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Super Skooma
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Jun 6, 2013 @ 10:27am
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An update to Steam means its is no longer possible to upload the SEQ files necessary to get the quest to start and so you must read the installation instructions at the bottom of the page.

There is no voice dialogue for this quest so subtittles must be activated.

This mod provides a short quest started by speeking with the Kajiit M'nashi in Riften Jail whilst the reward is a book which allows you to make your own super skooma.


M'nashi in exchange for the key to his cell will give you some Super Skooma.

The Super Skooma will boost your speed, restore stamina, drugged effect and provide tempoary life detect.
However 60 secounds after being taken you will begin to take health damage as you die from Super Skooma withdrawal, in order to survive you must use healing spells and potions or drink more Super Skooma.

You must search through the Riften area to find more Super Skooma bottles before you sucumb to its effects, glowing hallucinations will provide clues to their location and eventually lead you to the cure. The glowing npcs are near a bottle of Super Skooma so if you see one you are close, there will also provide a clue to the location of the next one. However be warned some of them will count as stealing so be careful.

Search for the Super Skooma bottles and create the cure (when you find the book which tells you how to make the cure make sure to grab all the ingrediants you need.)

Crafting (created at cooking pot)

Super Skooma (Must have skooma book)
4 Deathbells
1 Nightshade
1 Moonsuger

Super Skooma Cure (Must have skooma book)
4 Deathbells
1 Nightshade
1 Moonsuger
1 Potion of Ultimate Healing

Once the cure is consumed you will be unable to become addicted to Super Skooma again, however until you do so you will be unable to wait or fast travel.
The reward is a book that allows you to craft your own Super Skooma, but you must keep the book with you in order for this to work.

Effects of Super Skooma

100% Increase speed 60 seconds
+100 Carrying Capacity 60 seconds
25 Restore Stamina 60 seconds
50ft Life detect 5 seconds
25 Restore Health 60 seconds (until cured)
25 Health Damage 30 days (until cured)

There may be a delay in the quest stages updating

For some reason the effects of the Super Skooma are more powerful than their meant to be as indicated in the image, I am unsure as to why.

The increase speed effect can cause you to run through walls, though you will usually appear where you entered I recomend using walk speed whilst inside. Traveling over large distances quickly may cause the game to crash.

This mod requires an SEQ file in order to work which is currently, due to the latest update unable to be uploaded to the steam workshop. To create the SEQ file to allow the quest to start you must install the creation kit (it's free) and follow the instructions below

1. Open the main Steam window, and go to the Library tab.
2. Click the dropdown, and select 'Tools'.
3. Right click on Creation Kit in the list.
4. Select 'Properties'.
5. Click 'Set Launch Options...'
6. Type in -GenerateSEQ:SuperSkooma.esp Where PluginName is the name of your plugin.
7. Click 'Okay'.
8. Open the Creation Kit. It should show the splash screen, and load some things. This may take a few minutes. When it's done, the Creation Kit will simply close.
9. Go back to 'Set Launch Options...' and remove the line we just typed in, allowing you to resume using the CK normally.
10. Navigate to your Skyrim folder, just above the Data folder.
11. You'll have a file called SuperSkooma.SEQ. Move it to Data/SEQ. If that folder does not already exist (It shouldn't) create it.
12. You should now have "Skyrim/Data/SEQ/SuperSkooma.SEQ" and you're good to go.

Or watch the link below
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supersaiyan630 Feb 13 @ 10:11am 
Hey i met the guy at the fishery and i dont understand what he means i went ot the farm and no glowing man was there plz help
Lord Izrel Doomshadow Feb 8 @ 5:29am 
thenks man you completly cocked up my game
Dark Elf Jan 19 @ 10:10pm 
Germy Fever Jun 16, 2013 @ 7:11am 
This is hilarious.