Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

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Infestation: Survivor Stories (Complete Guide)
By NelsonHau
This guides include. Usefull tips, Control, Characters, Location Loots, Easy XP Farm, Food and Beverage Effect Details, Medical items Effect Details, Zombies Detection and Gold Credits (GC).

Here's my another guide for Weapon Details information like. Damange, Rarity, Meters Effect, Rounds, Names, Fire Rate, Noise and Recoil.

Guides for Weapon Details Currently not very good guide but will update when i have time.

1.2V Guide.
Added Toxic biten by zombies in Useful Tips
Useful Tips
Revived with your items Outside SafeZones (Settlement)
When you're out of the safezones aka settlement and you died outisde in colorado map.
You will have to wait for 60mins to revive your character or instant reviview with GC.
Before you go in server, once your character is revivied. You can place any items from your global inventory at main menu to your character and you select server, you will spawn in the map where your character died with your items.

Dislike where your character spawned in the map where your friends so far away?
Create your character with your names that you like and see where you spawn. If you dislike the place where you spawn just delete your current character and create again until the places you wanna be.

Do not accept random groups invite that you don't know who. Why?
Most of the people in this game they see who in the server. They random invite people just to check your location and they will call up their friends to go find you and kill you then take your loots everything. You can try your chance to accept random groups invite and check their location where is it. You can also leave group by press TAB and click your own name.

Don't delete if you're not happy with your 60mins waiting time. Why?
If your character died and you have to wait 60mins try not to delete and create again because those zombies you killed will gain you exp. Each zombie killed is 5XP each. Exp is useful for your skill tree. Zombies that you kill will drop money from 25 to 50 sometimes will loot 1000 or 10000 but very rare.
Zombie kills Dollar Money


Do not on your Flashlight during Night Time. Why?
Why i would say do not on your flashlight? Because everyone in your server they doesn't know you and doesn't trust you. They would just shoot you and take your loots before you kill them. Most of the people in game are selfish. Yes there's friendly people who want to team up but there's only 1 out 10 chances in game. Don't get cheat by them, don't trust so easily.

Avoid using Lightstick. Why?
Do not use lightstick while you're in game because you will attract zombies to your lightstick and to you but not only this. You also attract other survivors player who will come to kill you and take your loots.
Avoid using Flares and Flare Gun.
Flares is very obvious that will attract attention of those players who seek to kill and take people's loots. Note if you shoot flare you will attract zombies to flare and to you.

Want to know how many attachments (MOD) for your guns? Press F6 and you will get this.

If your character left with 0% Health and you Disconnect. The next time you connect to server with your 0% Charater you will die instantly at that location where you spawned so becareful.

Want to know how night vision looks like in the game? Press N if you have Night Vision. 3 Different kinds of night vision are the same effect when equip.

Wait, what? Did your character just died and items all drop on floor?
If your character died and you wanna get back all your items with instant revivied with GC. Make sure to get to your items before 5mins. Within 5mins if you never go near to your items. Your items will disspear vanish away in game. 5mins Only. You can ask your friend to stay near your items where you died so items won't disapear but stays there.

Easy loot tips to supply your Global Inventory bank.
Create a character that can die. Spawn near Blue Ride Settlement Top North East. Head over to Springer Ride and search for items. Best is just search for Main House and 3 Trailer Bus, these 3 trailer bus mostly has weapon loots. (sniper, shotgun, assault rifle, pistol, ammo and melee weapon. Keep changing server at Springer Ride to find more items. (Watch out for players you're not alone)

OK ! Graphic setting. Thinking will there be any difference?
Sure i can show you guys between Medium Setting and High Setting.
Medium setting 50-60FPS with GTX680 and High Setting 42-60 with GTX680.
Click to Enlarge the pictures to see quality setting.

Ever find before an Item Box? This item box gives you randomly that include: Pistol, Assault Rifle, Sniper, Shotgun, SMG, Melee Weapon, Food, Water, Backpack, Health Medic, Ammo and Attachments for Guns.

Question how to kill zombie quickly?
Here's a screenshot that i took to show you. When you're in Third Person View. Always aim zombie with your character head to head not Crosshair to zombie. Crosshair are meant for Firearms not for melee.

Toxic biten by zombies

Reloading your guns
This game is not like other game. Not like CSGO or BattleField 3. If you reloading your guns in this game while your current MAG still have bullets. Your current Mag will drop on the floor it throws away the remainding ammo in the mag and you will waste. Be sure to finish up the mag before reloading.
Controls in the game
The contols in Infestation: Survivor Stories are as simple as it gets. All controls may be re-binded in the options menu.

W - Walk Forward (Quiet obvious.)
S - Walk Backwards
A - Strafe Left
D - Strafe Right
C - First Person View or Third Person View
Z - Prone
Ctrl - Duck (Holding down) You can change in the option to Toggle On or Off.
Shift - Sprint (Holding down)
Spacebar - Jump

Weapons (Note these are not numpad)
Q - Switching from your last used example 1,2,3,4,5,6 (Must have items)
1 - Switch to Primary Weapon (All Guns)
2 - Switch to Secondary Weapon (Pistol or Melee)
3, 4, 5, 6 - Eat/Drink/Use item in specific slot.
Backspace - Holster / Hide your current weapon. (Showing Friendly or Not Friendly)

Chat / Misc[/b]
Enter - Begin Chatting
F1 - By default you will be on Proximity chat. (Nearby Around You)
F2 - Global Chat allowing you to talk to everyone. (Everyone In The Same Server As You)
F3 - Clan only Chat. (Everyone In The Clan)
Esc - Bring up the Menu. (Inventory, Maps, Missions, Options, Quit)
Tab - Show the player name list. (0-99) (Click names to Invite Group, Report, Kick Group)

MIssions is to give out a mission for Public People anyone in the same server as you. You can ask them to help you defeat zombies or you trap inside ask people to help you then in the end reward them something else. (Warning usually people come find you is to kill you and take all your loots so becareful)

There are currently 7 characters to choose from. Below are the names of the characters
(Note Unlocking Character will cost you 475GC or 150000 Dollar)
(left-right on character menu)
Ex Military (Male)
Ex Cage Fighter (Male)
Hunter (Female)
Mechanic (Female)
Rebel without a cause (Male)
Average Joe (Male)
Rockin' Rollah (Female)
Each character has a variation of clothing they can wear. (Usually around 4 options for each portion of the body).
Location Loots
All kinds of items can be found in the Infestation: Survivor Stories. Ranging from ham to sniper rifles to medpacks.
All places are implied that you can find MISC items. (Items spawn are random in Colorado Map)

Post Offices - Flare, Lightstick, Melee, Food and Water.
SuperMarket - Food, Water, Medical Supplies, Guns, Attachments and Ammo
Phamacy - Medic Kit, PainKillers, Antibiotics, C01 Vaccine, C04 Vaccine.
Restraunt - Food, Water, Medical Supplies and Ammo.
Fire Stations - Medical Supplies, Flare, LightStick, Food, Drinks, Guns and Body Armor.
Police Stations - Head Gear, Body Armour, Food, Water, Meds, Riot Shield, Melee, Ammo and Guns (Almost all guns)
Police Cars - Pistols, Melees, Headgear, Guns, NightVision.
Ambulance - Medical supplies, Water, Ammo, Flare and Lightstick.
Firetruck - Medical Supplies, Guns. Food, Water, Melee and Head Gear.
Helicopter Crash Site - Guns, Meds,Head Gear, Body Armor, Lightstick, Flare, Ammo and Backpack.
Camp Trailers - Melee, Guns, Backpack, Food and Water.
Church - Meds, Gun, Ammo, Food and Water.
Plane Crash - Meds, Food, Water, Flare, Lightstick, Ammo, Guns and Melee.
Military Cars - Body Armor, BaredWire, Sandbag, Riot Shield, HeadGear, Guns, Melees.
Easy XP Farm
Ever thought of any way to farm faster XP for your skills? Here's a way to let you farm zombies easily without getting hurt ! Always caution while farming zombies. Some zombies are able to walk through object. I will show you some of my Screen Shot.

NOTE ! Before you head to this place. Bring Some Health and enough foods & Water with you. There's no food, water or health over there to loots. All loots in Military Base are Weapons, Body Armor and Flares.

At North West a place where called Norad Military Base. Go to this place.
Lure all zombies to you

Run to here and take the stairs up. Keep running to attract more zombies come

Jump over the railing and stand on the net. Don't worry it won't drop

As you can see zombies are able to walk through railing due to some bug. You will die instantly if you never take caution before hitting them

Lure those zombies with your LEFT CLICK attack to attract Sound and let them stick closely each other

Then you start attacking with your Left Click. Melee Weapon Is More than Enough. Don't need to waste ammo

Once you're done with those zombies and they will smile at you :)
Food and Beverage Effect details
These are the food and Beverage Effect. Those effect i have tested it out and details are 100% Sure. If you don't believe you can test it out yourself.

Restores: 100% Hunger, 60% Thirst, 25% Health
Removes: Nothing

Bag Of Chips
Restores: 5% Hunger
Removes: 5% Thirst

Can Of Ham
Restores: 25% Hunger, 5% Health
Removes: Nothing

Can Of Pasta
Restores: 50% Hunger
Removes: Nothing

Can Of Soda
Restores: 7% Hunger, 19% Thirst
Removes: Nothing

Can Of Soup
Restores: 25% Hunger, 10% Thirst, 10% Health
Removes: Nothing

Can Of Tuna
Restores: 25% Hunger, 5% Health
Removes: Nothing

Chocolate Bar
Restores: 5% Hunger
Removes: Nothing

Coconut Water
Restores: 55% Thirst, 5% Health
Removes: Nothing

Electro Aid
Restores: 5% Hunger, 60% Thirst, 5% Health.
Removes: Nothing

Energy Drink
Restores: 20% Thirst, 10% Health
Removes: 5% Hunger

Granola Bar
Restores: 5% Hunger, 25% Staminia
Removes: Nothing

Instant Oatmeal
Restores: 10% Hunger, 5% Thirst
Removes: Nothing

Restores: 10% Hunger, 5% Thirst
Removes: Nothing

Restores: 10% Hunger, 30% Thirst, 5% Health
Removes: Nothing

Water 375ML
Restores: 25% Thirst
Removes: Nothing

Water 1L
Restores: 50% Thirst
Removes: Nothing

Medical Items Effect Details
Restores: 25% Health
Removes: Nothing

Restores: 10% Health
Removes: Nothing

Bandages DX
Restores: 45% Health
Removes: Nothing

Restores: Nothing
Removes: -20% Blood Toxicity

Restores: Nothing
Removes: -100% Blood Toxicity

Medical Kit (Medic Bag)
Restores: 100% Health
Removes: Nothing

Restores: 15% Health
Removes: Nothing

If you're using GC to buy Health Items Medical. Buy the Bandages DX in Marketplace. 5x Bandages DX is worth 75 GC each health 45%.[/b]

Zombies Detection
Zombies are well... zombies!

Zombies can detect you by seeing you while with their eyes and ears
Zombies are not blind but they hardly to see because their eyes are white. Seems like blur vision.

Sound - Attracts zombies from miles away. For example if you fire a Sniper Rifle then you will be, well, notice. But if you were to swing a bat you wouldn't attract many zombies.

Sight - Doesn't attract as many zombies. They're basicly like blind, yet they can still detect you with this. Sight does not mean that if you stand 50 feet infront of them on a road they will see you. It is actually like a radius. If you get too close, they will detect you.

The safest place you can be from zombies are safezones aka Settlement in map. Another safest places you can be from zombies are across the counter of a Post Office. Yes, this may seem silly, but it's true. They can't come in if you are inside the counter.

Standing Still - 1/4 of Sight bar and no sound. To be Detected: Very Close
Prone - 1/4 of Sight bar and 1/50 of sound. To be Detected: Very Close
Prone + Crouching - 1/4 of Sight bar and no sound. To be Detected: Very Close
Crouching - 1/2 of Sight bar and 1/50 of sound. To be Detected: Close
Walking - 3/4 of Sight bar and 1/50 of sound. To be Detected: Far/Medium
Sprinting - 1/1 of Sight bar and 1/50 of sound. To be Detected: Far

Gold Credits (GC)
Gold Credits is for you to pay to win. If you're lazy to find stuff in the World Of Zombies. You can purchase GC with your Money for the game. The more you buy the more GC you will get.

Ever think about having your own server? Having your own server you can kick anyone and ban anyone as well as put password not to let people play. Your server your choices your decision, you want it for PVE or PVP up to you because is your server.

PVP is Player VS Player see anyone kills anyone in the game.
PVE is Player VS Enviroment go in for loots and kill zombies only.

If you really want to buy Gold Credits (GC) for the game. I recommand you guys to buy when sales 75% OFF or 50% OFF is the best saving plans.

NOTE The game used to called The War Z now changed to Infestation: Survivor Stories because of the Movie World War Z they have to change the game name. Due to copyrights not because the game is bad. The game is actually very good ![/b]
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