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The Legend of Zelda - Armor of Hyrule (Additional Armors)
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Jun 25, 2013 @ 7:16pm
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The Legend of Zelda - Armor of Hyrule (Additional Armors)

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I am no longer updating my mods on the Steam Workshop, and I am very unlikely to add new ones to the Workshop.
I recommend seeking them out on the Nexus or integrated into the mod I am focusing on, Relics of Hyrule[]

An expansion to my Armor of Hyrule mod.
Also on the Nexus[]

These armors use the Blades Armor, which is inherently flawed in terms of gauntlets. Some gauntlet models will not appear properly, making the wearer's forearms invisible. This is an issue I cannot fix.

The Armors included are as follows:
- Hylian Yeti Armor (gray sleeves), found near Snowpoint beacon. It grants frost immunity and requires frost salts to temper.

The chest containing it requires a key (see the spoilers section for where the key is). The chest also contains the second volume of A Chronicle of War which is required to be in your inventory in order to craft the rest of the armors, in addition to the Arcane Blacksmith Perk and Ancient Knowledge from the Unfathomable Depths Quest.
They can be found under Steel in the Smithing Menu.

- Hylian Woodfall Armor (purple sleeves), which grants poison and disease immunity. It requires nightshade and deathbell to craft and temper.

- Hylian Lanayru Armor (dark gold sleeves), which grants shock immunity. It requires void salts to craft and temper.

- Hylian Ikana Armor (brown sleeves), which grants magic immunity. It requires Nirnroot to craft and temper.

- Hylian Dark Armor (black sleeves), which fortifies Magicka regeneration, Destruction, Restoration and Conjuration. It requires Jazbay Grapes and Ectoplasm to craft, and Jazbay Grapes to temper.

- Hylian Sheikah Armor (lavender sleeves), which fortifies damage resistance, Illusion, Sneak and Alteration. It requires Frost Mirriam and Purple mountain flowers to craft, and Frost Mirriam to temper.

Each armor bears a different symbol on the back:

The Yeti Armor bears the symbol of the North Gate of Clock Town;
The Woodfall Armor bears the symbol of the South Gate of Clock Town;
The Ikana Armor bears the symbol of the East Gate of Clock Town;
The Lanayru Armor bears the symbol of the Gerudo (as the Gerudo Desert and the Lanayru Desert are likely the same place)
The Dark Armor bears the symbol of the Spirit Temple;
The Sheikah Armor bears the symbol of the Sheikah.

I made the armors craftable because I'm frankly running out of reasonable places to put them in vanilla Skyrim.

The Yeti Key is under the Wreck of the Brinehammer near some barrels.

Version History;
June 25th, 2013 - First Release
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JKalenad  [author] Apr 20, 2015 @ 6:51pm 
There are console commands for all items, because of how the console works. There are two commands you need:
"help" and "player.additem"
help will give you the code for the second command.
For instance, for the goron armor, type
help goron
then make note of the code (#######) it gives you for the item you want.
player.additem ####### 1
will give you the item.
TheWalrusKing Apr 20, 2015 @ 6:17pm 
Are there console commands for the armor?
KhaozEatR Mar 13, 2015 @ 1:22pm 
ah thnx that'll help. managed to find the blackreach key from the first mod too. No heroes armor yet though. Guess I just need to be more thourough in my search.
JKalenad  [author] Mar 13, 2015 @ 3:04am 
The chest containing the armor is next to a tree, and will look as though it has slid down the mountain.
KhaozEatR Mar 12, 2015 @ 9:43pm 
Near snowpoint beacon....can I have a hint?
KhaozEatR Mar 12, 2015 @ 12:51pm 
Ah. Now if only I could find the key for the first mod too.
JKalenad  [author] Mar 12, 2015 @ 10:54am 
It's a shipwreck northwest of Dawnstar:
KhaozEatR Mar 12, 2015 @ 10:26am 
JKalenad  [author] Mar 11, 2015 @ 9:02pm 
Oh, bollocks. The description was out of date. The key is actually under the Brinehammer. I forgot to update the description way back in June of 2013.
KhaozEatR Mar 11, 2015 @ 8:40pm 
>=( Where is the troll..... Can't find the armor in either mods. I really want to find the stupid armor without codes but I've looked all over the dumb mountain and I havn't seen any blasted trolls.