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Mercenaries (Unlimited Followers)
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Mar 6, 2012 @ 12:39am
Feb 20, 2013 @ 1:52am
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Mercenaries (Unlimited Followers)

(FIXED !!!) Hire as many Mercenaries and Mercenary archers you can afford. They act like followers, guard trade, individual or group commands!

Talk to "Saad" near the Guard Shack in Whiterun (south entrance). He will contract mercenaries to you. These Mercs will follow you to the depths of hell and back (so long as you continue to pay them). He is in the Bannered Mare at night.

Talk to "Kenturo" in the Bannered Mare to hire Mages

Upon your first contract, you will be given a "Power" that acts like a quick-menu for group commands. Or if you prefer, you can give them individual commands.

Dismiss them when you want to go solo, then just select follow from the troop menu and they will find you wherever you are.

BATTLE-VISION: This does nothing except highlight your troops on the battlefield. I used it during development to observe AI changes, and behavior. I left it because I thought players may enjoy having it at first, for the same reason. I prefer to play with it off... but sometimes it's handy.

They turn blue when activated. Red is added when they enter combat, making them a more violet color.

Actually fixed the random face/gender options. No longer keep getting the same guy. Different looking Mercs, and different genders as well.


1. New Class : Destruction Mage
2. Added Females
3. Compatibility Issues (open cities)
4. Hiring and Cost Adjustments
Player Matched Mercs
Hire multiple Mercs at once
5. User Modifiable Globals (see forum)
7. Names for your Mercs
8. Trade System
9. Troop Formations
10. More Random Faces
11. Lightfoot Perk

For more details on these updates, please check the forum:

!! Thanks everyone for your valuable input

!! !! Special thanks to my forum friends who have contributed greatly to keeping this mod updated with new ideas. There tons of great ideas planned for the enhancement of this mod as a result of thier efforts.

-= Daggerfallftw =- -= Thiago_Toste =- -= wiz0floyd =- -= DreamKing =- -= Draeka =-

and all the folks in this forum:

Before posting here, please try the following:

Make a clean save (by unsubscribing, load your game, save the game again without mercs, and then resubsscribe.

Save games with old versions of Merc scripts can cause problems with the new features. This is a Bethesda bug that sometimes leaves leftover data, even in your "clean" saves from mods that are completely uninstalled.

Works great on truly clean saves or new characters.

If a clean save doesn't work for you, then you may need to wait until your next character roll to use the upgraded features. Or, you can get the older version on nexus if you would like to keep using mercs on your current save game.
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Last Knight Jul 30 @ 6:47pm 
I was wondering because I wanted to run around with unlimited followers. Running around with unlimited followers that I could tell exactly what to do would be even better.
Last Knight Jul 30 @ 6:46pm 
Does this work with AFT?
InYourMemories Jul 10 @ 4:32am 
Does anyone know if this mod is for "Skyrim Special edition" as well?
SacredAncient Jun 1 @ 6:52pm 
Yes if you take items out of their inventory you pay for it but only THEIR items if you give them weapons or armor for example a Mercenary spawns with an Imperial helmet and Steel sword...take the sword and helmet and you pay but GIVE him a steel helmet and Daedric sword, and when you take it back you don'y pay
Essentially you only pay when you take the things they spawn with...not the things you give them.
rormysta Apr 27 @ 12:56pm 
i do like this only thing is if you had an option when you hire the mercenaries if you can choose what race they were, for example you can have say like 20 orc merc's or wood elves, or high elves dark elves, etc and if you equipment them and the cancel their contracts you should be able to get your armour back for nothing because at the moment every time you take some thing out of the innventory you pay for it but others good mod
Feltahk47 Apr 19 @ 11:00am 
He dosent respond when i try to talk too him.
Asada Sinon-chan Apr 11 @ 1:09pm 
It says you have to pay them wages... can I just not? I want them to work for FREE!
Aurean Games Mar 14 @ 3:13pm 
Neither Kenturo nor Saad appear
Big Ugly Boy 4 Feb 22 @ 7:21pm 
I really enjoy this mod, mainly because with all the mercenaries it makes my character feel like a crime lord or something. Mainly though my problem is that my mercenaries are constantly running into walls as if they saw a skooma hidden inside of the bricks. They will not stop even when i instruct them to guard, or anything.

If i could get a response, then i wouldn't be forced to remove a great mod for just a tiny glitch.
Benjin Feb 17 @ 3:25pm 
This mod is great when it works, but sometimes Saad doesn't give you the option to hire people when you initiate the dialogue option.

Before anybody says, yes I have tried saving and reloading, to no avail - it still doesn't work.