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Black Gold Online
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Multi-player
Jun 25, 2013 @ 10:34am
Dec 11, 2013 @ 7:05pm
Release date: N/A
Black Gold Online is a Fantasy versus Steampunk themed MMO set in the divided world of Montel. On one side you have the Erlandir kingdom, mystical, shamanistic, and reliant upon the power of their magic to defend their homeland. On the other you have the imperialistic Isenhorst war machine, hell bent on extracting the world’s resources to fuel their mechanical creations and technological lifestyle. The two factions clash for control of the world’s remaining black gold in the ultimate battle of magic versus technology.
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Asking ~~
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qqIron - Tres (GreenFang) Jul 19 @ 6:05pm 
Pay to Save in asia not here solid pvp game
Perth Jul 8 @ 2:33pm 
Just found out it's "Pay to save". Yeah, no thanks. I'd rather pay monthlies for a game that installs properly and has functioning servers.
Capt'n Aliztair Jul 8 @ 12:21am 
i got beta access to this game and i cant think of a better game to put on steam i love the game play with the cross hair mode they have. ive even set up a profile for the Xbox 360 controller and it works well for RollPlaying, id like to upload it on Pinncal to let every one use it and get an idea of how to use it. but i dont know how to upload a profile. if any one can help me on that i would really appreciate it. and would love feed back on how i can make the profile better and more efficient
Elias Jul 7 @ 2:31am 
когда теперь можно будет по играть в это игру подскажите пожалуста
Neokrylon Jul 2 @ 2:09pm 
The classes in this game are amazing, lock and unlock combat. <3
FireVire Gaming Jun 30 @ 11:42pm 
This look very interesting
thetower Jun 27 @ 12:44am 
what date?
Deadpool Marksman Jun 18 @ 8:39am 
god damn get it on steam now
Neo universe Jun 14 @ 7:51am 
nice game
fragbag007 Jun 9 @ 11:16am 
i want it!!