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Weapon Script Pack
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Jun 19, 2013 @ 3:15pm
Feb 4, 2015 @ 4:31pm
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Weapon Script Pack

What this Pack is and does:
This Pack DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY SKINS / TEXTURES / MODELS. It contains scripts that edit / change the statistics of the gun it modifies. If you want the skins, I made a text file called, Download Links for skins, which has links to get most of the skins you want.

I have noticed that there are a lot of weapon skins here so I decided to make weapon scripts that make the gun work like it should according to the skin. I edited the way the guns work in L4D2 in terms of fire rate, recoil, ammo count, range and damage, etc.

If you want to see what scripts are contained in this pack go to the discussion section and look in thread titled, List of Available Scripts.

You must unpack this first instructions how to do so are in the discussion section with a thread titled, How to properly install the VPKs inside the Weapon Script Pack.

If you don't know what to select and you just want to try out what this does, I recommend you try the All-in-One, Default Weapon Realism, It changes the stats of all the default weapons in game. So from this you can determine if its for you or not.

NOTE: This does not work online, unless you host a local server.
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LoadedAK47  [author] Jun 20 @ 6:56pm 
did you not unpack the vpk with vpk.exe
BlocktheBrick Jun 20 @ 4:12pm 
I have done nothing but open notepad on the vpks and i edit them... im assuming wrong?
LoadedAK47  [author] Jun 20 @ 3:29pm 
Did you remove the quotations, or change the font of the quotation? How are you packing the vpk? did you change the addoninfo.txt?
BlocktheBrick Jun 20 @ 3:05pm 
@LoadedAK47 Alright, well i could be doing it completly wrong, but i open up YOUR Mossberg 590 For the Wood/Pump shotgun, and I change the slightest thing, such as its "clip" size, save the file, add it to my addons folder. I then launch L4D2, and then it gets to the actual loading screen for the game and crashes... Something im doing completly wrong? I change nothing besides the number 8 to 5 for 5 shells in it, and it crashes. Like i said in my very first comment, I am not used to modding, i did somethings in skyrim but thats about the best experince i have with it. Anyway, thanks for the reply.
LoadedAK47  [author] Jun 20 @ 2:07pm 
lol, nah I'm only annoyed by very specific things and you have not come close to that. When you have the vpk in the addon folder, the game crashes, or does the game just crash in general? I Need some more details to help out. I do not have anything that would cause the game to crash. Nor do I have anything that will prevent you from editing my mod (and I never will). Or at least that I know of. If you want, you can upload your scripts somewhere so I can check them out.
BlocktheBrick Jun 19 @ 10:26pm 
@LoadedAK47 Hey, im back and you're probaly gettin annoyed by me but anyway, I tried to modify your pump, suppresed smg, and the awp scripts to secondarys (I found good skins for those so they fit wonderfully) But it just would not work. Asoon as i put it in and launch the game, i get past the Valve and intro scene but about 5 seconds into the loading screen the game crashes without any explanation. Im just wondering if theres something special about your scripts that dont allow people to modify anything? but anyway, its late and ima get some shut eye, keep up the good work and if you ever need beta testers, I can help. Night man
LoadedAK47  [author] Jun 11 @ 7:56pm 
I can't edit the rate that it goes burst. I can give the illusion of full auto by removing the pause between bursts, so you can just spam the mouse click to fire in full auto. It obviously isnt the same though. The closest thing that i made that messes with the fire rate was my Selective Fire mod. That mod works in a completely different way than this one (That one being game commands and this one being a scripts). Nothing I can do really, L4D2 modding is really limited
Dark tesla Jun 11 @ 6:39pm 
I got an idea about the scar maybe a 10 round burst or 15 round or 5 round that fires fast enough to make it seem full auto?
LoadedAK47  [author] Jun 11 @ 3:46pm 
Oops I misread your comment.Unfortunately I will likely not take up such a project. But this doesn't mean I can't do edits by request (Which I've done a lot of). Or I can tell you what you need to do to make it work. Whatever is easier. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with Fires weapon scripts, so I can't really comment. However, everyone has their prefrences and I'm not going to shoot down any alternatives. I'm glad you enjoy mine. I spent a lot of time in research'n'development and currently making another update. Don't worry about pressuring, whatever is easier for you, custom edits for you (requires a list of scripts you use) or me telling you what to do (requires L4D2 Authoring Tools).
BlocktheBrick Jun 11 @ 1:51pm 
@LoadedAK47 I understand 100% in that. im not asking you to do it, and im agreeing with the unimersion with infinte ammo. But... is left 4 dead the most imersive to begin with? but anyway, if you do take up this project, id recomend just doing most shotguns and then only certain compact smg's or pdw's. Such as the glock 18, Uzi, Mac's, Tec's, and any other type of small arms. Before I came over to your scripts, i used Fires weapon scripts. Dont get me wrong, they were good, thats where i got the sidearm primarys from, suppresed smg and wood shotty were like it but then i came over to yours and i just LOVED the amount of different options, and i know its gotta be hard work to maintain all of these. So dont let me pressure you into anything man.