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CDF Ghostship
Jun 10, 2013 @ 12:52pm
Mar 9 @ 4:10pm
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CDF Ghostship Update March 2014
UNIQUE - Limited special offer! Be part of the Game!! Literally!
Release date: Alpha is available for testing!
CDF Ghostship is a first person, third person survival horror and sci-fi shooter. We don’t have much choice with these sort of games today and we don’t have a free roaming one! Our vision is bring you a fun, scary, highly re-playable sci-fi game like the older games such as Doom, System shock, Dead Space, ACM, Natural Selection etc. There are some good ones out there but we want to do a few things new such as a free roaming game and a real first person mode with a helmet view for extra realism and atmosphere. There are over 20 different enemies and over 20 different weapons with some cool gadgets. Please play the alpha we have released to see what we mean when we say

it’s not just a game, It’s an experience!

Find out more about our game! Visit our web site


· A Huge focus on immersion through a dark sci-fi atmosphere, graphics, sound and gameplay

· 3 different game views, you choose how you want to play! 1st person, 3rd person or helmet view

· 5 game modes featuring Survival horror, action and challenges

· Epic free roaming game on board a HUGE space ship, colony base and space station

· 2 different weapon types (Laser & Plasma) with over 20 different weapons with tactical advantages

· Classic Doom style gameplay offering excellent gameplay and freedom within the game world

· Real world physics, dynamically change parts of the environment

· Compelling storyline and free roaming non linear gameplay offers for lots of replay value

· Single and multiplayer survival, simulation and challenges

· Work out puzzles, access logs and computers, find and interact with other survivors & Explore

CDF Ghostship is the first game to give you a free roaming experience aboard a huge space craft, space station and colony base. The ship is practically designed and designed with its functionality as a CDF Dreadnought class war ship. You can go anywhere you want when ever you want to. There are a few decks which you may have to complete a few objectives before you can explore them and there are a few rooms that may require key codes etc.

As gamers ourselves we understand that everyone is different and plays games differently. With
Ghostship we have adopted a system which offers you more variety & customisations than most games of today. You can play the game in first person view, third person view or in real first person view (helmet view). In third person you can place the camera where you want and save its position, it is not locked like most games. You also have other options such as changing the size of the hud and even turning the hud off.

Ghostship has 5 different game modes, the story mode is a single player free roaming game focused on survival horror. Onslaught is a game mode which is survival based and you face waves of enemies and has a planned co-op multiplayer mode. Challenge mode offers you various challenges with goals. Simulation mode offers a variety of military simulations in different environments such as alien planets, bases and other ships. Arcade mode will be more about moving platforms, jumping and enemies.

After months of hard work we finally managed to get enough funding to pre-order the dev kit to get Ghostship up and running with Oculus Rift. We firmly believe that that Ghostship on Oculus Rift will be one of the scariest games you have ever played!

Thanks for your interest, we hope you enjoy the alpha and we look forward to bringing you the the Beta on Halloween.
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Dec 29, 2013 @ 9:14am
Linux support?
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Amazing !!
Anoplexian Apr 8 @ 9:34pm 
Did the idea for the CDF come from an Author named John Scalzi by any chance? If so, you have officially interested me.
shaun  [author] Apr 4 @ 5:26am 
Its a HUGE ship, free roaming. And then there is the colony and space station. With a game environment that big which is basically a huge ship, inside and out, if we had a budget to work with and more than 1 modeler to model everything in the game, your wish might come true. Bear in mind we have not released anything new on CDF Ghostship For a while, its had an almost total overhaul. The last thing we released which again is much improved since is : a quick look at one of the maps in onlsaught mode (survival wave based game mode)

Ultimate Xaipres Apr 3 @ 9:48pm 
Low Polygon looks like Half Life 1.and the Blood is from flinnstones Time.Sry But the voice from the female is Realy mmh.Is a Robot voice from Game Boy sound check.Plz more Grafik and the Game can be good.
Invisigoth Mar 15 @ 9:19pm 
To refine even more the game, i would like permission to suggest some improviments refining the weapon *(reloading animation). Nice & smooth handling and loading the weapon would deserve great attention in the game, since it will be the player's only friend while surviving. One thing i have learnt from FPS games, if i have learnt at all, is that we love weapons. Its diversity in shape, format, sound,options, fire-rate, reloading time and visual animation.
shaun  [author] Mar 15 @ 8:18pm 
Thanks Bone, its come along away since he first alpha. Have you played the - Upto date Onlsuaght demo (from the beta) This features a host of new improvements as well as the new aliens and ai and effects.

We have a supporter bundle with some awesome perks, only a few weeks left until the offer finishes. Visit our site for more details -

Bone Mar 15 @ 7:52pm 
@Invisigoth; I've played the alpha since V0.33, and it has come along a huge way (environment textures, AI, object collision, lighting, shadows, fog effects, and the list goes on). Gameplay wise, its fluid and controls are smooth. I'd suggest getting on board and trying out the Alpha... theres plenty to see and do right now, and its not even 50% of being completed. Give it a whirl!
shaun  [author] Mar 9 @ 7:40am 
Very smooth fluent game-play now. Great fun for the combat mechanics, mixed with the adventure style in a free roaming space ship, space station and colony - its huge. And that's just story mode, there are other game modes for even more fun :)

Don`t forget to check out our debut title, releasing in may -
Invisigoth Mar 9 @ 5:34am 
I cheer up so much for this game. I hope this game works. If Steam puts a special promotion price on its release date, i will quickly buy it. I am fan of some H.P. Lovecraft short-stories and to have a game with this dark atmosphere and tone of cosmic terror is a dream coming true. Since the scope, areas and maps of the game are huge. The next step now is to have a good communication between players and developers on checking the gameplay, how movement and combat controls. Is it clunky or smooth
shaun  [author] Mar 9 @ 12:18am 
The ship is huge, there is also the colony and space station.

To Give you an idea of the size of the ship, check it the latest vid of onslaught mode -

This map is one of the 2 hangers which are part of deck 3 operations. There are over 20 decks. So that should give you an idea of how big the ship is. In the alpha 0.45 you get access to just under half the ship.