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Passive Race Abilities
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Jun 11, 2013 @ 12:47pm
Jul 25, 2013 @ 6:47am
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I always saved up the single shot racial powers for when I need them. And then I always forget to use them. Thus I decided to end it and replace them with passive abilities where possible or create new passive abilities fitting to the race and lore.

I tried to keep it reasonable in power level and took the opportunity to balance some things around. From my preliminary testing, it's working out alright. Should you encounter bugs or incompatibilities, let me know and I'll see what can be done.

[Update 18th June 2013] Got a bug report with mounted combat and added the missing entries.
[Update 25th June 2013] The values in the description are now highlighted, Breton Dragonskin ability has a 15% chance of 100% absorb, Nord shout cooldown bonus no longer cancled out by the Blessing of Talos, Redguard Adrenaline changed to +25% stamina regeneration out of combat and +100% during combat.
[update 25th July 2013] Fixed some ability descriptions and names. Changed the flavour text of loading screens to fit with the new abilities.

The new racial abilities now are [with (o) for unchanged and (x) for changed]:

(o) +50 magicka
(x) +50% magicka regeneration

(o) waterbreathing
(x) 75% disease resistance
(x) 100% poison resistance

(o) 50% poison resistance
(o) 50% disease resistance
(x) +25% damage against animals
(x) 10% added chance for critical hits with bows

(o) 25% magic resistance
(x) 15% chance to 100% spell absorbtion

(x) 75% fire resistance
(x) +15% magic fire damage

(o) imperial luck
(x) +15 speechcraft skill
(x) 10% added chance for critical hits with daggers, swords, maces and bows

(0) khajiit claws
(0) night eye
(x) 50% reduced fall damage
(x) 50% reduced movement noise

(0) 50% cold resistance
(x) 10% increased armor value
(x) 10% reduced shout cooldown

(x) 15% magic resistance
(x) 25% reduced stamina cost of power attacks
(x) 10% increased damage with melee weapons

(o) 50% poison resistance
(x) 50% disease resistance
(x) +25% stamina regeneration, increased to +100% during combat

Have fun!
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Maebure Jul 1 @ 6:20am 
Does anyone know how this mod interacts with SkyRe? I know SkyRe makes changes to racial abilities, wasn't sure if they would conflict or if this mod would simply replace the actives and passives like normal.
Maebure Jul 1 @ 6:19am 
@Bishamonten: All racial powers (activated abilities) are removed and replaced by passives that are always active.
[IN]Bishamonten Jun 26 @ 4:12pm 
Is it possible that you removed the "berserker rage" ability from the orsimer?
I can't tell if it's a bug or intended for balancing
are these effects given to npc's? i think that would give a fun twist to combat in the game.
Prinnydad Jun 24 @ 11:08am 
Hello and thanks for this mod ^^ For thoose who want some alternative useful powers with less limits (like 3 min instead of 1 day), you may find pleasure in Skyrim Redone - Race and Racial part :) Have a good time playing ^^
dannyjames22 Apr 22 @ 9:28pm 
Thank you for such a great mod, I love it. I do miss the health regen like B'oh said.
Agent Tasmania Apr 7 @ 2:50am 
Why not just change Hist Skin to a passive regeneration boost?
Skooby Apr 5 @ 1:32pm 
Great mod. But like Gerolt below I also have issue with Breton magic absorbtion not working. All other races appear to be fine.
zeypherIN Mar 26 @ 7:24am 
Sweet alright, thanks again for this mod.
HavocAngel  [author] Mar 25 @ 1:52am 
@zepherIN: You get some invisible perks that continuously modify your performance. Every melee weapon you use will do more damage, every time you do a power attack less stamina gets drained. This stacks with any skill perks you may pick on level up.