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Half-Life 2: Episode One Achievement Guide
By Chaz
A short Video Guide for Half Life 2: Episode One Achievements.

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Watch Your Head! Achievement

Make it to the bottom of the Citadel's main elevator shaft in one piece.
Containment Achievement

Contain the Citadel core.
Pacifist Achievement

Contain the Citadel core without killing any stalkers.
Car Crusher Achievement

Use the cars to squash 15 antlions in Episode One.
Elevator Action Achievement

Survive long enough to get on the parking garage elevator.
Live Bait Achievement

This Video Shows you the basics, simply move around the area long enough for Alyx to make 30 enemiy kills with the sniper rifle.

Help Alyx snipe 30 enemies in Episode One.
Attica! Achievement

Destroy the gunship in the hospital attic.
Conservationist Achievement

Kill five enemies with the same energy ball.
Think Fast! Achievement

Kill an Elite Soldier with his own energy ball.
Zombie-que Achievement

Use flares to light 15 zombies on fire.
Citizen Escort Achievement

Don't let any citizens die when escorting them to the escape train.
Escape From City 17 Achievement

Escape City 17 with Alyx.
The One Free Bullet Achievement

Finish the game firing exactly one bullet. Grenade, crowbar, rocket, and Gravity Gun kills are okay!

Basics is, during the beginning of the game you will find your first weapon the Shotgun. You will Need this in order to exit the locked room and the padlock is on the otherside of the gate and you have to shoot it off. Once this is done, that will be your first bullet fired. You can no longer use any Gun for the rest of the game, save for the Gravity Gun, rocket, crowbar and granade.

During Act : "Low Life"

Antlion Gaurdian

The Following Video Is A Basic Walkthrough To Get Past The Antlion Gaurdian.

There are a few videos out there on a glitch you can use, this shows the normal way to take'em down.
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Dean abie Pepler ツ Jul 12 @ 11:41am 
you know what i think ..... That part in HL2 Episode One where theres a Recording of Dr Breen and Alyx discovers the recording......... i think Dr Breen might of Gotten himself into one of those alien Things and killed Eli Vance in the ending of HL2 Episode 2 ;)

Thus Half Life 3 should explain the rest.

Thinking with time Machine where the game ends is where Conversion Starts off and where Conversion ends thats where Portal 3 starts :)
Tomek Jul 8 @ 10:59am 
I managed witout your guide, but it will help newbies!
Good job mate
Half-LifePro-243 Jan 2 @ 9:21am 
Woah You Used My Icon
iamninjoe Jan 2 @ 8:01am 
Great guide. Don't like watching videos, though.
Anthirian Aug 15, 2013 @ 4:18am 
It would be a great addition if you could also add each achievement's description and the way to obtain it (as text) to the guide. If people have trouble getting the achievement, the video's will help to clear the confusion. For simple achievements it saves you from having to watch a video, thus speeding up the process of obtaining them all.
Neeva Aug 9, 2013 @ 6:41am 
Can you use the machine gun grenades? Just wondering.
AreUTalking2Meh Jun 15, 2013 @ 6:34am 
You don't have to use a gun to remove the lock in the Lowlife chapter (for the One Free Bullet) if you bring a mine from earlier you can use the gravity gun to destroy that. Allowing you to shoot 1 bullet at anything you want!