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The Infinity Sword - Vanilla (WIP)
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Jun 15, 2013 @ 2:30pm
Jun 23, 2013 @ 2:23pm
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Yep, as promised, it's the Infinity Sword for vanilla Skyrim! No DLC needed at all to blast your enemies to kingdom come!

In this edition, since the Aetherium Forge doesn't exist, the Infinity Sword can be found at the end of Labyrinthian, where Morokei hangs out watching his soaps. The sword lies past him and behind the waterfall that tumbles into the slaughterfish pond at the end of the room. If you already kicked him headfirst into his little slaughterfish pond, no worries, you can just head back through Labyrinthian and retrieve the Sword.

To even get into Labyrinthian, you'll need to go through the rigmarole of the College of Winterhold questline, but I'd say it's worth doing since you get two artifacts for the price of one.

Future Plans

•Get the damn hilt glows to animate! Seriously, if anyone knows their way with texture animation, drop me a line.

•Add weapon variants (after all, this is a shapeshifting weapon) The plan is to have a war axe, a battle axe, mace, dagger, shortsword, warhammer, and bow versions, which you can use an ability (or several) to switch to.

•Build a quest for the sword. I have one drafted out, but I lack the expertise to make a complex quest.

•Additional abilities: Summonable armor, devastating rain of fire (maybe?), fire damage heals you (NO idea how that would be done)

•Summonable NPC ally: Ulf, the soul of the sword. He's already in there, but you can only console him in as of right now, and all he does is just stand there being tall.

•A new shout, as well as making the sword enhance fire damage done by both shouts and fire spells

•Custom impact effects and sounds. For now it uses the firebolt impact, but I plan on making custom hit decals as well as draw and swing sounds to make it sound like it should, rather than just a standard sword.

•A subtle heat wave effect on the blade and swing trail effect.

•Fear effect when the sword is drawn. This is kind of an 'eeeh' one since I've tried before and haven't had much luck, but I would like to implement it.

•An ability to call up a second sword, just in case you wanna dual wield them and cause even MORE destruction.

•Maybe adjust the rumble its got while drawn to be more volcanic. Rather than a steady rumble I'm thinking more like a bass throb.

•Fiddle with the fire damage effect so dwarven automatons don't turn into a pile of ash (might make a custom thing where they MELT) and change it so normal man and mer burn down to a charred skeleton, rather than disintegrate into ash.

Change Lawg!

1.03: Pulled the sword from the rock and laid it out on the ledge it was stuck in, also switched off the Don't Havoc Settle.

1.02: Took the sword from its original position and stuck it behind the waterfall that goes into the Tribune's slaughterfish pond. This SHOULD clear up issues with the sword not being present. Please make sure you open the game's ORIGINAL launcher so the mod can redownload, and double check to make sure the mod is active. If you go to the Tribune and the sword is not there, use the TCL console command to check and see if it's fallen through the world either in its new location or the old one. If it isn't in either place, chances are the mod isn't active.

1.01: Cleaned the mod with TES5Edit, hopefully this should clear up the 'sword's not there!' issues, and maybe issues with the power attack powers failing to trigger.

Tweaked the position of the sword a bit, raising it a little off the ground so it (hopefully) has less of a chance of falling through the floor (which, really, it shouldn't be doing at all due to the havoc settle being turned off. Silly thing). I also set it so it's ignored by AI, in case the problem is also due to the sword basically being stolen by followers or just dudes. Probably unlikely this is actually an issue, but I felt it couldn't hurt.

1.0: Initial Release
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DEvasto  [author] Nov 17 @ 4:07pm 
I prefer to have it so you can see the sword directly, plus a chest would kind of mess the look of the Forge, especially if I put it on the rock the sword sits on. Would be kind of iffy just seeing a chest sitting there on a rock in the lava. Doesn't mean though I won't put things in chests if I feel it'd work, one of the swords I added to the Nexus version of Artifacts of Ultima is in a chest after all.

Anyhow, I'm using the YY Mystic Knight animation replacer, hence the way my character holds the sword. The mod's only on the Nexus tho.
Starwarsfan1011 Nov 17 @ 12:15pm 
and what is the mod that makes you hold it all awsome like
Starwarsfan1011 Nov 17 @ 12:10pm 
in the one that is in the Aetherium Forge why not just put it in a chest in the Aetherium Forge so if the sword is not there their is a chest
DEvasto  [author] Nov 17 @ 11:42am 
Because I felt it'd be a decent place for it and wanted to put it behind a quest of some sort, so it could be worked towards rather than just taking it out of a chest plopped in the middle of Whiterun.
Starwarsfan1011 Nov 17 @ 10:18am 
why in the Labyrinthian
Starwarsfan1011 Oct 26 @ 11:52am 
i got the id and put it in but it did not work

DumbLeDork Oct 24 @ 8:08pm 
ugh now i have to find another sword that shoots stuff
DumbLeDork Oct 24 @ 8:05pm 
this is confusing
[TeamAztech] i_bongo Oct 23 @ 4:38pm 
how do i spawn?
DEvasto  [author] Oct 19 @ 9:10am 
Hm. If the mod's active the sword's IDs should show up when you enter the command. If they're not, either the mod is actually inactive for whatever reason, or you're mistyping the command in some way, like running Infinity Sword together into one word or something like that.