Portal 2

Portal 2

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Not very much portaling involved, but still.
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Sloth.ps Jun 15, 2013 @ 10:33pm 
I felt like this map was a bit too large and dark, and the various parts felt quite nebulous. I think it could benefit from a tighter focus around the puzzles and more 'flow' - being able to see clearly where you are trying to go next helps to add a sense of purpose to the puzzles.

I also hate being ambushed by turrets, especially towards the end of a long chamber. I think you need a fizzler outside the room with the laser cube (or make the player use the laser cube to activate the lift in the next room and don't provide a second weighted cube). I ended up carrying the laser cube through most of the level (which it was lucky I did because I accidentally destroyed the next weighted cube on the lift button and would have been stuck because it doesn't respawn).

All that said, some parts of this map were interesting and creative, well done.