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Secrets of the Dwemer
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Jun 27, 2013 @ 8:17am
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Secrets of the Dwemer

Have you ever wanted to discover the secrets of the dwarves and their power? Well now you can, discover Dwemer Schematics in any dwarven ruins that will allow you to craft weapons of unimaginable power. Also recreates Sunder, one of the legendary tools of Kagrenac.

The new weapons include:

Dwarven Staff of Charges: Absorb 20 magica per second.

Dwarven Saw

Dwarven Digger Drill: High amounts of bleeding damage.

Dwarven Bone Smasher: Breaks bones with ease, crippling opponents.

Dwarven Kinetic Mace: Collects kinetic energy from your heartbeat, allowing you to strike foes with incredible force. Has a chance to paralyze targets for 5 seconds.

Dwarven Lantern: Creates a floating ball of light for 60 seconds.

Sunder: Absorb 5 points of health and stamina. Slow target 50%. 25% critical hit chance

I will continue to update this mod with new items, so be sure to check back every once in awhile.
Be sure to leave a comment with any issues or ideas

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skitscape2002 Apr 30 @ 3:08pm 
@Angron Its a mod on the Nexus.
skitscape2002 Apr 30 @ 3:07pm 
@A delicous looking sandwich No, its on the nexus.
skitscape2002 Apr 30 @ 3:06pm 
@thesilverlining66 No, have you tried to use the NMM? If so try uninstalling then reinstalling it.
thesilverlining66 Jan 1 @ 12:34pm 
is there a steam version of the power armor you had on in one of the pics? im having trouble with nexus...
ricadams Nov 28, 2016 @ 12:33pm 
Any plans to update for Skyrim SE?
Lenk Jun 17, 2016 @ 2:41am 
Dwarven power armour is a seperate mod, these weapons do look good with it.
Robin May 22, 2016 @ 9:34am 
wraithguard pls :c
Pan Fried Sticky Rice May 15, 2016 @ 11:07pm 
IS DLC required to use this mod?
PlsFixMyComputer May 13, 2016 @ 6:27pm 
You should add Wraithguard if possible.
MrFuggle Apr 25, 2016 @ 4:47pm 
the armor looks like the 115 barrels from bo3 zombz