Age of Empires II: HD Edition

Age of Empires II: HD Edition

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Ozhara's Full Texture Pack V4
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Jun 16, 2013 @ 2:10am
Apr 9, 2016 @ 12:37am
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Ozhara's Full Texture Pack V4

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Hello, this is my Full Texture Pack V4. The approach is different from V3, so it's more of an alternative than an update to that one.

For the updated content changes, take a look at the change notes. :)

If you want to use another mods water that also adds another beach terrain, check out my beach & rock mods. That way you can keep a better fitting beach together with that water!

Included are the following mods:
- The land pack V5
- The moving water pack V3
- The mines upgrade V4.5 (Stone mines are slightly darker now)
- The cliff upgrade V2
- The tree compilation

Update notes:
- optimized blending of dirt/grass textures
- most land textures are completely new or a completely new mix of older ones
- while I really liked my old deserts, I realized textures containing 'elevations' themselves don't look that good on elevations ingame. So this time desert is changed to a 'flat' texture. If you want to use my earlier deserts - tell me and I'll publish them seperatelly.

If you like an earlier version of one of the included mods more, you can easily subscribe to that seperate mod after this compilation for further using it.

- Farms: based on Mike's Real Farms - V2 / based on Shayne's ST farm texture

Thanks for sharing all these great textures.

And also big thanks to borutb11 and Kataphraktos for their testing and feedback regarding the new terrain textures!

For a mod is never 'finished' - only published at some point - if you think a specific texture or elements of it should be further improved, changed (to an other), redone or simply doesn't satisfy you as much as the others - please tell me!

IF YOU WANT TO USE A VARIANT OF MY TEXTURES THAT ISN'T AVAILABLE UNTIL NOW - a Grid version of the newest land textures, another 'cold' version, a seperate dirt pack or something like that - JUST ASK!
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Ozhara  [author] Apr 30 @ 12:20am 
Thanks, great you like it :)
dibb Apr 29 @ 11:34pm 
Great mod. Thanks.
Ozhara  [author] Apr 23 @ 4:39am 
My tree compilation 2 & 3 replace them by other jungle trees.
Just subscribe to one of them and give it a higher priority than this mod. :)
GR Apr 23 @ 1:27am 
Those trees with the weird roots (were in other versions too) are quite ugly. If it wasn't for that it would be a very nice pack
DriV Mar 17 @ 5:46am 
Duster Feb 22 @ 4:33am 
Ozhara  [author] Feb 22 @ 12:49am 
Das ist vollkommen in Ordnung!

Ich bin mir bewusst, dass das Wasser speziell ist und nicht jedermanns Geschmack trifft.
Aber da es diverse Wassermods (inklusive einer für das Standard-Wasser von mir) von diversen Autoren gibt, habe ich schon früh beschlossen in meinen Compilations - und nichts anderes sind meine 'Full/Grand/Extended' Packs - weiter mein 'Spezial'wasser zu verwenden.
Die Alternative wäre gewesen entweder kein Wasser zu haben, andere Autoren einzubinden, oder extra für eine Modsammlung neue WasserReplacements zu entwickeln...
Du kannst das Wasser durch eine Wassermod mit höherer Priorität einfach auswechseln - genau wie jedes andere Element meiner Mods. :)
Duster Feb 21 @ 11:47am 
I love it BUT i hate the WATER!
Azza Feb 18 @ 8:40pm 
Not a fan of the darker theme
bHp. FlaT Feb 13 @ 6:43am