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A working entity version of the TARDIS for Garry's Mod.

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Use the sonic screwdriver (another addon of mine) on the TARDIS to link it to your Sonic device. You may then point at the ground to designate a location for the TARDIS to move to. Press R to initiate de-materialization. Alternatively, you can press R and the TARDIS will move straight to your AimPos. You can also now move the TARDIS directly from Wiremod, with basic inputs or an extensive E2 library (tardis* functions). To go inside the interior, press E on the TARDIS, if you press E on the console you get enter flightmode. During flight, the TARDIS can de-materialise to your AimPos by left clicking. Pressing Mouse2 will put the TARDIS into 'phase mode' and turn it invisible, pressing again reverses this. To exit flightmode or 'third-person', press E and you'll be taken back into the interior. To exit the TARDIS itself, simply walk over to the door and press E on it, or hold alt while exiting third person. With the sonic screwdriver and a linked TARDIS, you can hold left and right click at the same time to initiate tracking mode. The beeps will be faster if you're pointing near it.


Q: Can it fly?
A: Sure, while inside press E on the console to toggle flightmode - WASD for movement, shift to boost, space for up and ctrl for down.

Q: Can it turn invisible?
A: Yeah, right click when you're inside as the pilot - or right click on it with the sonic.

Q: Where can I find this 'Sonic Screwdriver'?

Q: Help! My view is inside the box?
A: Conflicting view addon, Player Resizer is one known to cause issues. (Thanks to PsychoBot for finding this one)

Q: It's an error, what do I do?
A: You may have too many addons installed.

Q: The interior isn't working on <map>, help?
A: There isn't much I can do about that, but press Alt-E to get in the tardis, it will bypass the interior and go straight to flight-mode.

Q: Can you make a different interior?
A: 2013 interior in progress, don't ask for others.

Q: I can't link the sonic!?
A: Hold walk key (usually alt) + attack key (usually mouse1)

Credit to BBC for the exterior/interior models, and to the Doctor Who Team for a code snippet which makes the light on the top. All other coding by me.
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Stricker Sep 2 @ 4:24pm 
Are the songs saved on my computer? The ones you can play on the yellow instrument thingy, can i find them on a file?
Exanimem Sep 1 @ 1:58pm 
When I enter the TARDIS I noclip to the very bottom of the map. How do I fix this?
TheGreatTimelordrocks Aug 31 @ 2:23pm 
When are u going to update
ЛёваЧО Aug 31 @ 12:27pm 
CaptainQuirk Aug 31 @ 7:17am 
dr. matt could you please update this modifacation to get rid of the bad walls and if it is at all physically posibble infinite on the inside??? they did for a bethesda game so you can do for a valve game!!!
the genysis Aug 31 @ 6:25am 
dr matt i have the sonic screwdriver mod for the tardis but it wont link do you know how to fix this?
travjack16 Aug 29 @ 10:08pm 
Does anyone know how to change the TARDIS skin to another version? Like the war doctor one or the 10th doctor? Exterier not interier.
daftfan72 Aug 29 @ 6:44am 
exellent mod :-D, nothing to say ;-)
davejohnson341 Aug 28 @ 6:40pm 
i love the tardis its so cool lol
monkey1512(Macaco Sensual) Aug 26 @ 3:15pm 
hey there can anyone tell me where can i find that song of amy pound in the tardis sound emmiter