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Age of Empires II: HD Edition

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UPDATE: After 2 year, the AI tag has finally been fixed in the Workshop! This is collection is no longer necessary.

The search for the tag "A.i" gives you no results. This is because the in-game uploader tags the files with "Ai" not "A.i" - a subtle difference, but it means that AI scripts are much harder to find the workshop. This is a collection of all files that have been tagged as such so that you don't have to go hunting around for them.

NOTE: Not everything tagged with "Ai" is actually an Ai; some people misstag their maps and other uploads.
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Defensive AI
Created by Ducksayswut
A computer player forced to stand ground, build a city and protect it, they are neutral so leave them be and they wont fight back. On the other hand they do have a tendency to collect all the relics very quickly and force you to attack them.
Good luck.
Forest map with secrets!
Created by RaLLe
Did this fast and played it with AI's....
MDE AI Land Defensive v102
Created by Dr. Weldgood
I didn't make this AI, but it is what I used as a baseline when making my own....
Farm Man
Created by Dr. Weldgood
Does basically what it is called: It farms.

Farms as much as possible, makes a small army to defend itself, and lastly it tributes to all allies. Can be a nice helper bot.

This script has not been updated for "HD Edition". Make sure you use settings ...
Pure Death v3
Created by Dr. Weldgood
The last AI that I made for the origional AOE2. This has not been updated yet for AOE2HD but I hope to get back into testing and adding support for the 500 unit cap.

It isn't the best, but it can put up a decent fight....
Immobile Units AI (Zanzard Lothar)
Created by JJ
This is a simple AI which will make all villagers and military units under its command stand still doing nothing. If a enemy comes near a military unit of the AI, this unit will engage the enemy, and other units in the vicinity will aid this unit in fighti...
Immobile Units AI GOLD (Zanzard Lothar)
Created by JJ
The author would like to thank the Rasher, Herodotus, Magnus and Ingo Van Thiel for the help they provided in making the first Immobile Units AI.

This AI is supposed to make the AI's villagers and military units stand still doing nothing.

If enem...
ADVANCED Immobile Units AI (Zanzard Lothar)
Created by JJ
The ADVANCED Immobile Units AI for AOK does the same job as its predecessors, but it has a completely new proposition for scenario designers. It is meant to be a tool for designers to fine-tune their own AI to their needs and, ultimately, helping designers...
Created by Joker
testing ai upload...
AI scripted for Campaigns
Created by Khan Ackhar

New working version:
*Old* Resonance22's Custom AI, 6v2 Map (Version 3a)
Created by Resonance22
New Version:

Hey everyone, Resonance here. This is my very scary Custom AI that you have probably seen on my Live Stream or on my YouTube page. If you would like to see it in action, click ...
Teamwork AI Pack
Created by C0mmand3r31
Teamwork AI Pack V0.16

a group of AI desinged for 1 vs 3 2 vs3 or 3 vs 3 matches.
plays best on team islands maps.

AI types

rohan - tank main attacker - teuton

lord sunstone - rusher (incomplete) - support force - aztec

market - resource g...
Village Wars!
Created by Dr. Brachys
You fight against a nother player to hold the large honeypots of resources. You start out with 3 gold mines and 2 stone mines, and 80 of each resource. Same with the AI. Most of the map is covered in a bamboo forest. Good luck!...
Default AI fixed
Created by decimator1337
Finally, here it is. And what a time I had getting it, so you better enjoy playing around with it!...
ALL default AIs
Created by decimator1337
THERE! Finally, I got my hands on and uploaded for the general public all of the default AI files in the game, which were so clevely and wickedly hidden. Even the ones used in the campaign! Now, all of you who wanted to look at the default AI for any reaso...
Multipurpose AI
Created by decimator1337
If you put it in the Dark Age, it will only gather food (farm, hunt).
If you put it in the Feudal Age, it will only cut trees.
If you put it in the Castle Age, it will m...
Logbot v1.11 - Custom AI Script
Created by Loggy
Logbot v2 is available here!

Edit (May): Looks as though I'm getting to the stage where I just need to make and check strategies for every civ (this is the boring bit o...
Map for game
Created by Sweet_Djo
anthonys maps
Created by astronemer
cheetahPWNag3 AI (v2.4)
Created by Juho
UPDATES (v2.4)

AI now understands following taunts: 3, 4, 5, 6 and 38
AI makes unique units
AI tells to the player (enemies and friends) their civilization

UPDATES (v2.3)

Improved gameplay on water maps
- makes more docks
- more war shi...
cheetahPWNag3 AI (v2.3, OUTDATED)
Created by Juho


UPDATES (v2.3)

Improved gameplay on water maps
- makes more docks
- more war ships
- less transpo...
*Old* Custom AI - ResonanceBot4g ST and EX
Created by Resonance22
ResonanceBot 4g Description:
Click 'Subscribe' to download a very challenging and advanced Custom AI for Age of Empires II: HD Edition. This mod supports both the vanilla HD Edition and "The Forgotten Expansion." This...
*Old Custom AI - ResonanceBot 5a ST
Created by Resonance22
ResonanceBot 5a Description:
Click 'Subscribe' to download a very challenging and advanced Custom AI for Age of Empires II: HD Edition. This mod supports both the vanilla HD Edition and "The Forgotten Expansion." Thi...
*Old* Custom AI - ResonanceBot 5.1b
Created by Resonance22

ResonanceBot 5.1b Description:
Click 'Subscribe' to download a very challenging and advanced Custom AI for Age of Empires II: HD Editi...
Created by Temple Lord 1970
Created by Hank The Tank
SpoOky Cheating AI
Created by SpoOkyMagician
It's been a while since I last updated this. Now that I know how mods work, I can upload this once again. You will notice that I removed the specific AI files. They were interesting but, not exactly what I really want for the AI. I now make it have some fo...
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Zetnus  [author] Aug 18, 2015 @ 2:46am 
Done. Although this collection is no longer necessary because the tags were finally fixed.
SpoOkyMagician Aug 18, 2015 @ 1:39am 
add this back in please (I finally understand how new mods work now.)
Wololo Dec 2, 2013 @ 12:11pm