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BrokenEarth - third person mod
Jun 6, 2013 @ 4:32pm
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What is BrokenEarth Third person mod?
BrokenEarth is a Single/Cooperative/Multiplayer sci-fi third person mod to the BrokenEarth top down shooter. We've gotten alot of requests to try a more interesting perspective so we though, lets see what happens. Since we dont have a dedicated testers team, we're seeing if you guys are interested in telling us how you like this new way of play. From the start our focus was gameplay firstly, no mindless AI, flat battlefields or bullet sponge enemies here.

If we dont get enough support, we will cancel this third person idea entirely and continue with the initial top down perspective. You ARE our testers , now, go test.. Your pay will be... useless displays of appreciation from a game developer in his mom's house.


BrokenEarth Features
  • 4 player objective-driven Cooperative survival mode.
  • 10 player competitive and team-based gamemodes.
  • Physics-focused gameplay creating exciting outcomes on each playthrough.
  • FPS fans will feel right at home. Quick sprint, melee and grenade types are crucial to our combat system.
  • Camo, Aegis, Flash and Impulse, allow you to go invisible, reduce damage, dodge bullets or repel.. anything that gets too close.
  • Each of our weapons are fine-tuned for specific roles,knowing when to use which will separate the pros from the noobs. Rifles also allow you to pull the camera away for distant shots.
  • Character customization, modify your character with customized emblems, colours and accessories, view other players characters and statistics directly in the lobby.
  • Lobby system allows you to vote on map, game mode, weapons and even the map's weapons in addition to modifying your loadout.

Coming Up Next:
We are resource limited currently, this is why our beta is being released publicly on the Desura[] alpha funding programme. However we do have plans we would love to persue:
  • Multi-seated vehicles on huge maps allowing for team play.
  • Larger maps with vehicular support. [Vehicles with multiple players onboard and the ability to hijack enemy vehicles. They will be en element of our sandbox and affect gameplay in ways other than just transportation]
  • Expanding the accessory section with a lot more epic looking accessories!
  • Launching Mac and Linux Builds very soon, just a few more bugs fixes!

We hope BrokenEarth is a breath of fresh air for gamers like us. Help us make it a reality.

Feedback is extremely important!
If there's something you DON'T like, from gameplay to graphics or audio, or you have ideas, by all means drop us a comment.
In the end it is our obligation to deliver a better product! and we will always strive to improve the game!

How to Support us:
Get the Alpha on Desura
More Videos on YouTube
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Wookmas Oct 8, 2014 @ 11:02am 
Looks Amazing! Keep it up :D
Jomah Jun 13, 2013 @ 12:55pm 
Everything is totaly not relevent I just want that buetiful top hat.