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Ogmund's Tomb
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Jun 14, 2013 @ 2:35pm
Jul 3, 2013 @ 9:39am
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Hi, everybody. This is my first ever Skyrim dungeon. Here is a short description:

-It does not contain Spiders nor Frost Spiders.

-It is a dungeon located west of Riverwood, just across the river.

-It is using leveled enemies to provide 'balanced and fair' experience at any player level.

-It is of medium difficulty which makes it suitable for Skyrim veterans and beginners alike.

-It provides around 45 to 60 minutes of gameplay.

-It was designed to accomodate any play style, being it a magic user, a sneaking assassin or a warrior who prefers taking things head on.

Feel free to rate and comment. Also, I am interested to know if this map feels like something that Bethesda could have shipped with the original game. Thanks.

NOTE: If you liked this dungeon mod, feel free to check out my other 2 dungeons:
-Windcaller's Pass.
-Engelmann's Rest.

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SkyShadow 6 hours ago 
My game crash egen i get close to the tomb! WTF?!
gandaniel Jul 3 @ 4:22am 
Very intensive, nice told story and encounters. Better than most InGame Dungeons, i didnt realize that this was a player-dungeon till i read it on next logon...forgot that i installed it. GREAT WORK, THX
Gandalf The White Jun 26 @ 2:43am 
Really great job. Seriously, the best dungeon I saw in Skyrim. You have to create another one! (Sorry for English, if something seems strange, it is not my normal language).
Daddy's Rusty Knuckle Jun 4 @ 11:21pm 
I totally forgot I downloaded this and found the tomb while playing. It was one of the funnest dungeons i've ever adventured through, fit the game perfectly, nice little story to go along with it, and fun going through it only using magic, but this tomb did kill my Meeko. :( Otherwise, an excellent mod!!
|UcF|DinoGamerProsz Jun 1 @ 3:48am 
RadLyte Awesome man very cool.
DON'T SHOOT I'M JESUS May 31 @ 9:37am 
Wow. This dungeon is tightly designed, and a real delight to play. I was on the edge of my seat. Bravo!
Miller283 May 30 @ 11:27am 
Nice Mod,Lots of Fun,Good Job.
RadLyte  [author] May 24 @ 8:32am 
Thanks. Since I am busy working on a game right now, I doubt I will be putting any new Skyrim content until late 2014. But after that, I might put out a huge Dwemer dungeon that I already have plans for...
renvale999 May 23 @ 9:43am 
Your welcome Rad. I hope you're aware that my observation was just that, not a criticism, at all. Ogmund's Tomb is one of the few mods that I ALWAYS have downloaded, regardless of playthrough or character style. I check your profile on a weekly basis to see if you put anything new up :D.
RadLyte  [author] May 23 @ 8:45am 
Thanks. I never tested it with Faendal, but you must be right, since the dungeon was designed around a 'sneaking archer' character build.