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The Infinity Sword (WIP)
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Jun 6, 2013 @ 7:31pm
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It has been whispered of for centuries. A sword of great power that finds its way into the hands of a champion during times of great peril to Tamriel. It is called by many names: The Flame of Red Mountain, Alduin's Tongue, and others that have been forgotten. The one name, however, that is known, yet unknown; familiar, yet unfamiliar, is the one name that sends chills down the spines of all...


NOTICE: THIS MOD REQUIRES DAWNGUARD, due to the sword's placement in the Aetherium Forge. If you use this without Dawnguard, there's a very good chance your game will crash. Use the vanilla version instead:

Infinity Sword - Vanilla

After working on this for a good long while, I'm proud to finally release this mod. This my friends is the Infinity Sword, a powerful longsword (or greatsword, but I'll get to that.) that you can find in the Aetherium Forge, shoved into one of the rocks hanging out in the pool of magma beyond it.

To get it, you'll of course need to get to the Aetherium Forge first, which requires you to do the Lost to the Ages questline. Said questline is started by reading the book titled 'The Aetherium Wars'. Getting to the sword itself, either the Become Ethereal shout or a stupid amount of Resist Fire potions can help avoid being Gollum'd by the magma, and some water walking boots on top of either of these might help with getting across the pool of magma quickly.

When equipped, the Sword grants you a high resistance to fire (And some to frost as well, 'cause frost ain't got nothin' on it) as well as a bit of health regen. Opponents you smack with it can get lit on fire, and if they die from it they'll be incinerated into a pile of ash.

Have a problem with some jag-off archer pecking you with arrows? Make that jerk fly by doing a horizontal power attack, which will launch a fireball from the sword and send it speeding toward your target, where it will detonate with a great blast of fire and toss that SOB into Secunda. Surrounded by a lot of opponents and you need some breathing room? Do a vertical power attack, which will create a powerful explosion centered on you and send your opponents flying away so you can belt them across the face while they burn to death. The sword is also particularly devastating to dragons, having a chance to severely wound them when you strike. Of course, that requires you to actually get into melee with one.

The sword is 1-handed when you find it, but if your expertise lies with the greatsword, no problem. You can take the Infinity Sword to a smelter and switch it into a greatsword without needing any ingots, materials or perks to do so. The sword can also be tempered, requiring an ebony ingot and some fire salts to soup it up.

This mod is still a work in progress, there's a lot I wanna do with it (as mentioned below in the Future Plans section) but even so in its current state it's perfectly playable.

NOTICE: THIS MOD REQUIRES DAWNGUARD, due to the sword's placement in the Aetherium Forge. If you use this mod without Dawnguard, there's a very good chance your game will crash.

Use the vanilla version if you don't have Dawnguard. Yes I wrote this here twice because reasons. Get the vanilla version here:

Infinity Sword - Vanilla

Known Issues

•The backwards power attack with the greatsword version makes a localized explosion, when really it should do a fireball since it's horizontal. I felt it was a minor thing, so I didn't address it for the initial release, but some point down the line I may twiddle the script to fix that.

•There is a bit of a delay when the explosions go off. This, I think, depends on how many physics objects there are in the area, and the delay is due to the game calculating just how much they got whooped. Of course, this issue ~may~ be due to a mod I have rather than anything with the base game, but still.

Future Plans

•Get the damn hilt glows to animate! Seriously, if anyone knows their way with texture animation, drop me a line.

•Add weapon variants (after all, this is a shapeshifting weapon) The plan is to have a war axe, a battle axe, mace, dagger, shortsword, warhammer, and bow versions, which you can use an ability (or several) to switch to.

•Build a questline for the sword. I have one drafted out, but I lack the expertise to make a complex quest.

•Additional abilities: Summonable armor, devastating rain of fire (maybe?), fire damage heals you (NO idea how that would be done)

•Summonable NPC ally: Ulf, the soul of the sword. He's already in there, but you can only console him in as of right now, and all he does is just stand there being tall.

•A new shout, as well as making the sword enhance fire damage done by both shouts and fire spells

•Custom impact effects and sounds. For now it uses the firebolt impact, but I plan on making custom hit decals as well as draw and swing sounds to make it sound like it should, rather than just a standard sword.

•A subtle heat wave effect on the blade and swing trail effect.

•Fear effect when the sword is drawn. This is kind of an 'eeeh' one since I've tried before and haven't had much luck, but I would like to implement it.

•An ability to call up a second sword, just in case you wanna dual wield them and cause even MORE destruction.

•Maybe adjust the rumble its got while drawn to be more volcanic. Rather than a steady rumble I'm thinking more like a bass throb.

•Fiddle with the fire damage effect so dwarven automatons don't turn into a pile of ash (might make a custom thing where they MELT) and change it so normal man and mer burn down to a charred skeleton, rather than disintegrate into ash.
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DEvasto  [author] Jul 14 @ 8:32am 
There is a chance for an explosion to go off when you hit a dragon but it shouldn't ragdoll the player, nor happen all the time. I'll give it the once-over and see if something needs to be tweaked.
OkRicky Jul 14 @ 4:18am 
love the sword, but my first hit or first power attack on a dragon ragdolls me and sends me flying back. Any idea why? is a balancing thing or a glitch?
Hawk Jul 10 @ 9:58pm 
Wow this is strange so the effects work on my level 83 save for mods but they dont work on my level 21 save i use to play normally. It must a corrupt save. Oh boy!
Atlas Maltael Jul 10 @ 4:23pm 
actualy that backslash explosion is not bad because you can blow away someone who get to close
DEvasto  [author] Jul 7 @ 4:15pm 
I use FO3Archive for extraction purposes. It's pretty simple and easy to use compared to the program that comes with the Creation Kit, which requires .bsl files to even open BSAs.
Hawk Jul 7 @ 12:04pm 
What program should i use to extract the files?
DEvasto  [author] Jul 7 @ 8:53am 
Yeah, that should be fine. The file structure should be maintained when extracting the files so the contents will go where they belong.
Hawk Jul 7 @ 8:45am 
Should i just extract everything to the data folder?
DEvasto  [author] Jul 7 @ 7:50am 
Really there's no harm in extracting files from a BSA, they don't get removed from it, just copied. That aside, try putting the mod lower in the load order, maybe even close to the bottom and see what that does. I rightly don't know why it isn't working, the only possible reason I can think of is script lag. I myself have sometimes had a short delay between performing the power attack and the fireball or explosion going off, and script latency or something might be causing it to not occur at all. That's why I suggested extracting the scripts from the BSA, having them loose might allow them to be parsed better by the game.
Hawk Jul 6 @ 10:59pm 
Downloaded and the fireballs nor the explosions are not working. Its pretty high on the load order too. Also i'd rather not tamper with the files either. The only other insane weapon mod i have is the Stormbringer Runic Sword otherwise im not sure what mod would conflict with the animations. Any ideas?