Dota 2
Birth of the Sea
Heroes: Slardar
Slots: Weapon
Non Hero: Wearable
Utility: Imported
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Jun 24, 2013 @ 3:41pm
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In the beginning two gods entered the lifeless oceans of this young world to become the god of the sea. Because they were evenly matched in power the battle to find the one true god lasted for aeons without a clear winner. Hit for hit, bite for bite they wounded each other more and more, but none of them could gain the upper hand. In the end they were both mortally wounded and died a slow death drifting through the seas. Their divine life force bled into the sea and every drop of their blood created a new species, a new form of underwater life.

It's a great honor for every Slithereen to carry the weapon of the Royal Guard, which depicts the creation of all life in the oceans. And you can smash, smash, shu-mash like a true fishboss.