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Floating Freeloader (Resubmit)
Class: Scout
Item Slot: Misc
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Jun 21, 2013 @ 1:11am
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Reworked and resubmitted through the importer to fit Valve's standards.

''But Statyk, the model isn't listed under 'Certified Compatible', what do you mean?''

Well, it uses an animation file to make the wings flap. Since the importer right now (June 21, 2013) doesn't support animation files, what I did was work the bird to fit the importer's standards without focusing on the animation file. Once the importer verified the model, I clicked ''Finish'', which packaged a .zip file in the tf folder. I opened it up, dropped my animation file in the 'Content' folder where the .qc and .dmx can be found, and edited the .qc to direct the $sequence to the animation file rather than the .dmx.

After doing so, I re-compiled using the .qc file in the package (NOT a custom one, but the one I edited made by the importer), tested it in Source SDK, and bam, worked like a charm. I even replaced the old game-ready model files with the re-compiled ones, so they are properly animated for testing purposes.

This .zip is packaged EXACTLY as the importer tool would, as it uses the package made from it. All I did was drop the animation file inside, edited the .qc to read the animation file, and replaced the non-animated .mdl (and files within the same folder) with the animated ones.

See preview video and images for proof this is set up JUST like a certified item. The reason it isn't listed under ''Certified Compatible'' is because I am uploading an edited .zip made by the importer tool. It would have to go directly through the importer tool to be listed as ''Certified'' but lacks animation support. So I used the ''Browse'' button instead.... My fingers are crossed.

Thanks guys, and I hope Valve will give my bold step a chance! =]

''You gave it a sip of your Bonk! Atomic Punch once and now it won't go away. Didn't your mother ever tell you not to feed wild animals?''

A hummingbird to complement the Scout as they are both quite small and agile.

+ Jiggleboned with animated wing flap!
+ Team Colors and paintable!
+ CERTIFIED? (but edited to aid the importer)

SFM image by: Obliviator
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