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Fight Like A Badass - Unarmed Killmoves Unlocked
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Jun 26, 2013 @ 3:31am
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Now you can pummel your way to cool finishers all day against Draugr, Wolves, Spiders, Giants and the ultimate challenge to PUNCH A DRAGON TO DEATH.
Compatible with Killmove mods such as The Dance of Death and More kill moves for all weapon types, just make sure this one is BELOW any of them on the load order.
Also check out Skeleton Killmoves Unlocked so you can smash those skeletons to pieces with your bare hands.

This uses current animations in the game that are used by different weapon types, ones that fit well have been added because no creatures had any unarmed killcams assocated with them.

Incompatible with DUEL - Combat Realism (at this time)

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Valdoor0626 Oct 29 @ 3:13pm 
wtf please dont just rip off sword killmoves and slap it on the bare fists. but lol what you said @Moose
Bird Patriot Oct 12 @ 12:17pm 
Its sword killmoves but unarmed :/
Blazing Protaganist Sep 23 @ 3:38pm 
Half if not all of the killmoves are sword killmoves. I was expecting a superjump punch to the jaw of a giant, still have to wait for a TRUE badass killmove mod. Closed thing is Dance of Death right now. :\
[FG] Breckj15 Sep 14 @ 8:59am 
I agree with Lord Canti
Moose Sep 8 @ 12:02pm 
so he swings an invisible sword,making him look like a badass retard
Titus Aug 9 @ 2:38pm 
what is this
G-Master Jul 26 @ 9:24am 
say what you will about just copying the one handed killmoves it still looks good in practice
Cysmic Jun 30 @ 12:24am 
these are all the onehanded kill moves
Cpt. Teemo Jun 24 @ 9:07pm 
i punched a dragon to death it was easy get fists of steal then get the gloves from the Riftin sewers then you enchant your gontals and a right and there you gave it!
w3r3.ma5t3r Jun 2 @ 11:22am 
hahaha i used the restoration glitch on my xbox 360 and i did punch a legendary dragon to death, on legendary difficulty