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Ogmund's Tomb
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Jun 14, 2013 @ 2:35pm
Jul 3, 2013 @ 9:39am
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Hi, everybody. This is my first ever Skyrim dungeon. Here is a short description:

-It does not contain Spiders nor Frost Spiders.

-It is a dungeon located west of Riverwood, just across the river.

-It is using leveled enemies to provide 'balanced and fair' experience at any player level.

-It is of medium difficulty which makes it suitable for Skyrim veterans and beginners alike.

-It provides around 45 to 60 minutes of gameplay.

-It was designed to accomodate any play style, being it a magic user, a sneaking assassin or a warrior who prefers taking things head on.

Feel free to rate and comment. Also, I am interested to know if this map feels like something that Bethesda could have shipped with the original game. Thanks.

NOTE: If you liked this dungeon mod, feel free to check out my other 2 dungeons:
-Windcaller's Pass.
-Engelmann's Rest.

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RadLyte  [author] Mar 9 @ 10:43am 
Thanks a lot, guys. Your feedback means a lot to me. If you like, you can try out the other 2 dungeons I did. One is called 'Windcaller's Pass' and the other is 'Engelmann's Rest'.
pieeatingcontest Mar 9 @ 4:30am 
Great playthrough. Thoroughly enjoyed. The dungeon didn't seem so....constructed? like most of the original dungeons. Very organic. Please make more.
mstkjin Mar 8 @ 5:42pm 
Great Detail!....... Lots of Fun!! thanks! :)
rpknkmk Mar 7 @ 9:30am 
Sweet, loved it better than some things bethsada did, do you plan on any more Mods?
G20 Feb 22 @ 4:14am 
Hi, I've added this to a collectioon and thought you might like to know,
With complimentiry intent ;)
Valius Feb 17 @ 3:17pm 
Just finished the Tomb- had to come and give you a thumbs up. Well done!
aef027 Feb 14 @ 8:53am 
Awesome dungeon. Wandered across it last night in my current playthrough. I kept thinking that I was at the end and it kept going...had me on alert the whole time. Also like someone else posted. It was better than a lot of the in-game dungeons. I had to check online today to see if It was their work or a mod. I can't wait to try your others.
Mr.Dollface Feb 10 @ 5:22am 
Just played through it. Great dungeon. im usually not into custom dungeons, but this was very damn good
После долгого времени я пришел и ответил. Тут море драугров и есть даже сюжет, но вобщем прошлось все на 1м дыхании 20ком. Один раз прорашил все 3 уровнем катжитом с рукопашкой. Мод стоит того что бы его прошли.
I here to reply on this tomb. This dungeon got a lot of staff to kill, and serve you some ownstory. Worht to play.
renvale999 Feb 3 @ 3:00pm 
I have your other mods downloaded Rad, but I haven't played through them, mainly because my current character has been busy doing the College of Winterhold/Dawnguard and the Main questlines. As soon as I find a good roleplaying reason to run through your other stuff I will and write a review for them as well. I'm very slow when it comes to questing and such; I tend to putz around my houses doing stupid stuff, like gardening :D.