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Gemology - Craft Soul Gems & Gems
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Jun 8, 2013 @ 10:10pm
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Gemology - Craft Soul Gems & Gems

In 1 collection by MontyX
MontyX's Handy Mods
20 items
Craft Soul Gems and Gems. Combine Lesser Soul Gems and Gems into greater ones.
Even combine Soul Gem Fragments into Black soul gems.
They can be crafted with the Geomorphic Device.

This mod has been tested with TES5Edit, to ensure no conflicts.
Does NOT require any DLC!

The Geomorphic Device can be found in 6 interior locations around Skyrim.
College of Winterhold - Arch Mage's Quarters
Whiterun - Dragonsreach
Windhelm - Calixo's House of Curiosities
Morthal - Falion's House
Markarth - Shrine of Talos
Solitude - The Bards College

All crafted item Quantities have been calculated to suit the value of ingredients.

Crafting Gems:
(Required Ingredients = Created Item)

2x Garnet = Flawless Garnet
2x Amethyst = Flawless Amethyst
2x Ruby = Flawless Ruby
2x Sapphire = Flawless Sapphire
2x Emerald = Flawless Emerald
2x Diamond = Flawless Diamond

Crafting Soul Gems:
(Required Ingredients = Created Item)

Flawless Diamond = Black Soul Gem
2x Grand Soul Gem = Black Soul Gem
2x Grand Soul Gem Filled = Black Soul Gem Filled
All 5 Soul Gem Fragments = Black Soul Gem Filled
Flawless Emerald = 3x Grand Soul Gem
2x Greater Soul Gem = Grand Soul Gem
2x Greater Soul Gem Filled = Grand Soul Gem Filled
Flawless Sapphire = 4x Greater Soul Gem
2x Common Soul Gem = Greater Soul Gem
2x Common Soul Gem Filled = Greater Soul Gem Filled
Flawless Ruby = 5x Common Soul Gem
2x Lesser Soul Gem = Common Soul Gem
2x Lesser Soul Gem Filled = Common Soul Gem Filled
Flawless Amethyst = 5x Lesser Soul Gem
2x Petty Soul Gem = Lesser Soul Gem
2x Petty Soul Gem Filled = Lesser Soul Gem Filled
Flawless Garnet = 10x Petty Soul Gem

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Demonic Horses
Demonic Horse (Red)
Demonic Armored Horse
Schadenfreude (Green)
Arion (Blue)
Svaðilfari (Purple)
Orange Sanguine
Skinfaxi and Hrímfaxi (Light Blue)(Black and White)

Demonic Horses (Arvak Style)
Bloodfiend Mane (Red)
Skeletal Frostmane (Frosty Blue)
Skeletal Schadenfreude (Green)
Skeletal Svaðilfari (Purple)

Gullfaxi (Gold)
Aequitas (White Blue)
Harith (White Green)
THUNDERDASH (Blue Lightning)
Siphan (Gold and Blue)(Gold Armor)

Four Horses of the Apocalypse
Four Armored Horses of the Apocalypse
The Four Horses Of The Apocalypse (Biblical)(ARVAK STYLE)

Gandalf The White and Shadowfax (LOTR)
Ruin (Darksiders)

Nightingale Horse and Armor Set
Stormcloak Horse and Armor Set
Imperial Horse and Armor
Thieves Guild Horse and Armor
Bandit Horse and Armor

Pinkie Pie (MLP)
Rainbow Dash (MLP)
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░░░▌░▄▄▄▐▌▀▀▀░░ This is MontyX
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