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Throwing Weapons Redux
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Throwing Weapons Redux

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Defeat your enemies from afar using more than just spells and arrows with Throwing Weapons. Inflict death from afar with axes, knives, javelins and grenades.


How to Use Them
The throwing weapons are simple to use, just aim and throw. Equip them and swing them like any other handheld weapon and the weapon will be thrown towards the target. They can also be dual wielded with both conventional weapons and other throwing weapons.

Where to Find Them
To get hold of these weapons you can craft them yourself at any forge providing you have the correct smithing perks for the job. Alternatively you will be able to find them in shops and as loot.

Skill Governance
Each type of throwing weapon is governed by a particular skill, using the weapons will train you in that skill as well.
The Potion Grenades are governed by your Alchemy Skill
The Throwing Axes/Knives/Javelins are governed by your Archery Skill

Special Features
Grenades can be used to create traps. This can be done by reverse pick-pocketing an NPC, placing a grenade in their inventory and choosing how long to set the fuse. After the defined number of the seconds the grenade will explode causing 2x damage. Alternatively, proximity traps can be created by placing the grenades in a container. When an enemy strays too close it will explode, once again causing 2x damage.

Weapon List

This is current weapon list.

Throwing Knives
Iron to Dragon

Throwing Axes
Iron to Dragon

Iron to Dragon

Frost Potion Grenade - Causes an explosion of ice with a chance to freeze enemies
Incendiary Potion Grenade - Causes a large explosion of fire
Poison Potion Grenade - Poisons enemies caught in its blast range, slowly sapping there health over several seconds.
Gas Trap Potion Grenade - Leaves a cloud of explosive gas behind when used, can be ignited with fire.
Oil Trap Potion Grenade - Leaves a puddle of explosive liquid behind when used, can be ignited with fire.
Flame Potion Grenade - Splashes the are area with burning liquid
Fragmentation Grenade - High damage explosive
Shock Grenade - Causes a blast of lightning which damages health and drains magicka
Stun Grenade - A non-lethal grenade which emits a blinding light which staggers those caught in its radius

Throwing Torch - Use to light up distant places


The weapons are affected by some of the vanilla perks:
Overdraw will increase the damage done by Throwing Knives, Throwing Axes and Javelins
Alchemist will increase the damage done by Grenades
Deadly Aim will increase the sneak modifier for Throwing Knives, Throwing Axes and Javelins from 2X to 3X

These perks below are all available via the MCM Throwing Weapons menu. Each of the perks has a skill level requirement and also requires a number of hits with that particular weapon. These requirements can be found below.

If you want to use them in the perk trees you must download the perk tree plugin file also. It can be found HERE

Archery Perks - Axes
Balanced Axes - 3 Rank(s) - Each level reduces the amount of stamina used for power attacks
Requires - Archery Lvl: 30/60/90 Hits: 150/300/450
Force Throw - 1 Rank(s) - Power attacks cause stagger
Requires - Archery Lvl: 50 Hits: 450 Perk: Balanced Axes Rank 1

Archery Perks - Javelins
Impede - 3 Rank(s) - Each rank increases the chance to slow an enemy when hit
Requires - Archery Lvl: 30/60/90 Hits: 150/300/450
Impale - 1 Rank(s) - Chance to cause knock enemies down
Requires - Archery Lvl: 50 Hits: 450 Perk: Impede Rank 1

Archery Perks - Knives
Piercing Wounds - 3 Rank(s) - Adds bleed damage, each rank increases the length of bleed time.
Requires - Archery Lvl: 30/60/90 Hits: 150/300/450
Paired Blades - 1 Rank(s) - Throw two knives at a time.
Requires - Archery Lvl: 50 Hits: 450 Perk: Piercing Wounds Rank 1

Alchemy Perks - Grenades
Chain Reaction - 3 Rank(s) - Each rank increases the chance to cause a second explosion.
Requires - Alchemy Lvl: 30/60/90 Hits: 75/150/225
Shell Shock - 1 Rank(s) - Chance to cause fear in enemies caught in the blast
Requires - Alchemy Lvl: 50 Hits: 225 Perk: Chain Reaction Rank 1

MCM Features

This mod makes use of MCM and therefore requires SKSE and SkyUI (or SkyUI away). The details for these can be found further below. The menu is pretty self explanatory but here is a brief breakdown of the menu system.

General - This menu allows you to turn certain features of the mod on or off. These include the different weapon types and also the quivers. By default they are all set to on. By turning a particular weapon off you will remove it from vendors, loot and the crafting menus. By turning off quivers they will no longer be automatically equipped when you equip a throwing weapon.

Axes - This menu allows you to individually tweak the damage of the axes if they are enabled in the general menu.

Knives - This menu allows you to individually tweak the damage of the knives if they are enabled in the general menu.

Javelins - This menu allows you to individually tweak the damage of the javelins if they are enabled in the general menu.

Grenades - This menu allows you to individually tweak the damage of the grenades if they are enabled in the general menu. The oil and gas trap grenades are not in this menu as they work differently.

Perks - This menu offers an alternative to unlocking perks through the skill tree. If the perk tree plugin is active then this menu will be disabled.


This mod does requires the latest Skyrim update, however it does NOT require any DLC to work.

In order for the MCM menu stuff to work you will need to use SKSE and SkyUI. The rest of the mod works perfectly well without these but you will not be able to use any of the MCM features detailed above.

SKSE can be found HERE[]

SkyUI can be found HERE[]


Thanks to PrivateEye for use of his hatchet and short spear models. You can find his Heavy Armory mod that they came from HERE

The armor seen in the demo video can be found HERE[]


Please do not hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions, ideas or problems and I'll do my best to respond.

If you do enjoy the mod remember to Like and Favorite. I also accept donations via my Nexus Page[]. Your contributions go towards my the costs of the time and resources spent creating this mod and help support me in future projects. Thank you for looking.
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Matthew16093 Feb 13 @ 8:29am 
i dont think grenades are a good thing for a sword/sheild/bow/magic game.
TheGreatEater Feb 13 @ 5:05am 
I used this along side with a mod I'm making, and it doesn't throw (the Javelin), and when I plug the javelins you've made into a barrel to test those out. They don't show up. So ... how exactly am I supposed to:

A) put said weapons into containers / equip them?
B) Have it actually throwable (similar to F.A.G's Deus Vult's problem, except with a Javelin). Since I'll be needing the fix since I'm also going to be needing to make bombs as well.
Dahak Feb 11 @ 10:25pm 
this mod is compatible with ordinator?
[F.A.G] Deus Vult Feb 9 @ 3:17pm 
When i try using Throwing Iron Daggers i just swing it like a melee weapon, any help?
FlairTheDark Jan 2 @ 7:51am 
Whats with this mod Treating Throwing Knives like axes? I had to wipe my mod list a while back and I just noticed that its THIS mod doing that (had both the new and old running at once, no idea how that happened)
but really tho, how does THAT make sense?
Melletch Nov 1, 2016 @ 8:49pm 
Will this get on the Remastered edition? I always love throwing weapons redux
martini Oct 22, 2016 @ 8:31am 
@Chaoskin the mod is called "belt fastened quivers" and can not be downloaded from the steam workshop
Chaoskin Oct 18, 2016 @ 4:40pm 
I'm confused the video has the quiver on you hip and back is there a mod to put quiver on the hip if so whats the name
RustyBulletHolez Oct 8, 2016 @ 10:47am 
Are the wepons used by NPCs? I don't think I'll use them in my current playthrough, but it'd be cool to have bandits, Forsworn, etc. throwing weapons at me.
Space Pirate Oct 1, 2016 @ 4:30pm 
@pham I had this same problem and messed around with it. I fixed it by Equiping a different type of ammunition, Like arrows, and then un-equipping the throwing knives and re-equipping them. Don't know if it'll work but I guess it's worth a try.