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PC Gamer's recommended mods
PC Gamer's recommended Civ V mods.
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Communitas AI and Tools
Created by Thalassicus
We believe Civilization is a fantastic game, and want to perfect it while remaining as close to the core experience as possible.

CAT makes the AI "smarter not harder." It improves the intelligence of the AI, while reducing its bonuses. Cat also adds ma...
Communitas Enhanced Gameplay
Created by Thalassicus
We believe Civilization is a fantastic game, and aim to perfect it while remaining as close to the core experience as possible. We think games should be intuitive to learn, challenging to master, and rewards should match the difficulty to complete tasks. ...
Really Advanced Setup
Created by General Tso
This mod includes all of the standard options normally found in the Advanced Setup screen. It also adds new features which allow you to modify game play significantly. Works with Brave New World and all earlier versions of the game.
Created by FantomFx
Before you ask: YES, this mod works with Brave New World.


"This map script uses various manipulations of Perlin noise to create landforms, and generates climate based on a simplified model of geostrophic and monsoon wind patterns. R...
City Limits
Created by Kilandor
This mod will show the city limits when opening the city view, or clicking on a unit that can found citys. It will also show you overlapping hexs.


--- Installation ---
To get the mod you must "Subscribe" to it.
From the main menu Open "M...
Created by Rob K
Adds time based graphs showing civilizations' score, gold, military power, etc., visual representation of global relationships and tons of extra info on each civ. To access the Info Addict screen, hit the scroll button underneath the turn indicator and se...
Faster Aircraft Animations
Created by Gedemon
This mod speed up aircraft combat animation (x2)

You can change that speed factor by editing the file FasterAircraft.sql in the "\My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS\Faster Aircraft Animations (v 1)" folder and change "2" to the new ...
R.E.D. Modpack
Created by Gedemon
Regiment and Ethnic Diversity for Civilization V, G+K, BNW and all DLC

- Rescaling : all human and mounted units have been scaled down, no more giant infantry against tank ! Of course, the relative scale is nothing close to realism, but it looks...
R.E.D. Xtreme
Created by Gedemon
Extreme Small Scale for R.E.D. Modpack, more and smaller models per unit and adapted formations. This mod MUST be installed AFTER the R.E.D. Modpack, else the formation won't be shown correctly. If you update the R.E.D Modpack, you'll have to remove and r...
Ethnic Units
Created by BrutalSamurai22
Adds new unit skins for many of the Civs

Thanks to danrell, bernie14, JTitan, Snafusmith, Wolfdog, hangman and Patum333 for the unit skins.
Also to Gedemon for his tutorial and R.E.D Modpack which was used as a reference.
Gedemon's Tutorial link ...
R.E.D. WWII Data Files
Created by Gedemon
This mod contains all data files (pictures, speeches, new units) needed for R.E.D. WWII Edition. (it can't be used alone, the core mod is in the R.E.D. WWII collection listed below the screenshots)

R.E.D. WWII Edition
Created by Gedemon
R.E.D. WWII Edition is a total conversion wargame mod based on the Civ5 game engine, with the following features :

- Frontline: units can capture tiles (or liberate your allied/friends tiles)
- Supply lines: units that are not connected to a city won'...
A Mod of Ice and Fire (G&K)
Created by VirtuaBoza
This is a mod based on the book series by George R.R. Martin, A Song of Ice and Fire, and the HBO show Game of Thrones. This mod requires the Gods and Kings Expansion.

Strange Religions
Created by Ryoga
This mod works with ''Gods and Kings'', or ''Brave New World'', or both.

*** NEW: I have recently managed to create a mod that causes Civilizations to pick religions randomly (sort of). Check out my new mod here: [url=http://steamcommunity.com/shar...
Yet (not) Another Earth Maps Pack
Created by Gedemon
Earth maps with True Starting Location and custom options featuring advanced setup screen, optional realistic resources placement and hotseat.

Compatibility: Civ5 vanilla, Gods+Kings, Brave New World and all DLC

Civilization Nights_Gods and Kings
Created by markusbeutel
Featured on RockPaperShotgun, MaximumPC and 4players, Civ NIghts is a complete conversion modpack for CIV V that adds numerous gameplay mechanics and features. The official sub-forum can be found at: http://forums.civfanatics.com/forumdisplay.php?f=450
Historical Religions (BNW or GK)
Created by Tomatekh
This mod is compatible with both the Brave New World and the Gods and Kings expansions.

An edited down version of the mod which only includes religions which the official civs have a preference for (13 new religions) can be found here: [url=http://s...
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