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Project Legacy v0.2.5.2 Alpha (WIP)
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Mar 9, 2012 @ 2:02pm
Apr 16, 2012 @ 4:55pm
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Project Legacy v0.2.5.2 Alpha (WIP)

Project Legacy is a mod that is designed to truly change the way you play The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This mod will include game-changing features such as player-aging, life-expectancy, evolving diseases and viruses and a whole lot more!


Projet Legacy is a somewhat ambitious mod. The things I wish to add to this mod will take a lot of time to complete if I do it by myself--so, if you are a modder and you have some time to spare, why not help a brother out?



- Episode 6 (NPC Aging)
- Episode 5 (Player Alignment / Moral + Birth Day)
- Episode 4 (Dynamic Scars + Beard Growth)
- Episode 3 (Real-time Beard Growth)
- Episode 2 (Update Overview)
- Episode 1 (Preview of features to come)


Project Legacy is well on its way into proper development -- so much, in fact, that real game changing elements will be added to the mod in the coming weeks. However, due to the very nature of this mod (being age-centric and all) it will exclusively affect human races. Elves, Khajiit, and other non-human races, will not be affected by this mod.

More here:

The next patch may require you to create a new character if you wish to experience the mod in its entirety.

Updated to v0.01a. The following features have been added:

- Male Human Player physical 3 stage aging (adult / middle aged / elder)
- Facial Hair Growth (Only with players that don't already have beard)
- Dynamic scarring. (Only male human races)

A few changes have been made to the future plans. Check them out!

Video Dev Diary posted. Now you can keep a track of development! Check it out!

The next update will include full physical player aging along with permanent scars and wounds. If you get wounded too often in battle the scars will show as you age.

There will be three stages of aging for human players: Adult / Middle Aged / Elder. Each age stage has pros and cons. For instance, an elder will have mana and magika bonuses but be weaker.

As I mentioned earlier. Due to popular demand shouts will remain in the game.

A few more modders have been recruited to the project and an update is due, hopefully, this Sunday.

I've figured out a way to physically age the player. So your character will whither and wrinkle with age. I am working on this script right now and, hopefully, it should be up in a week or so!

Live Now:
Player Aging -
Once this mod is installed it will work with any save game. The story begins when you are 21 years old and this mod will calculate how old you are according to how many days have passed since the story began.

A message will pop up on the screen letting you know when your player has aged.

Currently there are no affects to aging but I am working on that for the next update.

This mod has not been tested with other mods but I don't see how it could cause conflict with any other mods you might have installed.

Future Plans:
Life & Health:

- Hair/Facial hair grows. (DONE!)
- Scars and wounds appear. (DONE!)
- Immortality can be gained through Vampirism (DONE!).
- Player can be permanently wounded.(DONE!)
- Your player will get birthday perks! (DONE!)
- Working NPC Aging System! (DONE!)
- Life expectancy can shorten if a regular and healthy diet is not maintained. (DONE!)
- Players need to sleep at least 8 in-game hours ever two days (48 in-game hours). (DONE!)

- Player morality. Certain events will have emotional consequences.
- Different races have different life expectancy based on game time.
- Diseases can be contagious and fatal -- in some cases cause pandemics
- Players can freeze to death.
- Players can die of dehydration.
- Players can pass out from exhaustion.

- Drinking will affect your personality. Are you a ruthless law breaking brute? Then you will most likely be a violent drunk!
- Impairs speech.
- Triggers bizarre dialogues
- Handicaps skills.
- Causes black-out (in which results may vary eg. wake up with a bounty at a random location)
- Causes addiction (become an alcoholic).

NPC and Friends:
- Will ask for aid in their personal quests.
- Can betray you,
- Will only follow and help you if they think it's worth it.

- Spouse can be kidnapped.
- Children can be adopted or conceived.

Legacy Game-Play adjustments:
- DND style alignment system.
- Shouts removed. (Changed to: Harder to master)
- Magic is taboo -- not everyone believes in it. You can, however, seek to discover and learn it... but it's challenging.
- Become High King or Jarl -- play as your own child once you die!
- Each play-through affects the story.


Visit the official website:
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Norinia May 27 @ 10:52am 
Seems like it's dead, but this is still a good mod to go try out. I do wonder why he hasn't finished it because it seems like he was really excited about it. This project would definetly change how people play skyrim if he ever finished it. But on a different note, maybe he lost all the data at some point. Look at all this data here! If that happened, that would probably be enough for him to abandon the project. Without him here to say for sure, I can't be certain, but regardless of the situation, bravo to you, sir. This mod already is amazing and I can't wait to try it out.
Jayked21 Apr 4 @ 11:02am 
I mean for yourself, I found out that you have to select legacy Nord, and you get a letter.
Jayked21 Mar 27 @ 4:46am 
[TG] Kothata Mar 13 @ 11:25pm 
Well, maybe someone'll get the mod and continue it, hopefully with this guy's permission.
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And I can't get on his website, and he was last active in 2012 (At least on Nexus.)
Jayked21 Mar 13 @ 10:27am 
It doesn't say when he was last online either.
[TG] Kothata Mar 6 @ 12:13am 
Oh, damn. Maybe it is then. Still hope not.
Jayked21 Mar 5 @ 4:43am 
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I don't think so, and I hope not
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This isn't dead is it?