf. So if nothing works try to reenter that location. You can force this quest to run (even before the completion of the Skeleton Key quests) - try this when you are in the same location as Brynjolf:
SetStage FBBrynjolfLovesHisLass 0
or if the previous line doesn't work:
SetStage FBBrynjolfLovesHisLass 10
For manual divorce:
SetStage FBBrynjolfLovesHisLass 85
For manual uninstallation (if he is your husband divorce him first, then type this line):
SetStage FBBrynjolfLovesHisLass 100

----- version 6.00

New features.
. Some lines added, so he will be able to comment on places he visits while following you.
. If you are married to Brynjolf and are in one and the same location with him, he detects when you get naked and comes to you, if there happens a bed (or anything suitable) nearby he will lay in it. If you talk to him at that time he will take off pieces of his clothes. No new textures or animations added, don't expect too much. To prevent him from this reaction ask him not to pursuit you.

Unobvious features.
. Some fixes for Brynjolf's original dialogues. Unlocked his dialogue in Bronze Water Cave. Unlocked a line, other than "Sorry, lass", which he is supposed to say when should not speak with you. These lines were blocked by glitchy "Sorry, lass".
. Brynjolf and the guests don't leave the wedding ceremony until it's finished.

----- version 5.01
Fixed 2 bugs of the version 5.00.

----- version 5.00
Compatibility with Hearthfire. Refactoring.

New feature.
. Divorce.

Unobvious features.
. He will actually sleep in his bed while living at Cistern, not stand by it all night long. This change is permanent: if you uninstall this mod, he will continue to sleep in bed anyways. I did so because I think it's a bug and bugs are to be fixed.
. Brynjolf will look at you during the Guild Master's ceremony when he should. (In the original game it appeares that he named Karliah Guild Master.)
. Just to make it clear. Bethesda created an option which allows you to make your follower a steward in a house you build in Hearthfire. This option will work for Brynjolf too, and I made sound for him.

----- version 4
The better version, I hope.

New features.
. Lass/lad in hellos and goodbyes.
. His morality is set to Violence Against Enemies.

----- version 3
Completely rewritten.

New features.
. Now this mod can be uninstalled accurately.
. Sometimes Brynjolf is glad when female Dovahkiin punches him. Not often, so try not to hurt him much.

On Nexus http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/15953
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abblesindatardis Jun 29 @ 4:16pm 
Ahh. I've got the Khajiit Amazing Race Tweaks mod. That's probably it. Thanks!
ilhe  [author] Jun 28 @ 3:32am 
So I've tested, and it worked with a Khajiit. Claws don't count as a weapon, so it should be fine if you're hitting him with an empty clawed hand. Maybe your Khajiit race or the Claws are changed by some other mod. To remove his hood with a console type this:
"00020545".removeitem 000e35d9 1
This will work for a standard hood, if his hood is modded it might not work either.
abblesindatardis Jun 27 @ 11:48am 
Thank you :)
ilhe  [author] Jun 26 @ 1:18pm 
It might, I'll look.
abblesindatardis Jun 26 @ 12:21am 
I can't get that stupid hood off of his head. I'm a Khajiit so would the claw thing mess with that?
ilhe  [author] Jun 25 @ 2:45pm 
As with any other marriage candidate, make sure you've asked Maramal to tell about wedding traditions, and that you are wearing an Amulet of Mara when speaking with Bryn, and that you are not married to someone else at the time.
Cutie Jun 25 @ 12:56am 
I also tried the commad to start and finish the Brynjolf loves his lass questline
Cutie Jun 25 @ 12:53am 
I had already done the thieves guild questline so I sorta console commanded my way through most of it, I made sure I'm completely done with the skeleton key questline and everything. I talked to him about the key and then went to a different area, came back and he'll follow me but still no marriage options, he has a steward option when I brought him to my house but I'm not really interested in that. I restarted my game and it said the mod was on when I launched it. I have all three DLC and no other mods on, any idea what else i could do to fix this?
ilhe  [author] Jun 7 @ 3:04am 
Have just tested it with Breezehome and Windstadt Manor as houses, and Lucia and glitchy Babette as kids, and got a discouraging result. After marriage he has both moving options, and Lucia's moving dialogue disappeared. Maybe you're using other mods for marriage/adoption/moving and they clash. Maybe wedding didn't work as it should, but if marriage didn't work your Bryn wouldn't have any moving options at all... Sorry, I don't know.
sad but rad ☆ Jun 4 @ 12:06pm 
Nope, nope, I wished to live together with both my kids and Brynjolf, but while talking with him the only option to choose is the house in White Run. For kids its both White Run and house I built. :<