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The Book of Moosepants, Chapter 1: The Journey
The tales of Moosepants depicting his journey to achieve stasis...for science.
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All you need is one cube
Created by Foshar
Better put some pants on that moose....
The Climb
Created by Foshar
"I remember when I was your age. So young, so full of laughter. If only I had known what was just beyond the horizon. I could have saved them. I could have saved all of them. Now, it's too late."

Think Outside the Box
Created by Foshar
This is for Moosepants...
Orange Gel Tests
Created by Foshar
"Never in all my years have I seen an equal to his intelligence or bravery. This man truly is the epitome of a warrior. Few can stand against his might. I fear the day when I will be at the wrong end of his sword. For I know it shall bring my death. Moose...
Troubled Waters
Created by Foshar
This is where my moose would put his pants...IF HE HAD ANY....
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