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Skyrim Community College - v1.4
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Jun 19, 2013 @ 5:25pm
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Skyrim Community College - v1.4

A Legendary Hero needs a legendary school to help hone and perfect skills. East of Whiterun, the Skyrim Community College stands, with 18 trainers, 18 merchants, and a diverse storehouse of free gear for new students to begin their adventures!

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Not compatible with Owlburger's "Lovers Stone" Mod.


This mod DOES NOT require DLC.

One thing I hated about going Legendary was running all over Skyrim, trying to find trainers to advance my skills back up to a level to use all the perks I had just redeemed. Worse, the fate of my character being tied to the vile monster, Hermaeus Mora, stemming from my use of the Oghma Infinium stuck in my craw. A Dragonborn's destiny is not to serve the Daedra.

Thus I resolved to create a mod that would let me level-up my character as much as I wanted, so long as I had the money, with no need of ever acquire the Oghma Infinium, nor give into the temptation to take a lore-based shortcut that would damn my soul to Apocrypha to serve Hermaeus Mora in Miraak stead.

Thus I give you the Skyrim Community College!

This new location is East of Whiterun, near Shimmer Mist Cave.

There is a fast-travel option built in, that does not require you to go searching for the location.

There are 18 master-level trainers, encompassing every player skill in the game. Each trainer can help the player level-up to a skill of 90. Additionally, every training book in the game is ALSO available at the Skyrim Community College.

There are also 10 brand new training books for Pickpocketing, only available at the Skyrim Community College. If players hold off on using these books, found in the Community College basement, you can level from 90 to 100 in pickpocket without EVER committing a crime!

For the sake of lore, all the trainers found at the Skyrim Community College are veterans, i.e. they are all very, very old. Orcs who were deposed from their strongholds, who were not looking for a 'good death'. Nords, Breton, and Imperial elders who have long since retired but have a great deal of knowledge left to share with the world. Age, however, does not mean weak, each trainer being a level 180 character.

All 18 trainers are also merchants, 4 of them being fences that do NOT require Thieves Guild membership to deal with you, selling everything from spell tomes, weapons, robes, ordinary clothes and stuff for your child.

Alchemy and Enchanting tables are also available, along with a horde of leveled items that are free for the player to take with them. Don't worry about feeling guilty, they'll make that money back by charging you for training. There is even a bedroll and a player-safe chest on the top floor, near the large mead barrels, should you need to stay the night.

I also HIGHLY recommend that you use this mod in conjunction with Atlas' Better Training so you can train as many times as you want with no ''5x level cap'', provided you have the gold to do it - an encouragement to actually use the vast fortune high-level players often find themselves sitting on.

Reporting a technical glitch in a courteous fashion is totally acceptable. Any valid report of a problem is welcome, and I am happy to fix any bugs,


Also available on the Skyrim Nexus - http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/37538/

----------------------------------- NOTES ------------------------------------

NOTE(a): I will NEVER add a "quest" to this mod. NEVER ask me to do so.

NOTE(b): If you have positive feedback or wish to inform me of a real and genuine glitch, please post your comment below. Otherwise, post nothing.

NOTE(c): If you are a whiner, nitpicker, bellyacher, or troll who just wants to complain about the mod? Please feel free to SOD OFF.
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Feb 10, 2014 @ 12:23pm
Community College Parody
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Nomad_One Apr 12 @ 1:28am 
Add this, Better Training, and Master Trainers Train to 100 for complete and infinite leveling up experience.
Lady Luck Is Smiling Apr 5 @ 11:34pm 
So a someone tried to kill me after I went out the door and he chased me back in to the college, and the trainers tried to kill him and chase him out of the college. They managed to kill him but now they won't return back in to the college..
Reidenshi Kun Mar 31 @ 11:07pm 
Ashenfire Mar 24 @ 5:17am 
I seem to be having an odd problem I've never experienced with this mod... only one of the trainers is at the college. I've restarted, waited, and it doesn't seem to have done much. Any ideas on what else I could do?
_Hensbinator_ Mar 21 @ 12:15pm 
It isn't appearing on my map and I can't find it anywhere. Do I have to restart the whole game for it to work?
nightchandac Mar 21 @ 6:50am 
I usually don't like starting new games because of the whole "starting at level one" thing, but with this mod and the mod that lets you train for only one gold (i forget what it's called...) I can bump my new character to around level 75 right away!

The only thing I have a problem with is when I take a follower to the lower area, they get stuck. Lydia has apparently made friends with the Khajiits and ditched me. I can tell my followers that we should go our own ways, but they never leave the downstairs area. Anyone else have this issue or have a fix?
EliteLegoGuy585 Mar 15 @ 2:32am 
how can all the books get back after you have read them and taken them ps: sold them???
Matthew The Dark Mar 11 @ 2:45am 
Not sure why you stopped at 90, but seriously this with Better Training is a fucking GODSEND. Thank you for making this.
Pestilence Feb 20 @ 11:39pm 
I have the same issue as "EvilCowKing". Everyone within the College has just disappeared. I've tried reloading but, have yet to uninstall/re-install the mod to see if it fixes the problem.
rko381  [author] Feb 14 @ 7:43pm 
I do not program Papyrus, so I do not have the required skills to create a quest line.