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Dead Fun 3
Infected: Special Infected
Game Content: Campaigns, Scripts
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Jun 7, 2013 @ 9:12pm
Sep 24, 2014 @ 9:33pm
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Dead Fun 3 is very fast and fun
Special Infected are more tougher
Fast paced gameplay when you start
Watch out for the Smoker and Charger
You get Infinite Ammo to help you out
Crouch and move to go very fast
Each gamemode has different settings
Can also be played in custom maps
Solo or host a Local Server game
Play in Campaign Realism Survival
Wont work in Official or Modded servers
Cant be combined with other script mods
And you can also earn achievements :-)
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₩ɨƶ  [author] Dec 15, 2014 @ 10:48pm 
Bjbeer, thanks, Im glad you had fun!
₩ɨƶ  [author] Nov 20, 2014 @ 8:52am 
No God mode for this, Dead Fun 2 has it for campaign.
ZoMbIe_sLAyEr Nov 19, 2014 @ 3:45pm 
CEY 3 3 3 MAC Oct 25, 2014 @ 11:37pm 
Is there god mode for this?
bjbeer Oct 23, 2014 @ 12:02am 
LMAO! when I was playing this mod. Tears laughing. Literally tears laughing.
Very fun & the special infected are really cool at what they can do.
Definately good fun mod.
Thanks =D
₩ɨƶ  [author] Oct 10, 2014 @ 9:23am 
No building scripts.
Try the "Admin System" workshop mod.
whollyspokes Oct 10, 2014 @ 4:40am 
Does it have build script too?
₩ɨƶ  [author] Jul 16, 2014 @ 7:23pm 
Yes its infinite for all weapons including gas for chainsaw.
Infinite throwable stuff, like pipes mollys, bile, etc.
Not infinite for incend or explosive ammo.
Just because I cant find out how :-)
Madara Uchiwa Jul 16, 2014 @ 6:37pm 
I mean : don't need to reload** Like exemple : Shooting an infinite ammout of ammo without ever reloading your gun .. instead of having ex : 30/infinite .. we would have infinite/infinite.. you know ?
₩ɨƶ  [author] Jul 16, 2014 @ 11:41am 
If you mean infinite ammo.
It says, You get Infinite Ammo to help you out.
Very difficult without it in this mod!