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Soul Saga
Genre: RPG
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, Japanese
Players: Single-player
Jun 15, 2013 @ 7:03am
Jun 26 @ 8:24pm
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SOUL SAGA – UPDATE 18 – BETA V6.1 LIVE! (Part 2 of 2)


Combat now has a pause menu! In previous beta versions you couldn’t access settings or exit the game while in combat. In Soul Saga Beta v6 you can access all of these menu options, plus a few more like your quests and achievements to double check what you need to do while in combat. This can be accessed by pressing the ESC key while in combat, or pressing on the Icon when available.


Combat Tooltips have also seen a little bit of a makeover:
Combat Tooltips now appear at the top of the screen top instead of over the other UI. This helps clean up any tangents and keep the screen organized.
The advanced tooltips will now show or dismiss immediately when shift is pressed instead of having to hover over them again.


My goal with Soul Saga is to make the controls so streamlined that it can be played with only a mouse (if you like to play that way). Other input options will also be available in time, but it just feels good when a developer takes the time to make mouse implementation work smoothly. To help move the UI in that direction I have added buttons to the combat menu for canceling selections and going back through the menu so that it can be completely used by a mouse. There is also a menu icon that pops up during the character selection screen so you can go to the combat pause menu via mouse without having to press Esc.


Another great addition to the UI is the new Radar Minimap. This is a minimap to the top right of the screen that can be toggled on and off by clicking on it, or pressing the M button. This hotkey will be changeable later when the key bindings window is reworked. I chose a very subtle design so that it doesn’t steal attention, but is still useful and clear with its information. This minimap also works well on the world map by rotating with the camera so forward is always up on the minimap.


Several enhancements were made will file saving and loading.
  • Optimized the way files are saved and loaded by ~60% performance gains. This will help make sure autosaving does not cause any hiccups. Previous beta save files will be obsolete, so please be sure to not use them in a new game.
  • Error handling added. The Save Slot will display that the file has an error. You can delete it via the normal methods through the game. For safety reasons, it doesn’t automatically try to delete the file in case of bugs that can be fixed.

Error handling will continued to be built on over time to ensure quality performance for players.


My goal with save files was to put them in a location that was easily accessible. In previous betas I put them directly into the game’s directory, but this caused problems when running the game from a location that couldn’t be written to, like directly from the zip folder. It also meant that in the future, removing an old version of Soul Saga would delete the save files if they weren’t manually backed up. I wanted to make this a better experience for you, so I sought after a new solution.
I found a remedy for the issue where it now saves Soul Saga files in the My Documents in windows, and the equivalent location for Mac and Linux. This will allow users to easily carry save files between save games and not accidently delete them if they delete deprecated versions of Soul Saga. This should also allow players to run Soul Saga directly from un-writable locations like the zipped download folder.
I would really appreciate it if the Mac and Linux beta testers could please report to me whether this save file path works for you, and where it is saving it exactly on those systems so I can add it to the FAQ.
Beta testers should still delete save files between Beta updates because of how drastic the changes are in the game.


I’ve also gone through and fixed many bugs reported by Beta Testers, implemented additional features, and also working vigorously on content for the final version of the game. We’re getting very close to being able to state a solid release date, and I’m excited to be able to share that with you when the time comes!


As you may already know, I am the only programmer on Soul Saga. It’s pretty tough having to do everything myself, and a friend and backer of Soul Saga, nicknamed Slynk, has taken some time out of his busy schedule to help me with part of the user interface code. He created an optimized scrollview list so that many items can be displayed in a scrollview, and it only takes a small number of resources to display them all. This cleared up some time on my end, so I’m very grateful for his help on this. Thank you very much, Slynk!


Thank you very much for being a great fan! I couldn’t have gotten Soul Saga where it is today without your support, and I’m eternally grateful you’ve been there for me through its entire development. I can’t wait to get the final version of Soul Saga in your hands!


I love to hear your feedback, so please join us on the forums to discuss it! You can find this update’s thread here:

SOUL SAGA – UPDATE 18 – BETA V6.1 LIVE! (Part 1 of 2)

How have you been? I hope your summer is going great! Soul Saga has made some awesome progress over the past month, and I’m here today to share it with you!



Most of the time spent over the past month was on porting Soul Saga from Unity 4 to Unity 5. Unity 5 was released several months ago, and it came with many changes. Very few of the changes affected Soul Saga in anyway, but a few were the lighting, shaders, performance gains, and tighter native integration with porting to the consoles Soul Saga is headed to. Since the lighting and shaders changed drastically between Unity 4 to 5, I’ve been having to weak it quite a bit. It’s not quite back to where it was before, but it’s getting closer. There are also changes in the way the water shaders look now, and the characters. Over time I will be tweaking with them and trying to get them to a point we are all happy with.


I also had to port the entire menu system to Unity’s new native GUI instead of the 3rd party solution I was using (called NGUI). This has been a pretty hard one to pull off. I’m pretty much done with it now, but it took almost 2 weeks to do it by myself. The GUI pretty much had to be completely redone from scratch following the previous GUI’s guidelines. It was a lot of work, but worth it in the end. The risk of using 3rd Party plugins with Unity has begun to be very clear as many developers of Unity plugins begin to abandon them in spite of some of their high costs. The creator of NGUI has been around for a long time and shows no signs of stopping, but it’s best to move on to Unity’s native GUI solution so that there is no risk of the UI package being unsupported later on.


Like with all new technologies, Unity 5 is a bit unstable. At the moment, Unity crashes whenever I try to bake the lighting. This means that there will be a big performance from real-time lighting until I can figure out how to resolve the issue. This will hopefully be resolved in the nearby future, and will definitely be resolved before Soul Saga’s release.


Garen’s Saga is the playable storyline of one of Soul Saga’s antagonists, Garen. We touched on Garen’s introduction in previous beta’s, and the feedback was great. Since I’m only one developer I only have time to work on one storyline at a time, so for now we will focus completely on Mithos’ Saga in the beta. I’m very excited to work more on Garen’s Saga once I find the time after finishing Mithos’ Saga, and will reveal more information on how Garen’s Saga is implemented into Soul Saga at a later date.


The feedback from Soul Saga fans like you has been phenomenal. Everyone is loving the beta so far and has plenty of ideas of things they’d love to see implemented. I’m doing my best to get to the ones we all agree on in the Voting Booth section of the forum. Here are a few that I’ve added this update:


Chain Battles are the most exciting addition to this beta version. In previous versions, if you had 5 enemies chasing you on the map and you eventually got caught, you would have to fight each one in its own individual battle, causing you to jump quickly between combat and field mode. Now, with chain battles, all nearby enemies get put into “waves” in one single battle, and the amount of waves gives bonus EXP, JUL, and Item Drop rates. This adds a lot to the dimension of the gameplay by giving purpose to gathering as many enemies as possible. But be warned: if you leave the chain early you get no rewards!


Escaping use to be a flat 30% chance to escape. This worked okay, but a streak of bad luck could be an anger inducing experience. To ease this, I have made it so that a character gets a buff called “Planning Escape” each time they fail to escape. This increases their escape chance by 10% each time they fail, progressively making it easier to escape each time they try. Essentially this also means that the most times you need to try and escape is 8; still a high number for those very down on their luck, but at least you know that 100% guarantee will come eventually.


In your main menu you can now find a “Go Home” button, which will conveniently teleport you back to your bound location. This is the same location you would teleport to if you lose in combat. In the beta this is Mithos’ Bedroom.


There is now an option for your game to auto-save! This auto-saving is no different from normal saving, except that you just have to step near a save point for it to automatically save instead of needing to click the save button. When your game auto-saves, you will get a convenient toast pop-up in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Autosaving is on by default and can be easily toggled on or off in the options menu.



We had touched on the difficulty level names in the past, and now they have pictures to help portray their respective personas! These beautiful pictures, drawn by Akaneko, capture both the difficulty levels and the Disastercake Universe characters they portray very elegantly.


The Save file preview has been updated to show a little more information, including the beautiful character portraits drawn by Akaneko. It now contains each of the 4 party members, the party leaders name and level, the difficulty mode, your total Jul, the time played, and the location you last saved at.

[Update continued in next post...]

Release date: Fourth Quarter 2014
Soul Saga is an anime styled RPG inspired by JRPG classics from the Playstation era like Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, Suikoden, and Persona. Soul Saga: Episode 1 follows the story of Mithos, a young man ready to become the strongest Guild Master in the world. To reach his dream, Mithos is starting a Guild and setting off to destroy the most powerful being known to history: the World Eater. But Mithos has caught the attention of Garen, a tyrannical leader of one of the world's strongest guilds. Garen secretly has his eyes set on enslaving the World Eater and using it to rule the world, and he won't let Mithos ruin his plans.

Minimum System Requirements
Windows XP or later
2.0 GHz processor
512 MB system RAM
2 GB free hard drive space
Video Card with 256MB Memory
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DRUNK_CANADIAN Apr 10 @ 8:14pm 
Reminds me somehow of Dark Cloud in style (or rather Dark Cloud 2), just checking in to see on your progress, looking forward to the steam release.
Disastercake  [author] Mar 20 @ 3:09pm 
Thank you for being an awesome fan, SlyCougar! =D
SlyCougar Mar 19 @ 6:08pm 
yay!!! thank you i look forward you seeing them @Disastercake
Disastercake  [author] Mar 18 @ 5:24pm 
@Yon - Please read my comment a few posts down. =)

I will start updating Steam as well in April as we're getting very far along in development.
Yon Mar 10 @ 9:13pm 
Hey devs, are you having difficulties on the development of this project? It has been quite a while since the last update. It feels like this is on development hell or probably cancelled. Hope you provide new footage soon enough. Thanks.
SlyCougar Mar 7 @ 5:38pm 
udates on steam??? Yes Please!! That would be awesome and vary much appericated! thanks!
Laklod Feb 12 @ 4:52am 
@Disastercake: Holy duck! That's awesome, sorry for being negative, but I really thought you left this awesome game die.

Thanks a lot for the new post!
Disastercake  [author] Feb 12 @ 3:06am 
Thanks everyone for all of your kind and encouraging words! You have no idea how much it fuels me when I read such kind comments. I can't wait to share Soul Saga with you!

@Laklod - We're actually moving along quite nicely and have been updating every month or 2. Please keep an eye on the blog at! =)

I will update on Steam once Soul Saga starts to release on this venue.

@Kesac - Thank you very much for helping explain! =)

Would everyone prefer that I begin updating on Steam as well even before we launch on it? If there is a large amount of people asking for it, then I will spend the extra time to do that for you. =)
Kesac Feb 11 @ 8:29am 
It's actually progressing a bit, see -- just a bit slower than they expected.
Laklod Feb 10 @ 10:34am 
Dead and gone.