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The Blood Boiler [re-submit]
Class: Demoman
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Jun 13, 2013 @ 7:15pm
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In 1 collection by Will T.TVR
Tavish the Tank Engine
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Resubmitted using the in-game importer. Original submission:
''The only thing I ever found hotter'n the coals that drive a steam train was my burnin' hatred o' you, laddy. That, 'n Pyro's blasted flamethrower. What's his problem?'' - Demoman


A makeshift helmet made from part of a steam engine. Specifically, it's modeled after a steam dome (looks like a smokestack but has no opening, sits further back, and is usually smaller - look at pretty much any steam locomotive; you'll be able to spot it). Named for the boiler within the engine, if that wasn't obvious...

- Team colors
- 256x256 textures
- LOD0 (1382 tris) + LOD1 (546 tris)

Part of the ''Tavish the Tank Engine'' set.