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Magicka Sabers Expanded
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Mar 6, 2012 @ 8:35am
Jul 19, 2012 @ 8:51am
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Update - I have uploaded another file called Magicka Sabers Expanded Bound. This changes the bound weapons to Lightsabers.

This is an expansion of Magicka Sabers by Lord Haun. The meshes, textures, and sounds from his mod are included. I normally wouldn't upload someone else's files, but getting the movie hilts to work properly required renaming the files.

This mod expands on Lord Haun's mod by adding the missing tiers of weapons. You can now level from 1 (well actually level 2) to 50+ and wield a saber the whole way through. The weapons will appear at the appropriate level or with the correct perk.

I also adjusted the speed and damage. One handed weapons now have dagger speed and mace damage. Two handed weapons now have sword speed and war hammer damage. Think of this as the actual 'enchantment'.

All red weapons now follow a Sith naming patern.

Note - I will no longer update the perk version. It conflicts with any other mod that modifies the smithing tree and I added level requirements to the recipes anyway. However, since I completely redid this mod from scratch you can actually have them both active together without conflicts. I even used different names in the cs.

Level 2 Initiate (Steel)
Level 6 Padawan (Orc), Anakin ep2, Obi-Wan ep1
Level 12 Knight (Dwemer), Anakin ep3, Darth Revan, Luke Skywalker
Level 19 Consular (Elven), Obi-Wan ep3, Darth Maul, Shaak Ti
Level 27 Sentinel (Glass), Count Dooku, Qui-Gon Jinn
Level 36 Guardian (Ebony), Darth Vader, Mace Windu, Quinlan Vos
Level 46 Master (Daedric), Darth Sidious, Yoda, (Canon colors only for other hilts)

Known Issues
The Obi-Wan Kenobi ep1 two handed versions are invisible in game. They will show up in the menu but not in game. This seems to be a mesh problem. The one handed versions work fine.

Normal version
2.4 Added a slain jedi to just outside Riverwood. I believe some folks had a hard time crafting the sabers for the first time. The corpse has everything you will need to craft 1 one handed and 1 two handed saber. I also put in a few spell tomes that no jedi should be without. The loot is leveled but is NON respawning. This file does NOT include the bound weapons. I will make that a standalone mod.
2.2 Added a Master version of every movie hilt. I have only included the cannon colors (Anakin/Obi-Wan are blue, Luke/Qui-Gonn are green, all sith are red ...) To include all the colors for every hilt would make the already packed Daedric lists too long and it would just be way too much work on my part. I also added a video done about this mod.
2.1 Fixed the steel and orc recipes. They were switched.
2.0 Completely redone. Adds 7 tiers of weapons. Adds the movie hilts to each tier. Renamed the red blades to Sith ranks. Also added gem upgrading. It takes a normal gem plus a gold ingot to make a flawless version. Changed the soul gem upgrades to need a gold ingot as well. Gem upgrading falls under the arcane smithing perk (or just wait until the proper level).
1.1 Added Orc, Elven, and Ebony equivalents. Also tempering now requires the same grade of soul gem as the recipe does each level. Removed all references to the arcane smithing perk. Added Daedric Hearts back to Master level recipes.
1.0 Initial version.

Version History - Perk version (NO LONGER SUPPORTED)
1.4 Added Orc, Elven, and Ebony equivalents. Also added gem upgrading. It takes a normal gem plus a gold ingot to make a flawless version. Changed the soul gem upgrades to need a gold ingot as well. Also tempering now requires the same grade of soul gem as the recipe does each level. Added Daedric Hearts back to Master level recipes.
1.3 Moved Soul Gems to the forge. They can be found under the misc category.
1.2 Added ability to upgrade soul gems. The recipes require two filled gems plus the appropriate ingot to make a single gem of the next rank (ie. 2 filled petty make 1 filled lesser). This is done at the workbench (where armour is normally upgraded). You will get this recipe at the same level as the weapons.
1.1 Removed the higher levels of the perk. I realized I could add a level requirement directly to the recipes themselves. Now only a 1 level perk. The higher level recipes will appear at the forge when you hit the appropriate level. Completely removed all references to other smithing perks (including arcane smithing).
1.0 Initial version.

What this mod does is allow one to use Magicka Sabers from the start of the game. I have created the equivalent of Steel, Dwemer, and Glass weapons. The weapons are called Training, Padawan, Knight, and I have renamed the Daedric versions Master. I have also added to the crafted requirements of each Saber the need for a color crystal. These are represented in game by the various gems. I used Garnet for orange, Amethyst for violet, Ruby for red, Sapphire for blue, Emerald for green, and Diamond for cyan. Since there are no pink or yellow gems in game I used dragon bones and dragon scales for them because most people will have a ton of these by mid game anyway. I have raised the septim value for these weapons to account for the gems need to craft. I have also kept the soul gem requirement to both craft and grindstone these weapons. The soul gem is basically the power source for the blade.

Original mod
Magicka Sabers by Lord Haun http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=3174

Recommended mods
Midas Magic - Spells in Skyrim by Xilver - adds force push

Higher Jumping by Volek - basically force jump

Deathstar Moon by Arknor - adds the Death Star to the sky

Star Wars Galactic Credit Gold Coin Re-texture by avenger86

College of Winterhold to Star Wars Jedi Temple WIP by avenger86

Lord Haun may use any of this in future versions of his mod if he wishes. I will not upload this mod to steam until Lord Haun puts his mod there first.
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