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Legend of the Cookie
Genre: Platformer
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jun 15, 2013 @ 5:06am
Jul 4 @ 2:54am

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This game is 100% free!

Legend of the Cookie is a small platform game where you play levels created by other players.

You can just play other people's levels or you can create your own. Or both ;)

As a player, you can list and search levels. The game will automatically download and start a level of your choice.

Here are some features of the level editor :
- You can import your own sprites, sounds and musics ;
- You can put rectangles, sprites and texts in your map ;
- The game contains some premade entities like spikes, moving platforms, checkpoints, bullet launchers and saws, to help you quickly build something great ;
- You can use the Lua scripting language for doing whatever you want, you can even create a new game mode if you want.

« OMG, your game looks like I Wanna Be The Guy » and/or « This game is ugly »
« What?! No story mode/campaign shipped with the game? »
Let me explain this. I developed this game completely alone. The original idea was to combine the community aspect of games like Happy Wheels with platformers like I Wanna Be/Kill the Guy/Boshy. A lot of people have tons of awesome ideas for this kind of game but they can't make it because they don't know how to make a game. This is why I created this.
Also, I'm not an artist. I would love to make my game to NOT look like IWBTG, but at the moment, I have neither the time, nor the money, nor the skills to do this. Developing and maintaining the game, the website and the server which handles the maps is so much time-consuming that I can't make a campaign story or give a unique graphical aspect to my game alone.
I also have a lot of ideas, like allowing people to vote and comment maps in-game, and add a lot of new premade entities in the game and also a lot of Lua functions.

« You want to sell this game?! Are you serious? »
The game is completly free.

Visit the website, you can already play the game:
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Jun 26 @ 4:06pm
lets discuss
Jun 28 @ 8:39pm
Linux Support?
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Skilled_Predator Jul 4 @ 10:11am 
nice :)
CraZyVet(420) Jun 28 @ 8:35pm 
The level editor is a nice change for games. It has a Super Mario feel to it, which is awesome.
WarlonCrafter34 Jun 21 @ 2:31pm 
Superbe Willong :p !
Stanislav S. Jun 19 @ 11:29pm 
nice work
[KH] Werner [Prince] Jun 19 @ 1:01pm 
Nice game. Nice music. Nice
josewilliam Jun 4 @ 8:46am 
jamaikito16 May 30 @ 7:52am 
voted, nice game, i love the i wanna be fangames :D
Rain May 28 @ 9:46pm 
Looks promising, let's hope we get a lot of involvement from the community to share levels and things :)
joaomlo2 May 28 @ 3:34pm 
be careful with this game, it might turn either Happy wheels, or Rekoil.
joaomlo2 May 28 @ 3:32pm 
Hmm, I am upvoting, but last time a developer released a game heavily dependent in the community, namely, Rekoil, it turned a flop and nowadays, no one is playing it.